RIP 205Live. Long Live 208Taped!
Looks like 205 "Live" is switching to Wednesdays...via tape delay. Guess that shit from a week ago did not sit well when 80% of the crowd left after smackdown and before 205/the women's dark match main event.
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If they taped it before Smackdown with a fresh crowd it could really work out for them. 205 is a good show with great matches killed by no crowd.
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They need to move it back to Full Sail

I've been saying that since the beginning. It'd be more advantageous to tape it before Smackdown and air it right after. Though either way, the crowd isn't gonna be super into it but at least people wouldn't be leaving.

I agree though, just tape it at Full Sail or a set venue each week. It'd be worth watching then.
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