OilMania IV
Just started watching.

Not even exaggerating, Man-Sewer and Cesaro tore the house down! Cesaro had to really cover at times to try and be in the right place at the right time but this match had an awesome pace and was really fun to watch!
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
Also meant to mention, Agag of the year goes to Cole when he said “Cesaro nearly beheaded him!”

I lost my shit.
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lady gaga then

total offset of your comment, brah LOL
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ref to stroman... back off bro LOL
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Tyson’s entrance was so ridiculous. I loved it.

The match was both better and worse than I expected. Definitely not a total embarrassment or anything. The booking at the finish did not make Braun look bad
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
T-shirts covering the ladies and full pants...not so bad but definitely unusual to see. I love how excited this crowd is for every match.
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
Brock/Cain was....certainly something. Fake, shitty looking worked-MMA and then Brock taps him out in less than 2 minutes. Then beats him with a chair. Then gets run off by Rey Mysterio.

I'm sure they could have figured out a worse way to make Cain look like a bitch, but I sure can't think of how.

Tyson Fury's entrance was hilarious. That's about all I can say. He was fine, not bad or anything. I did laugh at him completely no-selling Braun's finisher after the match. Braun hit him with the powerslam and Fury was back on his feet talking shit literally 15 seconds later.

Nattie/Lacey was whatever. They looked ridiculous being covered head-to-toe and wearing t-shirts but it was fine. Somebody threw a water bottle and hit Nattie during her entrance so I suspect not everyone is thrilled with these scandalous women daring to wrestle in their country. But it was fine otherwise.

I missed most everything else because it's the middle of a work day and I got shit to do. But who cares. Fuck this show anyway.

Don’t have the network anymore but twitter is saying it’s easily the best Saudi Show yet
Here ya go Chris[/b]vc[b]here ya go chrus[/b]
[Image: 934677_573863302661411_609865347_n.jpg]
Not a bad show but did absolutely nothing for me.

Glad Bray won but my interest is still the lowest it has probably ever been.
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The team Hogan/Flair match was whatever.

Bray winning was the right move but having everything in VirtualBoy Vision again was stupid. The match wasn’t nearly as fun as HiaC and it was far less effective...but hey, such good shit, right? Expect Bray to lose it soon because both champs are now on Smackdown.
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They basically did the exact same match, just without the cage this time. Bray still survived like, 8 curbstomps (all on concrete or steel), a million weapons, tables, chairs, whatever. Then thrown off the stage into the electronics where everything blows up. And he still can't be beaten. All under that stupid red light where you couldn't even see half the shit happening.

Absolute state of this stupid fucking company.

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Doesn't one of the brands have a trade opportunity from that nonsensical Alexa Bliss/Nikki Cross trade?
As if they even know.

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Watching the event now

Brock and Cain was anti-climactic with that surprise tap out of the Kimura lock. Wow. Also Rey nailed Brock with a chair shot to the face but Brock just shrugged it off lol.

Tag Team Turmoil was ok, but I am fucking pissed the OC pinned Viking Raiders. You finally blow their first loss there? Not against AoP? Fuck off with that nonsense. Jesus christ.

Mansoor is so funny to me. He basically only exists when WWE goes to Saudi Arabia, aside from like 1 random NXT match he had that he lost. They just send him out here when we go to Saudi Arabia and he acts like this big deal and then goes back to hibernation.

AJ predictably wins over Humberto. What else did we expect? Good 24/7 stuff with R-Truth though, LOL

Oh my god Ricochet comes out here in horrible knock off value super hero costume and SHORTY G comes out lookin like a "I was high school all star" basketball athlete. I'm somewhat surprised team Hogan won, it looked to be the weaker team on paper. Really they just had Roman. Rusev/Ricochet are upper but aren't getting to the main event and Ali/Chad are midcard underdogs. Team Flair had both Randy and Drew, Bobby's always been pushed strong, and then Shinsuke is champion right now. Corbin sucks. OH well, it's all good. Guess we're ending with Fiend/Seth. Not looking forward to how this goes.
Yea technically speaking Raw is owed someone in exchange for the "BLOCKBUSTER TRADE" of Nikki and Alexa to Smackdown. I would assume it'd be Bray but man what kind of fuckin idiotic trade would that be for Smackdown and FOX? "Oh yea give us Nikki and Alexa, the former Women's Tag Champions who aren't even teaming and we'll give you the hottest thing in WWE and the new Universal champion, that seems totally fair and sensible"
now THAT is how you do a PPV. take notes, SJ-EW.

