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Ugh.....the obvious answer is:



One day I mite not be here to bail you nerds out, time to spread your wings fam.
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Fucking love Animal House.

Win the Day!

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Worth noting that Otis hasn't defended the title in 20 days and counting right now. And as far as I know, they're not booked for Summerslam which means it's fairly unlikely he'll be wrestling before then. Might have another vacated title on our hands in 10 more days.

They aren't pushing the mediocre fat no selling wrestler? That's odd.
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I've decided to make a new rule, for my own sanity. It hasn't happened yet but I wanted to get ahead of this shit just in case:

24/7 title matches don't count. If the KBC champion ends up chasing after R Truth in hallways and pinning him at the airport and shit....that doesn't count as a match or a title defense. The KBC title can't be won or lost under 24/7 rules. Because fuck trying to keep up with that shit.

In the event it's an *actual* match (like Truth and Maverick had a few weeks back when the 24/7 rules were suspended during the match and everybody had to just stand outside the ring and watch)....that DOES count.

I'll be pissed if Heavy Machinery ends up being booked tonight.

Steiner knows why he needs to vacate that title.


Win the Day!

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VACATE All I Ever Wanted
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He's also a non-selling piece of shit.
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Everything's updated. This is Roman's 5th KBC title reign, which is second only to Seth Rollins.

Overall, Roman might break some records this time around. He's less than 2 weeks away from surpassing Bray Wyatt for 2nd most combined days as champion.

If he manages to hold on to the championship for about 2 months, he may even surpass the all-time combined days record (still held by our inaugural champion Rusev from almost 5 years ago). Rusev and Bray Wyatt also hold the 1st and 2nd place spots for most title defenses right now. Roman's hot on the heels of those records as well.

So....who's got forum name ideas?

Vince Loves Samoan Cock
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Ramen Runs
Stupid Sexy Roman
Cancer? I Hardly Knew Her!
He Who Cannot Be Killed
Kannot Be Cilled
Everybody Loves Reignman
Big League; Bigger Dog
V (It’s the ROMAN numeral for his fifth win)
Big Doggy V
Always Entertaining Women
Samoan Sexplex Machine
Regal Oscar Mantaur Afa Nash
Ralphus Edge Islanders Nailz Samu
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Fuck Not Again
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Today marks the 5 year anniversary of the KBC title!

- The championship was announced on Sunday, Aug. 24, 2014 at 12:01am EST. It's the first post in this very thread.

- The inaugural champion Rusev was crowned when he defeated Jack Swagger in the first match on Raw the following night.

- To this day, three of the records set by Rusev during that initial championship reign are still standing.

- Rusev's championship reign of 216 days is still the longest single reign in KBC Championship history.

- And in fact, no one else has even come close. Bray Wyatt's 145 day reign is still more than 2 months short. This is truly the Bruno Sammartino record of the KBC title. I doubt it will ever be broken.

- As another aside to that, Rusev's 216 day single reign is the also the longest total reign. For example, Roman Reigns is currently on his 5th title reign and even if you combine the days of all 5 reigns, he hasn't yet passed Rusev's 216 day run.

- Rusev's record of 19 title defenses is still the most in a single reign and much like the total day record, it may never be broken. Seth Rollins had 12 defenses in a single reign once, but that's the closest anyone has ever gotten.

- Rusev's second title reign garnered him 1 more defense, for a combined total of 20. This is still the most combined title defenses of anyone in KBC Championship history. This record is on the verge of being broken, but it took at least 5 years to get there!

- Seth Rollins has held the KBC championship a record 6 times, the most of anyone.

- Seth Rollins, Sheamus, and Dolph Ziggler also have the distinction of having the shortest KBC title reigns. Each man held the belt for 1 day. In each case, they won the title on a PPV and lost it the following night on Raw.

- The KBC title has been vacated on 6 occasions by champions who failed to defend within 30 days. All 3 of Brock Lesnar's title reigns have ended in him vacating the title without ever defending it.

- The KBC title has changed hands 24 times on Raw, 24 times on PPV, and 9 times on Smackdown. This means 42% of title changes happen on Raw or PPV while only 16% of them happen on Smackdown. Although to be fair, during the first two years of the KBC title's existence, Smackdown wasn't counted.

- Only 28 men have held the KBC championship.

- Of those, 4 former KBC champions are no longer in the WWE. Those would be Dean Ambrose, James Elsworth, Ryback, and Alberto Del Rio.


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