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Getting to know Pluto
Sounds like you got your ass kicked a lot in school. Have you ever considered taking some self defense classes, or are you of the assumption that you won't be doing much more fighting for the rest of your life?
(09-30-2018, 12:03 PM)Nebraska Wrote: I would 100% bet that guy is a beanophile
(10-14-2016, 06:39 PM)jewgalo Wrote: Boooom... ^^ That guy fucks...
(10-18-2016, 03:54 PM)Tim Wrote: that guy is awesome
Ivan is coo.

[Image: Fear_Black_Hat.jpg]
(12-28-2011, 12:22 AM)Dangish Wrote: This is GTK Pluto not Pluto ask us questions. Gah damn..

Tarantula head always fuckin up a thread. Fuck this shit. I was gonna give ya a little hipster chance to redeem yourself and you can't even let people ask you questions, instead you ask questions about questions.


Your favorite color? (tell me it ain't green/black plaid)
No, it's blue I think. I like wearing blues and grays.
Do you have more white or black friends?
More brown friends I think.. Sometimes white folk be racist, it's like thy pretend to like me but deep down inside thy prefer to hang out with other white folks. Sometimes.
Peachfuzz and That Guy pull up, what do you do?
Be afraid
Same question, replace those two with illy and Cowtzu

(12-28-2011, 07:47 AM)suIcIdecL0wN Wrote: What is your favorite movie?

The Fifth Element..
Then eraserhead, electric dragon 80000v, could be runner ups. but you gotta break it down into categories. Fave war movie is still apocalypse now, favorite animated shoul r james and the giant peach.
[Image: 66IHzL5.png]
I forgot about CKY. I think I'm gonna stop doing this now.
I come in to say hey and then you throw me under the bus.

I'm sorry I can't live up to your expectations. I'm sorry I'm not perfect.
[Image: 66IHzL5.png]
It's not that. I feel like you're going to use my information to hold me hostage.
I'm disappointed that you think that.
[Image: 66IHzL5.png]
There are good reasons why someone would think that.
I'm not here to cause trouble, that doesn't appeal to me.

AJ98 and Cheeba are gone, the world is in order.
[Image: 66IHzL5.png]
CKY has only destroyed people who were asking for it.

Ivan, while you may be clueless and annoying, you're not like Cheebz/AJ.
[Image: funny-gifs-dope-zebra.gif]
That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me
HEY you can't stop! My questions are up next and are by far the most important. After those you can stop, although I wouldn't suggest it.

My questions totally got no-sold Frown

Thanks dick!
[Image: Fa12_AT_Ohio_State_Glove_15669-675x380.jpg]
Nah, I'll continue.
Fuckin' right.
[Image: o8uk4p.png]
(12-28-2011, 11:22 AM)blazining B Wrote: If someone paid you 10 grand, would you let a group of asian men circle around you and bukkake? Yes, it is being filmed and will probably end up on the internet.

Have you ever been in a fight that was racially fueled?

How often do you say 'niggah'?
Sometimes when I'm singing along to a so g that includes that lyric, even then it might come out as a mumble.

I understand you're a people-watcher (the equivalent of a lurker here). Has anyone ever confronted or questioned your people-watching activities (following strangers, listening in on convos, snapping pictures of people)?

How'd you know that? I followed a fellow student once but it was pretty obvious, especially since when we happened to make eye contact my eye started twitching uncontrollably for some reason. Only my friend has expressed distaste in these activities, saying stuff like, "I'd at least get their phone number instead of taking picture of them and masturbating to them."

I understand you're interested in photography. Do you plan on making a career out of it? Would you mind sharing some of your proudest work with us?

I'd like to, but I dont think I'd know how to start. For this biology class I got to take some good pictures of nature. I'll share some when I get laptop back, and also some pics I took with itouch along with semi interesting stories to go along with them and why they make me paranoid sometimes.

