So you know how all the ECW PPVs on the Network are super edited, with all the original music gone, some stuff censored, things edited out, etc.?

Some guy decided to restore all the shows back to the way they originally aired. He's someone with a lot of audio/video editing experience and he combined a lot of the audio tracks from the original shows to the high quality video versions from the Network, cutting clips from original sources and improving the quality, shit like that. Restored all the original commercial music. All the old commercials and promos shilling ECW merch, shit like that is all restored. Basically, these shows are now all exactly as they aired live on PPV at the time. And he's apparently working on doing the same for the ECW on TNN episodes.!37QCiAKK!MnSXqE4oA3GEXD5FPiJnSQ

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I hope he does Hardcore TV.

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That’s pretty cool
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