AEW Fantasy League Season 1
League Teams:

tehgiftofgab - Kenny Omega, Joey Janella, SCU, Orange Cassidy, Brian Pillman Jr.
Rob - Chris Jericho, PAC, Dark Order, Angelico, Jack Evans
Chris - Young Bucks, Darby Allin, Luchasaurus, Brandi Rhodes, Wardlow
Peezy - Jon Moxley, Riho, LAX, Jungle Boy, Hikaru Shida
Hitchcock - Cody, Bea Priestley, Private Party, Peter Avalon, Allie
Reggie - MJF, Britt Baker, Jurassic Express, Scorpio Sky, Dustin Rhodes
Zack T - Nyla Rose, The Hybrid-2, Shawn Spears, Sammy Guevera, CIMA
Obsidian - Adam Page, Lucha Bros, Kip Sabian, Jimmy Havoc, Jake Hager

League Standings as of 11-20-2019

1. tehgiftofgab - 299
2. Peezy - 285
3. Rob - 264
4. Zack T - 187
5. Reggie - 184
6. Obsidian - 174
7. Hitchcock - 164
8. Chris - 142

Waiver List:

Zack T

The Rules:

Each participant will pick 4 Male or Female Superstars (Your choice) as well as 1 Tag Team.

Appearance on AEW TV - 3 Points

Have a match on AEW TV - 2 Points

Victory on AEW TV decisively - 5 Points

Victory on AEW TV un-decisively - 2 Points

Time Limit Draw on AEW TV - 2 Points

Appearance on PPV - 5 Points

Have a match on PPV - 5 Points

Victory on PPV decisively - 10 points

Victory on PPV un-decisively - 5 Points

Time Limit Draw on PPV - 5 Points

Win any AEW Championship - 30 Points

Defend any AEW Championship - 20 Points

Win a Casino Battle Royale Match - 20 Points

Win a 4 person/team (or more) match - 10 Points

Win a Tournament - 10 Points

Here's my definitions of Decisive, Un-Decisive, and Appearances.

Decisive - Pinfall, Submission, Referee stops the match, restarts the match, or meeting the special stipulation required to win the match (I.E. climbing the ladder, escaping the cage, etc...)

Undecisive - DQ, Count Out, Decision Reversal (without a match restart), Unfair stipulation being added right before a match or mid-match

Appearance - An appearance will be anything that can be interpreted as being a real part of the show. This includes matches, interviews, backstage segments in which the Superstar is actively part of (not just background filler), guest referee, guest commentating, interfering in a match, and accompanying someone to a match. A recorded segment with a pick counts as long as it is being originally shown on the event, meaning a replay of a promo from last week would not get you Appearance points, but a new vignette by SCU for example would. You will not get Appearance points if you choose someone who's part of a regular tag team as a singles wrestler, and they end up wrestling as part of their normal tag team. (Example - If you choose Trent Barretta, you only get Appearance points when he shows up in a Singles match or a randomly thrown together tag match or specialty matches. NOT when he is in a Best Friends tag match) This also works in reverse, so if you pick a Tag Team and both members show up during the event BUT they show up separately, you won't get appearance credit for the team. They have to show up together. Anything shown outside of AEW TV on TNT or PPV does NOT count as an Appearance. Pay Per View POST SHOWS do not count either. However, the pre-show does due to it including matches that are advertised for the event.

For points, I will be counting Appearances and Victories on weekly TV separately from Pay Per View, meaning you can get double points on PPV weeks if your chosen superstars make appearances on a weekly TV show, and then also the PPV. Also, you only get 1 Victory from a weekly TV show, even if it's an un-decisive victory. The first victory your pick gets in a week is the one that you get points for. However, if you get multiple victories on any 1 show, I will count multiple victories due to the rarity of such a situation. A Gauntlet match does NOT count as multiple matches. If there is a match where one of your picks is being represented by someone else in a match, you won't get points for that match.

