Revival Attempting to Leave Main Roster
So reports first surfaced that the Revival were asking for their release. Turns out they actually asked to go back down to NXT because they hate Raw, according to Bryan Alvarez, lol.
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A) Go up to the main roster. Get fame, a big paycheck, but be stuck in boring bland matches trading losses and pray you get to be in one of the 3 storylines that they are capable of maintaining at a time.
B) Go to NXT. You don't get money, but you get good writing, storylines that progress and make sense, and get to wrestle your heart out.

To be fair, Smackdown seems to be somewhere between the two, until they start getting too much attention from RAW and Vince shits his pants.
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Smackdown should be safe. They are getting a lot of oversight from Fox who want a more sportslike product.
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Bring back Enzo and Dickeye Cass!
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