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Stop everything you're doing and go watch the Keith Lee/Dijakovic match from tonight's NXT right now. Literally 305 Live.

Actually, watch the whole episode. This was a fantastic week of NXT.

Can confirm. I just watched it.

Keith Lee and Dominik have this weird crazy chemistry together and it just works. That was not the prettiest match, but it was damned convincing and hard hitting and both guys looked like stars coming out of it. Grade A quality wrestling.

I actually was kind of taken out of the tag team title match a bit because of how good Lee/Dominik was for me, but the tag title match is also quite solid.

Looking forward to Adam Cole and Jordan Myles next week, really intrigued by that. I believe Cole will retain, but I just wonder how it'll go.

Also interested in Gargano's future. I kind of think he should be turned heel at this point. But who knows. At least with NXT going live 2 hours each week, we (HOPEFULLY) don't have to worry about him being sent to Raw or Smackdown (OR 205 LIVE) and being wasted.
Keith Lee has zero business doing a top rope Spanish fly. Haha, that was ridiculous, and awesome.
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Yea that was bonkers.

Anyone watch NXT UK Cardiff? I turned it on a bitnover halfway cause it was mid afternoon and I heard they were doing Tyler Bate vs Walter and I was all about that. I LOVE Tyler Bate and Walter gave me a realgood first impression.

I didn’t pay as close attention to the match as I wanted as I got sucked into gaming with people online, but damn it was a hellacious war. Insane.
Just watched last week's episode.

I approve of the new theme for Breezango, but I'm not sure why they keep calling them that while also calling them The Fashion Police. Just pick one, damn it. Good little match here, the jobbers did fine.

Interesting little promo by Cameron Grimes. I'm glad we'll see more of him, but I honestly hope he gets a new finisher. That leaping double stomp to the chest of a running opponent is cool, but I dunno. It doesn't often look impactful enough for me to buy it as a finisher, especially with folks like Balor or Kofi using it as a regular move.

Dream and Kona was decent too, mostly for the psychological warfare. I had this thought that maybe Dream's inexperience is showing in this one because he has great matches, but they're almost always against guys with much more experience than he has (Black, Strong/Dunn, Ricochet, Gargano, Ciampa, etc). I loved Roderick Strong burning his couch though. That's so ridiculous, but in the context of the Velveteen Dream's character, it's perfect.

Biana Bel'Air and Taynara (Conti but I guess not Conti anymore even though it was still on her titantron video) was surprisingly good. Taynara got a lot of good offense in there. Always appreciate hard fought victories, and I love the way everyone Bel'Air hits the KO'D on kind of just float in mid air as she hoists them up and over right before the slam. It's awesome.

It's interesting that next week, Rhea Ripley will fight Shayna non-title, but the #1 contendership to Shayna will be a triple threat between Io, Bianca, and Mia. I dunno who's gonna win that. I'd guess Mia or Io, leaning slightly towards Mia. Probably Mia getting the pin over Bianca, I don't think Io should take a loss right now unless Candace costs her.

Almost expected Keith Lee to interfere and cost Jordan Myles the win. Nonetheless, I think we all expected Adam Cole to retain. But they did a great job of establishing Jordan there. He's got a bright future, I'd imagine.
Yeah last week's NXT was decent. Not as good as the week before (seriously, everyone watch the Keith Lee/Dijakovic match already) but still pretty solid. Cole/Myles was pretty much what I expected. Cole wins, but Myles makes a name for himself in defeat.

So they are getting rid of the 4 show weekends around SummerSlam, Survivor Series, and Rumble (starting next year). However, they are doing some Saturday show(s) using a name they have already used (Worlds Collide).

Not sure what the fate of TakeOver will be.

Also, NXT UK might be adding a lowercard belt. Could be the European championship, Eurocontinental, something, or nothing.
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I think they better come up with something better than those names. Both of those names would indicate a champion of a region greater than the UK and that'd be silly. That'd be like having the United States championship be your main title and then the World title as your secondary.

The talk up til now has been that NXT will still get their own Takeover specials. I think the main thing is that they aren't gonna do 4 nights in a row in the same building anymore. I dunno if that's due to cost or what, though.
Takeover probably gonna start being booked head-to-head with AEW PPVs.

Pay $50 to watch AEW on PPV or go on the Network you already pay for and watch Takeover for free.

Diabolical but smart.

AEW had said they were going to avoid that but I’m not sure how they would be able to.
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Disney jumping into streaming is causing WWE to change their service.
AEW could do a streaming service. Work a deal to air Indy feds. Undercut WWE and get the Impact library. Charge $6 a month, include BTE on it and the Nightmare Family.
Watched this week's NXT. Wow, they sure did manage to fit a lot of stuff in 1 hour.