For title wins, the points are bonus. For example, if your Superstar wins the AEW World Title at a PPV, then you will get the normal 20 points for winning a PPV match, and another 30 points for winning the AEW World Title. This bonus is in effect for any title retains as well.

For a title retain, I'll only award bonus points if there was an actual decision involved (Pin, Submission, or meeting the special stipulation to win the match). If your pick retains a title via DQ or Count Out, you will not receive points for the title retain.

For Tag Teams, I will only grant you points for them when they appear in a tag match setting. It doesn't matter if it's 2 on 2, or if they're part of a larger team. So for example, if you pick the Young Bucks, I will only give you point credit for them when they appear as a tag team or fight as a tag team, not in singles competition. I will grant appearance points for a tag team if 1 member of the tag team is in a singles match, but is accompanied to the match by their tag team partner (For example - If Nick Jackson has a 1 on 1 match and Matt Jackson accompanies him, I'd grant appearance points for the Young Bucks. I would also grant points for both Matt and Nick as individuals).

If you pick someone who's part of an actual Tag Team (like Matt Jackson) for a Superstar pick, you will only get credit for Matches and Victories if they are involved in non-team related matches. Meaning, tag matches where their actual tag team is not in it. So, for Matt Jackson, as long as it's not specifically a Young Bucks tag team match, you'd get credit. But if he's in a 2 on 2 tag match with Nick Jackson, you would not get any credit for that match.

You may only pick current tag teams who have either just formed, or are in the tag team list below. A team is defined as any 2 or more people who are affiliated with each other and may tag together, whether or not they end up pursuing the tag team titles.

In the event that there are picks who are regularly teaming, but have not been chosen by anyone in their Tag Team slot, then they will receive credit for them as Singles instead. (For example, if the Lucha Bros are teaming together and no one has them as their Tag Team pick, then whoever has Pentagon Jr. and/or Ray Fenix as a Singles pick will still receive credit for them, even when they appear as a Tag Team).

Whenever there are huge multi-person tag matches, or whenever a team randomly forms to face some big threat (Past WWE examples, Team Hell No and Ryback vs Shield or Team WWE vs Nexus), then I will give credit for any tag team that is a part of the match and also credit for all wrestlers involved as single picks as well. This will also apply for stables (Teams that consist of 3 or more members) in Appearance points and Match points as well. (For example, if a Survivor Series tag match contains Usos and New Day, I would give credit for both tag teams and also individual credit for Jimmy, Jey, Kofi, Big E, and Xavier Woods)

One final note about tag teams - In the rare events that there is a fatal 4-way tag team match, you will not receive credit for any individual superstars in the match, unless no one has a particular team as their actual selected tag team.

You are allowed to draft referees, commentators, interviews, authority figures, or anyone else you like, but you do so at your own risk and understanding that you will almost certainly never get more than appearance points for those individuals each week.

You will be allowed to publicly post any desired Adds/Drops at any time during the week. However, the changes won't take effect until after regular weekly TV points have been accounted for, OR after the pay per view (if it's a pay per view week).

The Waiver list will start as reverse-order of the draft.

Each person above you on the Waiver list will have to say Pass to any potential addition you want to pick up to your Team. They have up to 24 hours to do so. If they don't post anything, they will automatically pass and the Waiver list will move on to the next person. Whenever you gain a new pick, you will be moved to the bottom of the Waiver List.

Picks will take effect on the following week after you've made your post. You are only allowed to initiate 1 Waiver Pick at a time, and must wait until it is completed or blocked before initiating a new waiver pick. Trades will take place immediately.

In the event of a legitimate retirement, release/quitting the company, or team disbanding/break-up, you will be given 1 free replacement choice for that affected superstar/woman/tag team. This doesn't affect waivers. This only happens once per category, so 1 time for individuals (Doesn't matter if it's a male or female) and 1 time for tag teams.

