John Morrison returning to WWE
Also, commentary team shakeups:

Quote: Ahead of their new television schedule going into effect next week, WWE has revealed new commentary teams for Raw and SmackDown.

Michael Cole is moving to SmackDown and will call the show with Corey Graves, with Renee Young also being a "special contributor" on SmackDown. Young and Booker T are hosting WWE's weekly Backstage studio show on FS1. The studio show will officially debut on Tuesday, November 5, with a preview episode also airing on October 15.

Vic Joseph will be doing play-by-play for Raw, and he'll be joined by Jerry "The King" Lawler and Dio Maddin on the commentary team.

Maddin (real name Brennan Williams) debuted on the 205 Live commentary team earlier this month. He's a former NFL offensive lineman who signed with WWE and joined NXT as a wrestler in 2016.

Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix will remain the commentary team for NXT.

This has been your daily news update

Can’t wait til Michael Cole is gone. I’m also digging the new logos for Raw and SD
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
Maybe he will team with the other cuck...

Cuck’n’Roll Express
Legion of Cuck
Cuck Foundation
Cuck & Cuck Connection
Power & Cuckoldry
Power & Gloryhole
Cuckold World Order
The Worlds Greatest Cuck Team
Dick The Watcher
The Mega Powerless
The Young Cucks
Cucks of Apocalypse
A Boy and His Dinosaur and My Wife
The Cuckers
Harlem Heat Watchers
The Fabulous Cuckaroos
The Foreskin Horsemen
The Miracle and Virginity Connection
New Age Cuckolds
The Outsiders
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
Dish Network just dropped FOX.

Also, Billy Graham just had a heart attack.
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
More like WWE returning to John Morrison.
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Billy Graham has been surviving health scares for decades. He's unkillable.

Dish dropping Fox sounds like a big deal
I'd be OK with another Miz and Morrison run.
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Now listen - Miz already beat him when he returned a while back:
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
For real though, this is in my top 10 (maybe top 5) of wrestling moments:
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
Did Dish drop Fox or Sinclair drop Dish?

Sinclair is about to drop Fox/NBC here locally from DirecTV.
Fucking Cole better not be doing is "ONLY ON SMACKDOWN" schtick.
Does he keep the name or change I wonder. Bring back all the mid-00s rejects. MVP, Kennedy, Jimmy Wang Yang, Boogeyman, Heidenreich, Carlito, Cryme Tyme.
[Image: Chaos.png]

MVP is a bloated poor man's Mark Henry
Man Kennedy had it all. I loved that character. Too bad he was a fuck head
Here ya go Chris[/b]vc[b]here ya go chrus[/b]
[Image: 934677_573863302661411_609865347_n.jpg]
He is all over the indy scene here. I see his face on every other poster for shows between North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. He also runs a school not too far from me. I saw him and some of his guys a few months ago (as part of a bigger promotion)...not impressed. He has aged a bit but is instantly recognizable.
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[Image: WmfNhHX.png]

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