Sin Cara has asked for his release
All over Zack’s face.

Looks like the LH Party is starting to wind down.
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Moxley waited until his contract expired and left.

Luke Harper publicly asks for his release.

Mike Bennett publicly asks for his release.

Sin Cara publicly asks for his release.

Revival ask for their release, get turned down, and have since made no secret about the fact that they plan to leave when their contracts expire.

Sasha Banks reportedly asks for her release, gets turned down, and spends half this year off TV before returning.

Tye Dillinger publicly asks for his release (and actually got it).

Dustin Rhodes waits until his contract expires and leaves.

Hideo Itami asks for his release, gets it, and goes back to Japan as KENTA.

ACH goes nuts and tries to get fired.

Alexander Wolfe asks for his release, gets turned down, and shipped off to NXT UK instead.

All within the last year. Everything's fine though.

What is even better are the people who are smart enough to wait for their contracts to expire. That’s when shit will start to get more interesting. AEW can’t/won’t sign them all but we may see more fun things happen in NJPW, ROH, Impact, and NWA.
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Yeah, I'm more interested in who has contracts nearing their end. Asking for release is whatever...they have to grant that first.

Definitely very telling, though. It's unfortunate to know how many of them are truly miserable.
(11-11-2019, 04:51 PM)Peezy Wrote: All within the last year. Everything's fine though.

Hey fam, we may be on opposite sides of the fence on some things, but I can see where you're going here & 100% agree!!!:

These wrestlers in the Major League promotion are getting WAY too big-headed and are forgetting exactly WHO made them mega-stars......VKM.

Thank you for having the integrity to truthfully report on this issue & raising awareness to some of these EGOMANIAC'S!!! #respect
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