Saudi Arabia rules. women are men's playthings and people who talk shit deserve to be beheaded
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(09-02-2011, 05:38 AM)RawrBabyRawr Wrote:
it's funny because sal really does have muscles and those pictures he posted up really are of him. seriously.
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Sooo...apparently most of the crew is stuck in Saudi Arabia. Stole this info from Reddit:

Delay lasted for hours, some had become suspicious of the delay.

Initially it was reported that there was an issue with the plane by Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Updated that a second charter flight was being pulled together for top talent so they could make it to Smackdown.

20 people, 12 of which were talent, have left but the rest are still there.

Brock Lesnar, Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon are already on their way back in their own flights.

Vince reportedly left hours before, while the talent was still on the ground.

PWInsider has been told the "majority" of those delayed leaving Saudi Arabia for tonight's Smackdown taping will not make the taping and are now at hotels in Riyadh. No word yet on when they will return to the United States
Other important notes that have not been elaborated on

Jim Valley with Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio claim it isn't related to plane or whether issues. - "It wasn't a plane or weather issue. I'm recording with @davemeltzerWON right now. We'll have a WOR up for subscribers this morning. @WONF4W

Sean Ross Sapp heard some rumors that Vince may have had a disagreement in Saudi Arabia - "There were rumors among talent that Vince McMahon got in some kind of disagreement in Saudi Arabia, though I haven't been able to fully confirm that.

Other Notes -
Inital Tweet by Meltzer - "Live by the sword, die by the sword."
Talent is being well fed
Tweet from Andrade - "Bad day on Saudi Arabia, I hope to arrive before my birth....."
Tweet from Buddy Murphy - "Never again..."
Tweet from Humberto Carrillo - "Stuck in ?? wanttogohome"
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
[Image: 34s2o15.jpg]
(09-02-2011, 05:38 AM)RawrBabyRawr Wrote:
it's funny because sal really does have muscles and those pictures he posted up really are of him. seriously.
Smackdown is gonna be a hilarious mess tonight

Vince currently begging Haitch for NXT talent!

Win the Day!

[Image: vS1CaHG.png]

The first all womens episode of Smackdown.
[Image: 3GJrzHf.jpg]
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Sami Zayn 2 hour long monologue
Maybe this will be what causes Vince’s aneurysm.
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
Will Drew Gulak finally have time to finish a PowerPoint presentation today with no one there to interrupt?
NXT invades Smackdown tonight
So the latest on this keeps getting weirder. Word is the Saudis fucked Vince on some money. So he ordered the live feed of the show to be cut off in the country. The Saudi prince was pissed and had WWE's plane held in retaliation and wouldn't let them leave. Now this:



I don't know what the full story is, but there's absolutely a cover up of something going on here.

This appears to be the timeline of events

- WWE hadn't been paid for the last Saudi shows and were owed $60 million

- Vince basically went to Saudi and said "pay us or we aren't doing the show today."

- Just a couple of hours before the show, the Saudi's wired the $60 million in cash to WWE

- This whole hold up resulted in the show not airing on TV live in Saudi and it went on the air 40 minutes late

- As soon as the show was over, Vince and Co. noped the fuck out on the private jet. Lesnar and Heyman and Hogan and Flair and a few others got out on their own private planes as well.

- Everyone else got stranded in Saudi when their big charter plane had mysterious "mechanical issues" which nobody in the company believes. TL;DR - the Saudis were pissed and grounded the flight in retaliation for Vince holding them up for money.

- A whole bunch of wrestlers are PISSED and vowing to never go back to Saudi Arabia and feel like Vince abandoned them. Said they felt like pawns in a dick waving contest and needless to say, nobody was happy feeling like they were being held hostage in a country that will literally behead you for saying the wrong thing. Dave says there are people there who can't wait to leave the company over this.

Crazy shit.

I hope this is the last one they do there too. They've given them like 3 or 4 which is more than they deserve in the first place. Why not do one in Africa, Tokyo, UK or somewhere they haven't had some big stadium event?
[Image: Fa12_AT_Ohio_State_Glove_15669-675x380.jpg]
Because none of those places is willing to pay massive amounts of money for it

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