What are your most memorable moments in wrestling history?
List however many you want, from whenever you want. Whether you watched it in person, at home, after it happened, whatever.

Here’s some of mine:

Chris Jericho’s WWF Debut - I personally think this is the single greatest debut in WWe/F history. Absolute Mega reaction plus the right attitude at the right time, it was super cool.

Chris Jericho temporarily becomes WWF Champion on Raw

The return of “the old” Stone Cold Steve Austin before Invasion 2001

Eddie Guerrero wins the WWE Title

Shawn Michaels returns in 2002 to fight Triple H - specifically that segment where Shawn reveals it was Triple H who smashed his head through a car window and he says “It was you, Hunter” with such venom, and Triple H unleashes that wicked grin.

Shawn wins the first Elimination Chamber

D’Von Dudley reunited with Bubba Ray dudley at Survivor Series 2002

CM Punk’s pipe bomb promo

CM Punk wins WWE Title at Money In The Bank 2011

The Rock returns in February 2011

Randy Orton catches Evan Bourne during Airborne with an RKO (probably the single greatest RKO ever)

Undertaker turns heel in 2002 and begins his “Respect” gimmick by pretending to save Jim Ross from kissing Vince’s ass, asking JR if he wanted to kiss Vince’s ass and JR says “Hell no!” And Undertaker says “he says hell no Vince. He won’t do it. Is that cause you think you’re better than me?” And everyone is like what? And JR looks at Taker confused and Taker decks him, then forced him to do it.

Brock breaks the Streak

Seth turns on the Shield

Daniel Bryan wins the gold at Wrestlemania 30 by making Batista tap out

Santino almost beats Bryan at Elimination Chamber 2012

Jon Moxley debuts at Double Or Nothing

Plenty more, let’s hear it
Probably when I watched Owen Hart fall from the rafters in Kemper Arena and die.
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Wrap it up folks, we're done here.

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When the Grappler lost his mask.
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Seeing this match live:

Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Ted Dibiase & IRS when Hogan pinned Dibiase with the legdrop after bringing Horace Grant of the Chicago Bulls out of the crowd to help him pin Dibiase; Sgt. Slaughter was the guest referee for the bout
When I was at one of the WrestleMania's......believe it was 3 but I'd have to research. I was having a grate time until I met this autistic dude going crazy because he HATED the guy headlining. I distinctly remember him saying "We'll take about 15,000 off that number, just sticc with it even when it gets discovered we're totally lying". Wonder what ever happened to that fgt?
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That time Roman Reingns faced insurmountable odds and yet managed to win.
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Hogan vs Savage
HBK Barbershop window
Razor Ramon vs 1-2-3 Kid in a Crybaby match
HBK getting “beat up” relinquishing IC title
Which lead to Razor Ramon vs Dean Douglas
HBK vs RazorRamon WM X
Bull Nakano spinning back fist broke Alundra Blayze’s nose
Hart vs Hart WM X
HBK vs Bret Hart WM XII
HBK super kicking Bret out of a wheelchair
Austin 3:16 at King of The Ring
Austin vs Pillman angle
Undertaker vs Yokozuna in a Casket match
Adam Bomb debuting...
Issac Yankem DDS
Jerry Lawler vs Brett Hart ina Kiss my foot match
The first Nitro
Undertaker vs Mankind in a Boiler Room Brawl
Scott Hall on Nitro
Alundea Blayze on Nitro and trashing the Women’s title
NWO invading WCW
Rey Mysterio getting lawn darted into a trailer
Vince was over the Ministry of Darkness
WrestleMania 21 HBK vs Angle
Edge cashing in the 1st MiTB
WM 24 Flair vs HBK
December to Dismember 2007
One Night Stand (06/07?)
Lots more
All of you guys suck except Dangish (HE'S GOT KIDS)
I was in the third row to witness sid vicious break his leg, that image has stuck with me
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I was listing all of mine until I came to the realization that it was just everything that HBK did in chronological order from the Barber Shop to breaking his back.

So I'll just say HBK's career from 92 to 98.

Mankind going off the cell and Taker's face when he saw Foley climbing back up. Then going through the to of the cell.

Seeing Miss Kitty's titties at Armageddon 99. I thought she was really hot back then and fapped plenty of times to that after it happened.

Stone Cold. Vince. Bedpan.

Wondering of Pullman actually murdered Austin with his gun.

Goldust exposing his Razor "tattoo".

Man Mountain Rock shredding his WWF axe before his matches on Saturday mornings.

Being excited when Barry Horowitz finally got a pin on Skip. I was young and it was real to me DAMNIT!

Kama The Supreme Fighting Machine stealing and turning the urn in to that bomb looking chain. He also murdered one of the Undertaker's creatures of the night and ripped up a wreath.

Most of my favorite things are from when I was a kid. I stopped watching in 2002 and didn't start watching again until early 2013. So I don't have any memorable moments during that time. Post 2013 nothing has really been memorable to me personally other than Taker losing to Brock.

Win the Day!

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Getting food poisoning at WrestleMania and leaving halfway through.
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Just like those people at Wrestlemania, must've been food poisoning, it really was 93K but a bunch of them left cause they felt sick!
There are so many, for me personally. I was slated to watch WM19 from a big sports bar in my city. Night before I went out, got trashed and was more hungover then any other time in my life. I was throwing up till literally 7pm the next day. However, I refused to leave because I wanted to Shawn and Jericho so bad. I remember my gf at the time thought I was insane for being that sick and staying to catch that, after that I left and slept for something like 30 hours
Here ya go Chris[/b]vc[b]here ya go chrus[/b]
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