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Last night Cody had a pretty great backstory video
LOL holy shit Luchasaurus is Austin from big brother season 17.. that’s super hilarious
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Huh. I always wondered who watches those shows.
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Bored at work, so here's another long write up, this one for AEW Dynamite!

Sadly I didn't catch every bit of AEW Dynamite this week, I missed the first 30 minutes or so. But that covers PAC vs Trent Barretta and from what I've read, that was an excellent segment. I'll try to catch that match on YouTube - Some people are saying they think the ending was a bit botched and I can't comment on that since I haven't actually seen it. Normally though, PAC locks in the Brutalizer without even attempting a pin, so who knows what happened there. Anyway, PAC got an opponent he could beat without being fed someone who doesn't need to take a loss right now (Like Darby Allin or Joey Janella for example). Trent was a good pick because the Best Friends are going through a rough patch right now anyway, and he's a tag specialist too, so losing a singles match isn't as big a deal for his character right now.

Cody being in the ring is where I tuned in, and I did see this whole promo and I'm glad I did. Cody's promo was damn good, though for me it wasn't as good as everyone else seems to think it was. Everyone else is calling it the promo of Cody's career and I disagree. It was very very good, but I think a promo he cut in WWE during his family feud against the Shield/Authority was better, but aside from that I also thought his voice cracking was maybe unnecessary/out of place. But then again, the crowd reacted hard when that happened so maybe I'm in the minority on that. For me though, his voice cracking indicated he was so emotional he was almost to the point of tears but I wasn't exactly seeing that in his face and it just felt...too much. Just barely too much, but still too much. Again though, the crowd reacted hard and it seems everyone else loved it, so I'm probably just a weirdo. Cody announcing that he won't challenge for the AEW World title again if he loses was a huge caveat and makes me seriously question the outcome of the match. Beforehand, it felt sure to me that Jericho would retain, but now I don't know. But hey, that just makes me want to see it even more, so well done AEW.

Private Party and Dark Order was ok, I honestly thought Dark Order would win, but that's going off the historical concept that triple threats are often 2 heels and 1 face. Dark Order looked fine, but they didn't really even come close to winning this one. Private Party handily gets the win, and so we'll see SCU vs Lucha Bros vs Private Party and I'm down with that.

Jericho's promo package was one of the best things I've ever seen, that was so ridiculous it was perfect. The 1 liners it delivered, the audacity, the self parody, it was just incredible. It's on Youtube if you didn't catch it, go watch it, it'll be one of the best 3 minutes of your life.

Random women's tag match, this was...a match. It wasn't bad, the crowd even chanted "This is awesome" during it. But it also just felt out of place and not very significant. Emi Sakura apparently has a women's championship match with Riho at Full Gear, not really clear why. I think it's because she won a 4-way on AEW Dark but I don't remember it specifically being a #1 contendership match. Regardless, I believe they've done it for a "Master vs Student" type of angle and that's fine, but the women's division has been AEW's weak link so far. They don't seem to have much of a dedicated roster for it, and they did a piss poor job of promoting the women's title match for Full Gear. Honestly most of the matches for Full Gear weren't promoted or made very well, but that's another paragraph. Also, Emi Sakura's music is freaking awful. I believe they wanted to give her something that sounds a bit like Queen without ripping them off so hard they risk being sued, but it sucks. Her music starts off alright in the beginning, but once the trumpets or whatever they are start up, it sounds like cheap little kid sports video game music and it throws off the rhythm and obfuscates every other sound in her music and all you can hear is the god awful trumpets. She can't even dance to it, and I believe I've seen her trying to dance a bit during her entrance, but her music is so bad that she just can't and it sucks all the wind out of it for her.

The stream I watched of AEW on apparently was a special one cause it stayed live even through commercials. Kept throwing me off because it never went to commercial but I’d hear JR say they’re back and I’m like “wait we never went to break?” But it did allow me to see Jericho interacting with the crowd during the commercial break after him and Sammy had made their entrances but the match hadn’t started yet.

It was masterful. The crowd was chanting Stupid Dick at him and he kept pretending he couldn’t understand what they were saying cause of their dumb hick southern accents. Then they started chanting him asshole and he still couldn’t understand and got super offended when Sammy or Jake whispered the “translation” to him. Then they started chanting Stupid Dick again and Jericho would say something he thought they said “Stupid brick? Katie Vick? Yea that wasn’t my idea” and so on. And he ended it perfectly with the commercial break. I imagine coming back in regular TV, you had no idea that he had been on the mic - all you see is the crowd is now booing him to hell because he’d been harrassing them all break. It was awesome.

Loved the main event, PAC coming down and just kicking Adam Page right in the balls was perfect. What a bastard. Then the post match shenanigans were off the wall. AEW's done that a few times now and just had these crazy long send-offs and while I don't want this much crammed in all the time, it is fun to do it now and again.

I honestly think they could've done better setting up Full Gear. It almost feels like they had plans to, but forgot Full Gear was November 9 and not a week or 2 later. Cause that's what it feels like to me, like if we had 1 or 2 more weeks, we could flesh out the card much better and give more reason to care about the other matches besides Cody/Jericho, Moxley/Omega, Bucks/LAX, and Page/PAC. Those 4 matches have had a good amount of attention and build, with PAC/Page getting the least but still enough to work. Most of the other matches were made either this week (the week of the PPV) or the week before, and haven't had much build or reason. We're getting Joey Janella vs Shawn Spears and that's fine, I'm up for them getting a PPV match, but we only JUST started the fued on AEW Dark this week (even though it was filmed last week). This one is built on a pretty loose thread too, seemingly with Shawn taking offense to something Joey Janella said off-hand about Tully Blanchard in a promo and I don't even know when that happened cause I don't remember what he's talking about. But apparently the only logical recourse to this offense is for Shawn to try and take pliers to PULL JOEY'S TONGUE OR TEETH OUT OF HIS MOUTH. Well, that escalated quickly. Hopefully this 3 panel judge gimmick they keep mentioning for Cody/Jericho won't even come into play, but I suspect that it might given how much they've mentioned it. Not sure I like the sound of it, I worry it'll be poorly received if Jericho retains via "Judge decision" and it'd probably suck the fun out of Cody winning if the judges declared him the winner too. But we'll see.

Riho and Emi Sakura only just got made this week, I think. Not sure there was ever a proper #1 contendership match or if Emi was simply chosen because she's been winning lately. Not much reason to care about this one, Riho is gonna get the win over the "master/vet" character and move on to the next challenger. We also have SCU defending the tag titles against Lucha Bros and Private Party. We could see that it was likely SCU vs Lucha Bros would happen again at Full Gear, and I'm happy to add Private Party to it, but again they just didn't do anything to really promote this match beyond the Dark Order/Private Party match to be added to the PPV match, which coincidentally was just announced right before Dark Order/Private Party. Soooo, yea. We're also getting Britt Baker vs Bea Priestley on the Buy In, which does make sense as those two have been fueding since the summer, but they've done almost NOTHING to hype that up on Dynamite or AEW Dark. It's bizarre. So we're going into this with about half the matches being pretty well established/hyped, and half of them not. I'm sure most of it will deliver, but still. AEW could do a better job hyping the undercard matches some, especially the tag/women's title matches. Right now it's coming across like if you're not involved in the Elite/Inner Circle stuff, you're not important enough to be focused on.

That's a challenge AEW is going to have to overcome, because while it does make sense for them to book their shows around the guys who are most over and most well established already, they gotta elevate the rest of the roster more, or eventually they'll run out of steam. But all in all, I'm looking forward to Full Gear very much and I'm excited to see where AEW goes from here.

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