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Quote:Numerous WWE sources have confirmed to that former WWE Champion CM Punk was at FOX Studios earlier this week in Los Angeles meeting for a potential on-air role for WWE Backstage, the new FOX Sports 1 studio show that will debut on the cable network on 11/5.

We are told that Renee Young was also present and that Punk did some test on-camera material. We have not confirmed that Punk has signed on for the series.

FOX had been bringing in a number of personalities from inside and outside the WWE umbrella for the show. Punk was not the only unique personality who has been brought in to potentially appear on WWE Backstage. Former ECW World Champion and WWE announcer Taz (currently with CBS Sports Radio) was brought in several times in recent months by FOX for a potential role on the series.

Paige, Rey Mysterio and Sean Waltman have also been brought in by FOX Producers for a potential role..

WWE and FOX officially announced the series yesterday with Renee Young and Booker T announced as hosts. Young will be the lead personality on the show. FOX has played with different versions of the show and how it will be presented, ranging from 3 -5 personalities having a panel discussion but a final decision has not been made on the format.

WWE Backstage is being produced by FOX, not WWE, so should Punk land on the series, which will air weekly on Tuesday nights, he would not be technically working for World Wrestling Entertainment. Punk exited WWE in January 2014 but noted last month at Starrcast 3 that he wouldn't "not take a call" from World Wrestling Entertainment if they called to speak to him about a potential return in some form to the company.

Punk is the one guy I truly believed would never go back to WWE. Goddamn what an interesting time to be a fan.

I also read that apparently, the backstage attitude is that they think Punk would like to come back but no discussions have been had yet. Folks speculate that Punk would prefer WWE over anywhere else, if only because of the money he could make. Though it should also be noted that stuff he had a problem with as far as treatment of the talent, that's improved since he left.

I dunno, I think it's possible he goes back to WWE at some point. If he makes an official return to wrestling at all though, it's gonna have to happen in the next year or 2. He's 41 already, and while he hasn't been wrestling for the past 5 years, that's still pushing your limits. He could wrestle til he's 50 probably, but he's gonna have to get a move on and join somewhere if he wants to have a nice main event top guy run. Soon enough, he's gonna age into "Putting the younger guys over all the time" portion and while I'm sure he would do it if booked well, I bet he'd also like to be the guy on top for awhile if he can.
Good for Punk. He's technically not working for WWE, and likely getting a good paycheck without having to get in a ring or travel around the country.
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I always knew Punk would be back at some point. The money's there for him as is a potential for legends contract once he hangs it up.
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I’ll believe it when I see it.
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Yeah I still don't buy it.

And even if this happens, he's technically a Fox employee, not WWE. So it wouldn't exactly be a return. But on the same hand, there's no way Punk could work on a WWE show, with WWE talent appearing, and not have it turn into a huge deal. Punk's mere presence would overshadow anything they'd be doing otherwise on that show.

The only reason I can see them moving forward with CM Punk as a host would be to repair bridges and set up for his eventual return.

However, that'd sacrifice the surprise pop he'd get if he just showed up out of no where. Then again, it could build anticipation since we'd definitely be speculating on when he'll finally go from this show to an in ring return. Might even give the show good ratings while he's on it as people want to see what he'll say, if he'll be unhinged or what.
Also, if this is true, he's just one of many people who read for the part.
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(08-28-2019, 07:11 PM)Fro Wrote: Yeah his agent has been sniffin' around tryin' to get him a job on Fox as a WWE analyst. Prolly what he'll announce TBH.

Yeah, told y'all. Fro context this was in the aew thread & the poast rite befro it was Peezy "CONFIRMING" Punk's starrcast.

Me- lots of points
You- no points
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I'm on the cm punk special thingy on the network, nbd, w/e, he's always been overrated
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Cody's side:

“He did kind of make us look like dumbasses, saying we sent him a text offer. I’m sure we texted him, but we also called him. Someone also met him in a coffee shop. We made genuine efforts. In 2019, [he’s had] quite some time away from the ring, we gotta focus on who really wants to be on board with us versus going out and finding someone who perhaps doesn’t want to be part of this. I didn’t really communicate with him further after that. I expected to see him at Starrcast. He gave this great live show where he was great with his answers. I’m sure we’ll run into each other at some point.”

“If he ever wanted to be part of this and had the passion to come back to wrestling, that door is always open. No ego, no situation would ever prevent us from having him come in because the fans have never given up on Punk. Ever.”

Big Dave's side:

“Even though AEW has told me they would never work with him – and I believe that they believe that on this day – come February there’s going be somebody if not two sides who want him really bad.”

“They told me that after the Marc Raimondi [ESPN] article, yeah.”

So it sounds like Punk completely played AEW.

Also, Fox are expected to make Punk an offer, they were really impressed by him.

2019 is wild, man.
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If Punk returns to WWE for a Goldberg/Lesnar deal, I’ll lose interest in him and respect for him. Not all...but some.
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2020 is gonna be nuts
I’m not sure it will top 2019...but I’m down to watch them try.
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(09-29-2019, 11:43 AM)Zack T Wrote: 2020 is gonna be nuts

if you and turdy could die in 2020 that'd be great thanksss
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(09-02-2011, 05:38 AM)RawrBabyRawr Wrote:
it's funny because sal really does have muscles and those pictures he posted up really are of him. seriously.
I suppose that wouldn't be the worst thing, my life insurance payout would be pretty dope. Then again, I wouldn't get to enjoy it myself, so maybe not.
Since you guys won't stop asking about it, here's a low res picture of my tv, I'm in the carnival of carnage shirt, clearly.

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Brought to you in glorious NoodleVision™.
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CM Punk is in Los Angeles tomorrow night doing a Q&A after a showing of some movie he's in.
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"We will have more on this later but the FightOracle insider account just broke the news that CM Punk has signed the deal with Fox Sports to be a part of the WWE Backstage show that starts in November on Fox Sports 1.

As noted earlier, Punk has said that these talks were directly through FOX and he has not had any talks with WWE. The deal means he is employed by FOX and not WWE but this could open the door for him to work with WWE again."
Holy shit. Talk about outcomes no one saw coming beforehand.

I hope this show is just CM Punk merciless ripping on everything that sucks.
Good lord what a crazy timeline.


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