Best Wrestling Hold/Maneuver Names
'moss-covered three-handled family credenza' to start

can't eliminate that because that would be radical.... clean them dirty thoughts up with a moppie Agag
also val venis with the money shot... gangsta LOL
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450 Anal
Corckscrew Blowjob
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i was not referring to the new fad of intergender wrestling LOL
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Neither was I ;-)

These are not all hold names, very few are, but I thought this thread had been done before so I searched and came across this list I did a while back when Peezy was doing trivia:

The Cordova Crippler
Human Sexplex Machine
The Crappler
Lawlers Leftovers
Whole Cogan
Mr. Perfict
Mr. Perfucked
Sick Flair
Scott Steiner's Maroon Thong From The 2002 Royal Rumble
Think Face
Road Warrior Pop
Legion of Swoon
Irresistible Force
Immovable Object
Sean Mooney Inc.
Intense Crowd Pop (ICP)
Bro Cleanser
Germantown Suplex
My Cocoa
Hardcore Khali
Corkscrew Blowjob
450 Anal
Dickeye Dan
Mayson "The Malice" Menthol
Albert Eyerake
3 Count Mafia
Godwin's Theory
Las Rever
Kaiph Abe
The Booklearn Brawler
10 Pounds of Old
Answer Correct Daniel Price (AC/DP)
2 Liter Wife Beater
Big Read Machine
Beale Street Posse
Cream Team
Melts Her
Blue Blazer Driver '99
Yawn Cena
Dan Weottababyeitzaboy
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Ha! I remember those

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If I could be serious for a moment, I'll contribute some real favorite names of mine

Black Mass
Dirty Deeds
Clothesline From Hell
Kinshaza (fuck off if I spelled it wrong you know what I mean)
Kinshasa. Do you know the story behind the name of the move? It’s pretty interesting how it evolved.
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The flying falibula
The coconut crunch
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(07-21-2019, 12:45 PM)Chris Wrote: Kinshasa. Do you know the story behind the name of the move? It’s pretty interesting how it evolved.

I do not know, my ass better call somebody
In Japan, the move was called Bomaye.

When Muhammad Ali faced George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle in Africa (Congo, specifically) in 1974, the crowd chanted "Ali Bomaye!"

"Bomaye" translates to "kill him" in their language.

WWE obviously didn't want him using a move that means "kill him" so they changed it to Kinshasa.

Kinshasa is the city in the Congo where the Ali/Foreman fight happened.

And there ya go.

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Makes sense. That's fantastic.
i was bjorned & bored when i made this i guess LOL

a perfect example of why i don't make threads
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Ma'am Handle
Bi-curious kick
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I like the term “bjorned.”

Also, it’s worth noting Shinsuke was one of Inoki’s favorites. Inoki and Ali has their famous mixed match back in the 70’s and Inoki used/stole a number of things from Ali.
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