Glad to see Johnny is gonna get to stay in NXT now that it's going prime time on the USA network.

I approve of Candace LeRae being added to the Women's #1 contendership match. I thought Rhea Ripley would be added, and maybe she still will be, but she technically didn't win so who knows. Glad to see Dakota Kai will be back soon. I still think Dakota will be the one to dethrone Shayna. I said it over a year ago and I still think so :D

I Heart Angel Garza, can't wait to see more of him. Also Heart Raul Mendoza and I want him to start winning.

Could do without Damien Priest though. He just doesn't do it for me.

Really looking forward to Dream/Strong, the 4 or 5-way women's match, and Riddle/Dane street fight. Apparently we'll also get Street Profits vs Undisputed Era so that'll be good too. That'll be a great way to kick off the new NXT TV Era.

NXT TV will air the first hour live on the USA Network for 2 weeks, but the 2nd hour will be on the WWE Network. The reason for this is Suits season or series finale those 2 weeks. After that though, it's 2 hours on USA each week.
Angel Garza is a culero.

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Damien Priest must have shitty booking because that dude has mad talent and charisma.
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(09-11-2019, 09:55 AM)DangPlex Wrote: AEW could do a streaming service. Work a deal to air Indy feds. Undercut WWE and get the Impact library. Charge $6 a month, include BTE on it and the Nightmare Family.
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HHH says a whole lot of nothing:

-Triple H thinks the initial numbers for NXT are important, but he's more interested in the long haul. Says the 2017 NXT broadcast on USA Network was a lot different and had almost no promotion.
-If numbers aren't great early on, Triple H isn't upset by that because he's in it for the long haul.
-Triple H jokes that the 205 Live/NXT comments he made were taken out of context by many. He says he thinks 205 fits better under the NXT umbrella than a "general entertainment" umbrella. Nothing is set in stone. Threw out hypotheticals of CW title being on Takeover
-Pete Dunne, Toni Storm, Rhea Ripley are brought up. He says NXT UK is in the NXT "bucket," and we're going to see a lot of UK talent crossing over to NXT. Whether or not they become full-time is up in the air. He says the brands compliment each other.
-Triple H expects the Draft this year to be focused on Raw and Smackdown brands, not NXT
-NXT Takeovers will continue, but there's some schedule shifting. They want to better serve their Network subscribers by giving them more live content on a more frequent basis, which is why he says Worlds Collide replaced Takeover. We'll see some more shows like NXT 25 Bridgeport
-Triple H says they'll look at NXT Takeover and how many matches there are, but doesn't think it should be about length or number of matches. Saying he doesn't like watching a movie and looking at his watch wondering when it will end. "It's about the content and the build" as opposed to the length. Just wants it to be good.
-Triple H doesn't like the term "midcard" title. Says it sounds terrible. He doesn't see the need for another title on NXT UK right now, but isn't opposed to it.
-Another NXT UK title is not in the works at the moment, according to Triple H.
-Triple H calls Killian Dain a phenomenal talent and a sponge for growth, but there will always be ebbs and flows. If something doesn't work for someone on the roster, Triple H says they have opportunities globally.
-Triple H says everyone will have to "wait and see" about if NXT talent is drafted to Raw or Smackdown, but doesn't "foresee" that. Is sure it will happen in the future. Reiterates NXT shouldn't be called a developmental brand
-HHH notes that all NXT story lines don't have to pay off on a Takeover. He points to this week's TV as an example. Says the loaded show this Wednesday would happen even if they weren't on USA Network.
-Triple H likes not putting every talent on Takeover, and says it makes them hungry and encourages them to grow. He points to MMA having different fighters on different shows and he wants to tell stories better.
-HHH is asked the same question he is every media call about people moving from RAW/SD to NXT. He says he gets a call every single week from people on Raw & Smackdown saying they'd love to do something with NXT & UK. Says they should see it as a viable alternative
-Triple H says he thinks Kevin Owens is a great talent and would love to have him back on NXT. Doesn't see any barriers or blockage going on.
-Triple H does not want NXT to go to 3 hours. He says it's been hard to fit talent into one hour with the space that they've had
-The idea of FCW being reborn to establish a "developmental brand" is brought up to Triple H. HHH says that they have to look at what the local Florida shows are now. This is a roundabout answer
-Triple H wants to continue and increase media calls as they move to USA Network. That concludes the call.
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NXT is tonight, right?
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