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Getting to know WorkingClassHero
(02-14-2012, 08:54 PM)_L_ Wrote: You said you used to pretend to be a DJ for Wolfpac?
I did promotion for them for a while and quit, because I got tired of promoting the same fucking album for 10 years.

let's just say I helped them out for a very short period... I still actually really like Daddy Long Legs and the music... but I am with you on that man they need a new cd bad... last time I talked to him he said they have one pretty much finished... but I don't know what they are waiting for to release it... maybe to get on another Psychopathic tour?

As far as questions go, I know this is cheesy but, if you were stranded on a desert island and could only have 3 things for the rest of your life, what would they be?

As long as food was taken care of (fish and fruit and stuff on the island to eat) Id say a tool box full of full of books with 1000 batteries lol... I think I would do just fine with these items if I couldn't have the kindle maybe just 4-5 of my favorite books to read over and over?

"First You Must Learn To Smile As You Kill"
whats the best way to pull a girl from the grocery store? i have always been good with gas stations but when you hit on a girl in publix, if shes not feeling it you two have to see each other constantly after the fact. and then its awkward. what is the remedy to this? do you suggest just not getting at sexy hoes in the grocery store at all, or only making eye contact, a grin or smile and then striking conversation just before you two conveniently get to the check out line? What would WCH do?
[Image: 1415gl5.jpg]
I only know one way of "picking up girls" the straight out direct approach... I have never been good at playing all the sly games... so if it was me Id walk up with a cucumber and say "wanna party?"... lol no... but if I seen a girl that really caught my eye I would def just walk up and introduce myself.. within that first 3-4 seconds I would gauge the situation if she seems happy and receptive and offers her name I would push forward... if she sounds annoyed or in a hurry I would just back off... once you learn how to read body language and tone of voice it really doesn't matter where you are the bank the grocery store a bar... the main thing I suggest is confidence... don't use cheese ball lines like "I must be in heaven because I see an angel" that shit might work sometimes with certain types of girls but imo the best approach is honesty and direct assertiveness "Hi my name is Dan you look like the type of woman I would like to get to know better"... sure you are putting yourself out there to face rejection but do you really care if you get turned down by a woman in a store you just met? If so you might not be ready for even trying to get them... you have to get over the fear of rejection... this is not HS and this is not asking a girl to prom...this is real life baby... now stop worrying and start being real... women appreciate real... they get hit on daily with corny lines when something real comes along they will know it right away... good luck sir
"First You Must Learn To Smile As You Kill"

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