The Toys That Made Us
Didn't see a mention of this yet. Season 3 of The Toys That Made Us is out on Netflix. In addition to Power Rangers and TMNT, they've got an episode dedicated to the early days of wrestling toys, starting with the 1984 WWE toys.
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Watched it. Good stuff. Lol at WCW.

What was with that fucking clown calling it Eastern Championship Wrestling over and over?
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Watched it (obviously).

It is ok for casual viewers. They spend a little too long on trying to explain the history of pro wrestling. They also talk far more about the deals LJN/Remco/Galoob/Hasbro/OSFTM were making and not a whole lot about the toys themselves. Also, the Jewish Lightening thing got old.

It was interesting to hear how LJN got the rights to make the figures and how those fuckers ended up so big.

As a Hasbro collector/enthusiast, I wish they had spent more time discussing that line, things that were never released, etc. It’s amazing to me (thanks in large part to Zack Ryder) how much info has come out in recent years. I don’t own any rare prototypes but I do have nearly perfect reproductions of almost all the figures that were never released.

They barely touched on the Jakks figures. That makes sense as there isn’t a huge wave of nostalgia for them just yet. They also did some poor storytelling and pretended the early figure style didn’t last for like 5 years.

Then they turned around and pretended Old San Francisco Toymakers started producing articulated figures from the start when in fact they made LJN-style rubber knockoffs for the first 2-3 years before switching to those embarrassing vibrating figures!

Last was the current license holder: Mattel. They hardly had a mention. Their products are fine....but they have held the license for 10 or so years now and are a major not getting a word in was a bit strange.

I’m not shocked but a bit let down there were no real mentions of Japanese or Mexican figures.

The most entertaining thing out of this whole episode is something that happened behind the scenes: while making this episode, Zack Ryder was all over trying to be a part of it because he owns one of the most impressive collections in the world. Lots of prototypes and one of a kind items. Anyway, they apparently trashed his toy room going through stuff (and maybe his garage too?) and also made a mess in his kitchen. Then after they filmed everything, they refused to talk to him. He got all butt hurt by that and has called them out publicly for being unprofessional and basically said “if you use any of that footage, I’ll sue.” So they probably had to re-edit some of the episode due to his threats. On one hand, that is super unprofessional to not contact Ryder but on the other hand, based on how he acts on his podcast and my numerous interactions with him elsewhere, Zack is really self-centered, egocentric, and childish.
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(12-01-2019, 11:44 PM)Opitiplex Wrote: Watched it. Good stuff. Lol at WCW.

What was with that fucking clown calling it Eastern Championship Wrestling over and over?

He probably said Extreme later on but it was never used. I’m 90% sure he only said Eastern once and they reused the clip several times.
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That was a little cringe as he kinda came off as wanting everyone to know how smart he was. Eastern championship wrestling was never a consideration in the toy world.

I love this show but none of the season 3 eps seem to go into the detail the earlier seasons went into. There was still some good stuff this season but it's almost like they didn't dig in as much as they have before.

The most surprising ep for me is probably the Barbi one as it is packed with tons of info. From this season though the wrestling ep is prolly the best. I may have to rewatch it tonight.
So I just signed in to watch the wrestling ep again but the first thing I see is an advertisement for "the MOVIES that made us." Season 1 has four movies spotlighted- Die Hard, Dirty Dancing, Ghostbusters, and Home Alone. If anyone calls for me, tell 'em I'm busy...
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I've watched the Dirty Dancing one and Ghostbusters. Good shit.
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i was gonna watch movies that made us while i work, but decided that i wanna actually pay attention due to the content..

saw all of the toys that made us and ninja turtles was my favorite episode then wrestling figures.
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Watched the Ghostbusters episode. It was tremendous. I am guessing this show being produced is a big reason as to why there were so many production delays and hiccups with the Toys that Made Us. Would love to see an episode dedicated towards Ghostbuster toys and collectibles (and props). They have an extremely dedicated and obsessive community who have elaborate details of nearly every prop, location, and person used in each film (or spinoff or whatever). It might be second only to Star Wars when it comes to their level of fandom.

The Home Alone episode interests me but I’ve never been a Die Hard fan and don’t think I’ve seen more than 20 minutes of Dirty Dancing (unless you count those twerk compilations circa 2012).
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