Official WWE Fantasy League Season 14 Thread
(09-16-2019, 06:04 PM)Hitchcock Wrote: Damn, not even getting my appearance points.

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What the fuck is Maria doing to my team?!?!?!?!?!?!

Win the Day!

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(09-16-2019, 04:14 PM)Chris Wrote: If Corbin wins KOTR, that should give me the 346 bonus points I need to make it to the top!

Credit where credit is due. Congrats!
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(09-16-2019, 08:16 PM)Rob Wrote: What the fuck is Maria doing to my team?!?!?!?!?!?!

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(09-16-2019, 05:30 PM)tehgiftofgab Wrote: I feel like I should change my tag team, who’s most active not picked? Does aska still even wrestle? Love you zackaree

Styles is US Champ so you're good there

Balor just got married and is taking some time off but he's not injured so you can't IR him. Could drop him though.

Orton has been more active lately than he has previously this year

Miz is about as active as he usually is

Oney Lorcan is about as active a cruiserweight as you can hope for

Ryder & Hawkins aren't doing anything anymore

Asuka hasn't been doing anything either

I didn't miss any points did I?
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First of all, you’re amazing.
Second of all, gimme a sec
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League Teams:

Opitiplex - Seth Rollins (+10 A/M/V), Chad Gable (+5 A/M), Lince Dorado (+10 A/M/V), The OC (+10 A/M/V), Alexa Bliss (+3 A) +38 = 674

Fro - Roman Reigns (+3 A), Bray Wyatt (+3 A), Big E (+10 A/M/V), Xavier Woods (+10 A/M/V), Jack Gallagher (+7 A/M/Un-V), Authors of Pain (+3 A), Bayley (+10 A/M/V) +46 = 532
Hitchcock - Sami Zayn (+3 A), Cesaro (+5 A/M), Eric Young (+5 A/M), Titus O'Neil (+3 A), Ariya Daivari (+5 A/M), Heavy Machinery (+10 A/M/V), Becky Lynch (+3 A) +34 = 449
Chris - Baron Corbin (+20 A/M/V/KOTR), Ali (+3 A), Rowan (+3 A), Tony Nese (+10 A/M/V), Viking Raiders (+5 A/M), Charlotte Flair (7 A/M/Un-V) +48 = 472
User Name - Daniel Bryan (+3 A), Aiden English (+3 A), Mojo Rawley (+5 A/M), Drew Gulak (+3 A), Lacey Evans (+5 A/M) +19 = 452
Rob - Kofi Kingston (+10 A/M/V), Ricochet (+10 A/M/V), Robert Roode (+5 A/M), Shinsuke Nakamura (+3 A), Mike Kanellis (+5 A/M), Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (+5 A/M) +38 = 807
Peezy - Braun Strowman (+3 A), Dolph Ziggler (+3 A), Rusev (+10 A/M/V), Akira Tozawa (+3 A), New Day (+10 A/M/V), Carmella (+3 A) +32 = 541
Zack T - EC3 (+5 A/M), Cedric Alexander (+5 A/M), Rey Mysterio (+10 A/M/V), Kalisto (+10 A/M/V), Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode (+3 A), Sasha Banks (+10 A/M/V) +43 = 541
Obsidian - Kevin Owens (+3 A), R-Truth (+10 A/M/V), Brock Lesnar (+3 A), Revival (+5 A/M), Nikki Cross (+3 A) +24 = 732
tehgiftofgab - AJ Styles (+10 A/M/V), Randy Orton (+5 A/M), Oney Lorcan (+5 A/M), Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins (+3 A) +23 = 539

League Standings as of 9-18-2019

1. Rob - 807
2. Obsidian - 732

3. Opitiplex - 674

4. Peezy - 541
4. Zack T - 541
6. tehgiftofgab - 539
7. Fro - 532
8. Chris - 472
9. User Name - 452
10. Hitchcock - 449

Waivers are in effect now. I added 5 points to User Name for Aiden English's appearance at Clash when calling the CW title match (those were added to his total score, not in any breakdown points post)
Author's of Pain finally back!!!

I was starting to think AoP stood fro......

U bro's ready for this one???

Ayyy 0 Points


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It's not their fault they were called up with no plan and forgotten about
can't wait to finally get last place like usual.

always making you all feel good fro years :agag :
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Here's a cold one for the homies at the bottom of the pack!!!

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Win the Day!

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(09-18-2019, 01:08 PM)User Name Wrote: can't wait to finally get last place like usual.

always making you all feel good fro years :agag :
Fuck you, last place is mine!
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Fuck it, I'll drop Beta Cuck for Rush.

Win the Day!

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I just came in here to say, NXT will NOT COUNT towards weekly points this season. It'd be unfair to everyone to introduce an entire new roster.

This includes 205 Live matches that happen on NXT. This season ends with the last WWE PPV of December.

When we do next season, NXT will count. You'll be able to choose from NXT superstars the same as Raw or Smackdown ones. This counts for NXT tag teams or women as well.
Will PPV points be worth more since there are only 4-5 Takeovers per year?
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I haven't yet decided on how to handle TakeOvers, but my initial off-the-cuff response is that TakeOvers will have the same scoring metric as a regular PPV.

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