Upcoming Raw/Smackdown MSG sales disappointing

Good. They need to continue to get these harsh reality checks that change is critical.
Meanwhile, NJPW/ROH (and let's be realistic, it was Kenny and the Young Bucks) sold out the Garden in 16 minutes.

Someone tell me again how they aren't real competition?

In b4 Fro comes in here talking about Bruno Sammartino selling out MSG 188 times
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Yeah well how is that AAA show selling?
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Because ROH/njpw piggy-bacc'd off WrestleMania weekend. You see, most promotions set their attendance records during this time cuz the MAJOR LEAGUE draws folks from all 50 states & a ton of other countries. This stuff isn't rocket appliance fam, but go ahead & skew the #FAX to fit your narrative.

@WACC-T: Hogan sold it out 189 times, NBD.
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Not great, it seems.


By the way, anyone interested in keeping tabs on Mexican wrestling, this luchablog dude is the best English-language resource for it I've found anywhere.

Someone alert Trump.

I don’t think the “walk up” crowd will save either show this time.
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AAA is notoriously flaky when it comes to running shows in the U.S. anyway. They've booked and cancelled NYC shows a million times over the years. I'll be shocked if the MSG show even happens at all. I expect it to be cancelled sooner than later.

Why pay $600 for front row to a AAA show in Los Angeles, when I can pay $35 front row for AAA in Tijuana?

Edit: Also the Forum sucks for wrestling shows. Even something in the first elevated section (128, etc) is like 3 miles from where the ring is.
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