Used free Superstar (Male and Female) replacement

Used free Tag replacement

Each person has 1 "Reserve" slot that they may place any of their picks in, in the event that the pick has been injured and will be out of action for the foreseeable future. When a pick is placed in the Reserve slot, you may then use the Waiver system to fill the empty slot they left behind. While the pick is in the Reserve slot, you will not gain points for them until they return to active competition, but they do remain on your team. When they return to action, you will drop someone and put the Reserve pick back on your main team. This will take effect immediately. During the draft, you cannot draft directly to your waiver slot - you must wait until the first week that the league is live, and then initiate a waiver pick.

For example - Jon Moxley is on my team and suffers a concussion and is slated to be out of action for 2 months. I put him on the Reserve slot and use the Waiver system to pick up Sammy Guevara instead. 2 months down the line, Jon Moxley returns. I am now forced to drop any of my Individual Picks (Sammy or any other single competitor I have) to make room for the returning Moxley. You have 24 hours to make that decision on who you will drop to make room for the returning superstar. I will get points that week for Moxley, and no points for the pick I dropped to make room for him.

The season will be from October 2nd's premiere episode of AEW TV to the next AEW PPV in Spring of 2020 (March or April or May).

I use to randomize groups and draft order.

This is a Snake Style draft, meaning that once we reach the bottom person on each list, we go reverse the order and go from bottom to top, then reverse the order again once we reach the top. We repeat that until everyone's made their picks. You have 24 hours after the person behind you in the draft makes their pick - if you don't make your pick in those 24 hours, I make one for you. If you miss 2 picks in a row, I will place you on auto-draft until you speak up.

Roster Information:

Ace Romero
Adam Page (Obsidian)
Angelico (The Hybrid-2) (Rob)
Brandon Cutler
Brian Pillman Jr. (tehgiftofgab)
Chris Jericho - AEW World Heavyweight Champion (Rob)
Christopher Daniels (SCU)
Chuck Taylor (Best Friends)
CIMA (Strong Hearts) (Zack T)
Cody (The Brotherhood) (Hitchcock)
Darby Allin (Chris)
Dustin Rhodes (The Brotherhood) (Reggie)
Dustin Thomas
El Lindaman (Strong Hearts)
Evil Uno (Dark Order)
Fenix (Lucha Bros)
Frankie Kazarian (SCU)
Isiah Kassidy (Private Party)
Jack Evans (The Hybrid-2) (Rob)
Jake Hager (Obsidian)
Jimmy Havoc (Obsidian)
Joey Janella (tehgiftofgab)
Jon Moxley (Peezy)
Jungle Boy (Jurassic Express) (Peezy)
Kenny Omega (tehgiftofgab)
Kip Sabian (The Hybrid-2) (Obsidian)
Laredo Kid
Luchasaurus (Jurassic Express) (Chris)
Marko Stunt (Jurassic Express)
Marq Quen (Private Party)
Matt Jackson (Young Bucks)
MJF (Reggie)
Michael Nakazawa
Nick Jackson (Young Bucks)
Orange Cassidy (Best Friends) (tehgiftofgab)
Ortiz (LAX)
PAC (Rob)
Pentagon (Lucha Bros)
Peter Avalon (Hitchcock)
Sammy Guevara (Zack T)
Santana (LAX)
Scorpio Sky (SCU) (Reggie)
Shawn Spears (Zack T)
Sonny Kiss
Sunny Daze
Stu Grayson (Dark Order)
T-Hawk (Strong Hearts)
Trent Barretta (Best Friends)
Wardlow (Chris)

Best Friends
Dark Order (Rob)
Jurassic Express (Reggie)
LAX (Peezy)
Lucha Bros (Obsidian)
Private Party (Hitchcock)
SCU - AEW Tag Team Champions (tehgiftofgab)
Strong Hearts
The Brotherhood
The Hybrid-2 (Zack T)
Young Bucks (Chris)

