Official WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Thread
10 Matches Announced

[Image: 20190710_TakerRoman_ShaneDrew--121b80cc5...e25670.jpg]

Undertaker & Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre - No Holds Barred

[Image: 20190710_SethBecky_Corbin_Lacey--a0aab27...62dc18.jpg]

Becky Lynch © & Seth Rollins © vs Baron Corbin & Lacey Evans - Extreme Rules Winners Take All Match (Both Universal and Raw Women's Championship on the line)

[Image: 20190710_Kofi_Samoa--0b2ad37ad9cc0f0688e...8cf326.jpg]

Kofi Kingston © vs Samoa Joe - WWE Championship

[Image: 20190708_BayleyAlexaNikki--09fdec0efaa1f...8560fb.jpg]

Bayley © vs Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross - Smackdown Women's Championship Handicap Match

[Image: 20190710_triple_tag--01a86b254ebf6a03982...92cfe8.jpg]

New Day vs Daniel Bryan & Rowan © vs Heavy Machinery - Smackdown Tag Team Championships

[Image: 20190710_AJ_Ricochet--71eb5d7d93f9a86f18...0bca57.jpg]

Ricochet © vs AJ Styles - United States Championship

[Image: 20190710_GulakNese--ad397a12b5e9909207cc...58b94e.jpg]

Drew Gulak © vs Tony Nese - Cruiserweight Championship

[Image: 20190708_BraunBobby--2dedef0ed66f204c0f2...f1f9b6.jpg]

Bobby Lashley vs Braun Strowman - Last Man Standing Match

[Image: 20190709_UsosRevival--25dc28a58f6567e1d5...c84585.jpg]

The Revival © vs Usos - Raw Tag Team Championships

[Image: 20190709_AleisterCesaro--aa8e99106c20649...f9b923.jpg]

Aleister Black vs Cesaro
Betting anyway cause I love to

10 - Aleister Black
9 - Undertaker & Roman Reigns
8 - Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch
7 - Daniel Bryan & Rowan
6 - The Revival
5 - Bayley
4 - Kofi Kingston
3 - Braun Strowman
2 - Drew Gulak
1 - Ricochet
Good opening match.
[Image: 3DUOW0l.jpg]
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Good PPV so far, Bailey needs to learn how to talk...maybe a character change. Cmon Bailey! Show dat azz
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Renee totally said "Shane's fucked", right? It wasn't just me? Lol
I heard that too haha

This crowd sucks shit, my dudes. This has been a good show minus the SD Women’s match
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Wow no one discussed anything.

I'm still working my way through the show, just finished Strowman/Lashley. Not bad. Cesaro/Black was pretty dang good, Cesaro looked good even in defeat so I don't think he'll be hurt from the loss.

Surprised Shinsuke won the IC title on the preshow, I'm gonna have to go back and watch that cause I did actually want to see that match.

Also, I was high as heck last night when I started watching Extreme Rules late, but I told it to start from the beginning. But the opening match is Undertaker/Roman vs Shane/Drew and the way it ended was as if the show had ended and I was really confused.
What is there to discuss? Same old shit for the most part. Lesnar is pretty devalued at this point. Matches were average. Whatever happened felt like it was headed towards 50/50 booking or a setup for Summer Slam. In the middle of all this you have G1, AEW, and Evolve which were at least something different to watch (and for the most part, better).
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So negative Chris, maybe you need to take a break from wrestling
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I thought E.R was pretty fun actually
[Image: l02m7fg8.jpg]
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(07-15-2019, 03:45 PM)Zack T Wrote: So negative Chris, maybe you need to take a break from wrestling
I’ve forgotten more about wrestling than you will ever know.

Maybe you need to take a break from WWE.
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
Oooo snap!
[Image: 4mWpL7U.png]
It was all pretty forgettable. The matches were decent enough (Cesaro/Aleister was great) but nothing noteworthy happened other than Lesnar cashing in. And at this point, I'm pretty desensitized to the same ol' Lesnar shit and not the least bit surprised.

I thought it was a decent show. Just the same old story of bad decisions per Vince.
[Image: Fa12_AT_Ohio_State_Glove_15669-675x380.jpg]
Yea. I forwarded through the triple threat tag match, surprised New Day won but I bet it was just so all 3 of them could be champs together. Which I'm for that, even if it doesn't last long.

AJ vs Ricochet wasn't as good as I had hoped. Maybe if it had been in NXT it'd have been better. Kind of surprised Ricochet lost so early into his title reign, but I also see the momentum they're trying to put behind AJ and it'd be pretty fuckin stupid if he turned heel and got 2 guys to interfere in his matches and STILL couldn't win right away. Sucks for Ricochet though.

Bobby and Braun was a decent last man standing match. I enjoyed that suplex throw into the merch area, that was nice. So was the end with Braun Shockmastering his way out of the platforming.

I fast forwarded through the main event tag team match but I saw the double suplex outside spot, the 2 table dive spots, and I really liked the end with Corbin yanking Becky in for the End Of Days and Seth beating the ever loving fuck out of him for it. That was really good. Brock cashing in I already knew about unfortunately but geez. I dunno what to think anymore. Will he only hold it til Summerslam or will he be champ awhile again? WHO KNOWS.

I ruled at the betting for Extreme Rules, the only big bet I got wrong was Bryan/Rowan retaining.

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