10: The Amount of People Tye will be working in front of after asking for his release
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I don't blame him for asking for his release. He was a near top star in NXT, gets brought up to a decent amount of fanfare, and then promptly forgotten about. Which sucks, cause Tye is actually pretty good. His matches in NXT were always fun, and especially his matches with Bobby Roode were excellent.
Justafriend  Tye Dillinger
I never saw a good match from Tye. Doesn’t mean he didn’t have them; I just never saw one. He seemed lost and green each time I saw him in the ring.
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I just saw on Peyton Royce ig she’s dating him
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Yeah, I think they're engaged. Tye already wins at life. Plus him and Cody are good friends. He'll absolutely end up in AEW.

Dillinger's pretty good. Nothing amazing or anything, but definitely a better wrestler than a lot of other main roster people. I remember a Takeover match he had with Almas that was really good.

I think he'll be fine. Plus he's been around the business for years. Even if he never really makes it as a wrestler, he could probably offer a lot in a backstage role elsewhere.

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Meh... he spent what, a decade in developmental before finally coming up with his 10 gimmick that the NXT crowd latched onto and tricked Vince into thinking he was over so he could get called up and do jack shit for a couple more years. At least he was smart enough to grab a diva on his way out, hopefully he's smart enough to protect himself with a prenup before she starts jumping on Orton's dick when he's not around.
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Maybe that’s why he asked for his release...she already did.
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(11-13-2010, 11:51 PM)ASP Wrote: peanuts gonna peanut
(02-21-2013, 02:01 PM)jabroni Wrote: If peanut would let me I'd make peanut butter out that nigga.
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This is the only thing that he ever remotely contributed to the main roster.

Peanut beat me to it.


Also. THIS IS POST 10!

Win the Day!

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What’s Stan doing in the Elite Ring?
that nigga is 38 and young as fuck cuh
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(09-02-2011, 05:38 AM)RawrBabyRawr Wrote:
it's funny because sal really does have muscles and those pictures he posted up really are of him. seriously.
wifing up peyton is a successful life, so peezy is right.

the rest? who gives a fuck LOL
She's hot and all but any dude in WWE should be able to get attractive women, so I think you're over stating it
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(02-24-2019, 03:19 PM)Reggie Wrote: She's hot and all but any dude in WWE should be able to get attractive women, so I think you're over stating it
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