Allie (Hitchcock)
Awesome Kong
Bea Priestley (Hitchcock)
Big Swole
Brandi Rhodes (Chris)
Britt Baker (Reggie)
Emi Sakura
Faby Apache
Hikaru Shida (Peezy)
Leva Bates
Mercedes Martinez
Nicole Savoy
Nyla Rose (Zack T)
Riho - AEW Women's Champion (Peezy)
Ryo Mizunami
Penelope Ford
Priscilla Kelly
Sadie Gibbs
Shazza McKenzie
Shoko Nakajima
Yuka Sakazaki
Do you guys like the idea of putting a team name next to an individual superstars name? I figured that with AEW, we still may be shaky on who's who and who's in what tag team, so I thought it might be good for at least a little bit.
I’m in. If it helps people, sure. The women are the only ones I have problems telling apart so if you could reduce them to physical attributes, we would all appreciate it.

FYI Kylie Rae was released.
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
She was? Well shit. Removed then.
Apparently she had a mental breakdown, deleted her Twitter, asked for a release, and said she retired from wrestling according to people who know her.
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
Fuck it why not
[Image: 4mWpL7U.png]
I read something about her also having a neck injury or something too? Not sure, they're being real secretive about it.

And anyway, yeah I'm in.

I'm in. Can't do any worse than I'm doing in the WWE fantasy league.
[Image: 3GJrzHf.jpg]
[Image: dd15e3bd647e4c39a7c9ab236a3c89d536b49613_hq.gif]


Win the Day!

[Image: vS1CaHG.png]

[+] 1 user Likes Rob's post
I'll give it a shot though I am behind on it
[Image: Fa12_AT_Ohio_State_Glove_15669-675x380.jpg]
I'm in!
[Image: MNE-Outlined-in-Chalk.jpg]
I do want to point out to everyone that I have the championship points higher than in the WWE league. The reasoning behind this is because AEW only has 3 different Championships (instead of the 10 on main roster WWE TV), and they seem to be making a very conscious effort to make every title extremely important. They want the tag division to be the best in the world, they want the women to be taken seriously, and of course the world title is important as hell. So with that in mind, I believe they'll try to make every championship nearly equally important.

If you all would prefer the world title be worth slightly more than the other 2, I can live with that. But I think for now, all 3 being equal is good.

Also since we know Draws will occasionally be a thing in AEW, I added points for if a match goes to a time limit draw. That only counts for time limit draws though, not no contests from matches being thrown out.
Well I flat out forgot we were supposed to be drafting this week, sorry about that >.< take Monday off from work and I fuck everything up.

Drafting has begun! Gab goes first! Remember, this is snake style.
Kenny omega!
[Image: 4mWpL7U.png]
Guess I'll start with some gold and a little bit of the bubbly!


Win the Day!

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[+] 1 user Likes Rob's post
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]

Cody Runnels
[Image: 3GJrzHf.jpg]
[Image: MNE-Outlined-in-Chalk.jpg]
Nyla Rose
Adam Page and Lucha Bros
[Image: Fa12_AT_Ohio_State_Glove_15669-675x380.jpg]
Best Friends Heart
Dr brit Baker
[Image: MNE-Outlined-in-Chalk.jpg]
FUck. You.
Bea Priestley
[Image: 3GJrzHf.jpg]
(09-18-2019, 10:09 PM)Zack T Wrote: FUck. You.
you wanted a dentist?
[Image: MNE-Outlined-in-Chalk.jpg]

Fuck you Peezy Frown

I was planning on building my roster more around women than men, but I dunno if I'll do that now. I really wanted both Nyla and Riho and hopefully Britt but I knew my chances of getting all 3 were probably slim.

Remember guys, you don't have to pick women if you don't want to. You could pick all men and 1 tag team. Or all women and 1 tag team. Whatever you want to do, the world is your oyster.

But stop picking the people I want or I'll cut you.

Darby Allin
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