Most sexually attractive female type (race, weight, height)?
Brown, bronze skin and jet black hair. Big brown owl eyes. Round shaped face. Cute breasts and irrestable cakes, due to ancestry. Shy. (I just described that old coworker I got fired over)
I also tend to like... Russians of the brunette variety, and, like, European looking ones with curly brown (could be blondish brownish) hair and probAbly green or brown eyes

Ever still listen to Psy? What do you think of their new stuff?
Haven't downloaded new stuffs, but don't mind listening to some older stuff, (forgotten freshness 4 was good, anything pre that is listenable, I think, if I have these timeframes correct)

If CKY PM'd you and said he wanted to meet up and smoke/chill with you, would you cheerfully accept, politely decline, or simply just ignore him?
I accept!

Ever get the feeling people are watching you, like you watch others? They probably are.

Maybe watching, more often it sounds like they could be referring to me, which is far fetched. But you'd be amazed by how that works. I'm aware they probably aren't talking about us... But they still are! I think half the people I surreptitiously photograph are aware but they don't say anything.

Flaming Grill Cafe or the Squeeze In?
*uncaps pen, quickly writes down notes, adds to 'Ivan' folder, tucks folder under arm, recaps pen*

Thank you, good day sir.

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Stage Name:

Zip Code you live in:

Do you drive?:


Contact #:





Hair Color:

Eye Color:




Jean Size:

Dress Size:

Ass size (small, medium, large, huge)?

Adult Video Experience:


Are you currently on birth control?

Are you ok with bareback sex for your scenes(no condom with aim tested talent)?

Vaginal Hair(trimmed, bare, hairy):

Require Disguise/Mask(yes or no):

Are you currently AIM tested(std screening for videos)?

Scene Availability (yes or no answers..keep in mind the more you are willing to do, the higher the pay is.)

Oral Sex(blowjob):

Receiving Oral:

Receiving Rimming(getting asshole licked):

Rimming on Female(licking woman's asshole):

Rimming on Male(licking male’s asshole):

Dirty Rimming Receiving(getting your asshole licked when shitty-dirty)

Dirty Rimming Giving-Woman(licking woman’s asshole when dirty-shitty):

Dirty Rimming Giving-Man(licking man’s asshole when dirty-shitty):


Vaginal sex:

Pussy to Mouth(giving bj directly after penetration):

Pussy to Other Girls Mouth(giving bj from other womans pussy):

Anal sex:

Ass to Mouth(giving blowjob directly after anal from your own ass)

Ass to other girl's Mouth(giving blowjob directly after anal from other woman's ass):

Receiving Ass to Mouth(other girl sucking penis directly from your ass during anal):

Facial(man cums on face):

Cum in Mouth:


Vaginal Creampie( cums in vagina):

Anal Creampie( cums in your ass):

Anal Felching(You eat cum from your ass after anal):

Anal Felching from other woman’s ass

DP(two penises at one time, anal and vaginal same time):

Double Vaginal(two penises at one time in vagina):

Ass to pussy(penis going back and forth directly from your ass to pussy directly):

Other girls ass to your pussy (penis going back and forth from other woman’s ass to your pussy directly):

Anal fingering(receiving):

Double Anal:

Dirty Anal(you receiving anal when ass is full/shitty-no enema):

Dirty A2M(doing ass to mouth when penis is shitty/dirty):

Dirty A2OGM(doing ass to mouth from other woman's ass when shitty/dirty):

Ball licking when cock is dirty(you dont do ass to mouth but you lick/suck the guys balls when the cock is shitty/dirty from anal(your shit or other girls):

Dirty Ass to pussy(penis going back and forth from ass to pussy when shitty/dirty):

Other girls Ass to your Pussy when shitty:

Shitting(shitting on or in guy/woman's mouth)

Shitting Receiving(having woman shit on you or in your mouth):

Oral while Shitting( having your pussy eaten while you shit):

Gangbang(4-25 men-please list how many mean you are ok with)

Penis Size Preference for vaginal Sex(pick preferred penis size from 6 inches to 12 inches in length and 5 inches-9inches in girth or bigger the better:

Penis Size Preference for Anal Sex(pick preferred penis size from 6 inches to 12 inches in length and 5 inches-9inches in girth or bigger the better:

What age range of male performer do you prefer to work with?16-17(European filmings), 18-21, 22-30, 30-40, 40+.....

Would you be interested in a fluffer position as well?(giving the male performers oral before the scenes to get them hard before filming)

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