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Getting to know Dangish
Shol did. Her name was Nikita. Same chick that made sex with me in the road.
Stage Name: David Golden Rain

Zip Code you live in: 32304

Do you drive?: Yes


Contact #: 9119119119

Age: 26

Ethnicity: Cracker

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 210

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: hazel

Chest: bare?

Waist: 40

Hips: 44??

Jean Size: 40-30

Dress Size: Your mom's

Ass size (small, medium, large, huge)? Medium

Adult Video Experience: I filmed and deleted a pron I made with a chick in a matter of 2 hours

Availability: Later

Are you currently on birth control? Pulling out and condoms count?

Are you ok with bareback sex for your scenes(no condom with aim tested talent)? Not entirely

Vaginal Hair(trimmed, bare, hairy): Either doesn't matter, I chomp it up

Require Disguise/Mask(yes or no): Whatever is clever

Are you currently AIM tested(std screening for videos)?

Scene Availability (yes or no answers..keep in mind the more you are willing to do, the higher the pay is.)

Oral Sex(blowjob): Yes

Receiving Oral: Yes

Receiving Rimming(getting asshole licked): No

Rimming on Female(licking woman's asshole): Sure

Rimming on Male(licking male’s asshole): nope

Dirty Rimming Receiving(getting your asshole licked when shitty-dirty) No suh

Dirty Rimming Giving-Woman(licking woman’s asshole when dirty-shitty): No suh

Dirty Rimming Giving-Man(licking man’s asshole when dirty-shitty):
No suh


Vaginal sex: I like women like my milk, chocolate

Pussy to Mouth(giving bj directly after penetration): Sure

Pussy to Other Girls Mouth(giving bj from other womans pussy):
If she can coordinate that

Anal sex: If she is willing

Ass to Mouth(giving blowjob directly after anal from your own ass)
I don't like anything near my ass

Ass to other girl's Mouth(giving blowjob directly after anal from other woman's ass): nope

Receiving Ass to Mouth(other girl sucking penis directly from your ass during anal): negative

Facial(man cums on face): She wants it, oyster stew coming up

Cum in Mouth: not in mine

Swallow: She can, yes

Vaginal Creampie( cums in vagina): With a condom

Anal Creampie( cums in your ass): not in mine

Anal Felching(You eat cum from your ass after anal): Sick

Anal Felching from other woman’s ass: Sick

DP(two penises at one time, anal and vaginal same time):
If the lights are off and he doesn't get all Sandusky on me.

Double Vaginal(two penises at one time in vagina): That's not right, 2 hotdogs don't go in

Ass to pussy(penis going back and forth directly from your ass to pussy directly): Not safe..

Other girls ass to your pussy (penis going back and forth from other woman’s ass to your pussy directly): No ass

Anal fingering(receiving): Not unless you're checking my prostate and have an MD

Double Anal: No

Dirty Anal(you receiving anal when ass is full/shitty-no enema): Fuck shit

Dirty A2M(doing ass to mouth when penis is shitty/dirty): No

Dirty A2OGM(doing ass to mouth from other woman's ass when shitty/dirty): no

Ball licking when cock is dirty(you dont do ass to mouth but you lick/suck the guys balls when the cock is shitty/dirty from anal(your shit or other girls): nooooo

Dirty Ass to pussy(penis going back and forth from ass to pussy when shitty/dirty): nooo poop

Other girls Ass to your Pussy when shitty: poopy, no

Shitting(shitting on or in guy/woman's mouth)
Not unless they deserve it

Shitting Receiving(having woman shit on you or in your mouth): No

Oral while Shitting( having your pussy eaten while you shit):
Plumpkin? No

Gangbang(4-25 men-please list how many mean you are ok with)
If she's okay with anything after 2... Anything else is a gangbang

Penis Size Preference for vaginal Sex(pick preferred penis size from 6 inches to 12 inches in length and 5 inches-9inches in girth or bigger the better: Mines an 8

Penis Size Preference for Anal Sex(pick preferred penis size from 6 inches to 12 inches in length and 5 inches-9inches in girth or bigger the better: If she wants an 8"

What age range of male performer do you prefer to work with?16-17(European filmings), 18-21, 22-30, 30-40, 40+.....
Any chick over 18-30 is okay with me

Would you be interested in a fluffer position as well?(giving the male performers oral before the scenes to get them hard before filming)
I would like a fluffer... I can't hold my wad for more than 3 mins usually...
I expect answers to this one.

"Fuck shit"


How come the only question you left blank was the one about interracial sex? You afraid to admit you're a racist you racist? I demand an answer!
[Image: 04mangold-blog480.jpg]
[Image: xENONYMOUSx.png]
I answered it...look, its under interacial for Vaginal.

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