The PWG Legacy
Just for fun, thought I'd take a look at the first ever PWG show and see who is still active in wrestling.

Super Dragon - Booker/Promoter PWG. Last of the PWG 6 to still be heavily involved.
Excalibur - AEW Commentator
AJ Styles - Working at an indy promotion known as WWE
Scorpio Sky - AEW
Rick Knox - AEW/Lucha Underground
Matt Cross (M-Dogg 20) - Lucha Underground / Indy
Frankie Kazarian - AEW
Zokre - Still active on the SoCal Indy scene + Lucha VaVoom. Trainer at Santino Brothers.
The Ballard Brothers - Indy Scene
Sara Del Ray - Trainer/Coach NXT
Ryan Drago - Worked WWE as Simon Gotch, now back in the indy scene as Simon Grimm
Aaron Aguilera - Still on the indy scene
[Image: 3GJrzHf.jpg]

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