Oney Lorcan requested his release
Quote:Oney Lorcan, aka the former Biff Busick, requested a WWE release at the end of last month, has confirmed with multiple sources.

Lorcan, who teamed with Danny Burch in WWE NXT and 205 Live, has not yet been granted.

Lorcan was signed by WWE in September 2015 after strong runs in EVOLVE, Beyond Wrestling and CZW, among other companies.

Lorcan has reverted back to his former ring name, Biff Busick, on social media, but has not publicly commented on the matter.

Add him to the list

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Isn’t he the racist one??
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Nah that's Lars Sullivan

The list of literal "who's"?

Get rid of all these ingrates so I can LoL when they come back BEGGING fro a job. a dog.

Tldr - bland flippy fgt blames the Major League fro lacc of personality. Also CM Punk back home & it feels grate.
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Don’t worry, everything is fine!
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Fro reel tho fam.....not one bit of sarcasm here.....seriously.....I have NO IDEA who this Orey Lorkin even is or why this no name/never was & never will be gets a thread.

If you're gonna make a fuss about ANY of these crybabies, make it about Luke Harper cuz he's the ONLY one that mite be missed.

Personally I'd LOVE to see VKM release all those vanilla midgets so when they end up wrestling at a VFW Hall in front of a dozen people I can point out how much "better" they're doing away from the Major League rite.

#GOATpoaster #WelcomehomePhil #Majoroverminor
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