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Getting to know myxmastrmike
Mike, I've heard you're the fuckin man, true or false?!
[Image: reggie-jackson.jpg]
(09-21-2011, 03:53 PM)JDS Wrote: Have you ever thought about painting your face like Violent J, and then painting the back of your head like Shaggy 2 Dope?
A=Dude SOOOOOO many fucking times! But surprisingly I (have) never done it...
But if I did/do, its Shaggy up front and J on back. I tried doing J one time and that shit did NOT work on me lol!

About how many Psychopathic related events have you been too?
A=Hmmm... Not as many as you would think... to do a quick guess, i'd say about 50-60. Nothing crazy like Reggie who I think said one time that he'd seen ICP like 250 times or something. Doesnt surpise me cuz Reggie is at EVERYTHING

How many non-psychopathic related events have you been too?
A=Jen and I LOVE music... and LOVE seeing live music. So we go to any and all concerts we can, especially if they are at small venues... (Small Cramped Hot venues>Arena shows by FAR) So between concerts, and wrestilng events and things... I'd say we're well over 200...

Have you and Jen ever thought about making a porn? If so, would you share it with us fellows at KBC? ♥.
A=Thought about? Troll
And no, I cant share because Jen is too bashful. If it were up to me, i'd show that shit no problem. I have NO shame lol!

What's your favorite song at this time?
Sia - 'Buttons' has been my JAM lately...

(09-21-2011, 04:39 PM)FxXxckOff Wrote: Mike, I've heard you're the fuckin man, true or false?!
A=You know, I've heard that a few times...I definatly try to be as easy going and cool as I can be to everybody, so it MAY be true Wink

[Image: sa1wgxW.jpg]
Have you ever had a 3some with Jen and another man?

If so, what sort of stuff went down
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
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Stage Name:

Zip Code you live in:

Do you drive?:


Contact #:





Hair Color:

Eye Color:




Jean Size:

Dress Size:

Ass size (small, medium, large, huge)?

Adult Video Experience:


Are you currently on birth control?

Are you ok with bareback sex for your scenes(no condom with aim tested talent)?

Vaginal Hair(trimmed, bare, hairy):

Require Disguise/Mask(yes or no):

Are you currently AIM tested(std screening for videos)?

Scene Availability (yes or no answers..keep in mind the more you are willing to do, the higher the pay is.)

Oral Sex(blowjob):

Receiving Oral:

Receiving Rimming(getting asshole licked):

Rimming on Female(licking woman's asshole):

Rimming on Male(licking male’s asshole):

Dirty Rimming Receiving(getting your asshole licked when shitty-dirty)

Dirty Rimming Giving-Woman(licking woman’s asshole when dirty-shitty):

Dirty Rimming Giving-Man(licking man’s asshole when dirty-shitty):


Vaginal sex:

Pussy to Mouth(giving bj directly after penetration):

Pussy to Other Girls Mouth(giving bj from other womans pussy):

Anal sex:

Ass to Mouth(giving blowjob directly after anal from your own ass)

Ass to other girl's Mouth(giving blowjob directly after anal from other woman's ass):

Receiving Ass to Mouth(other girl sucking penis directly from your ass during anal):

Facial(man cums on face):

Cum in Mouth:


Vaginal Creampie( cums in vagina):

Anal Creampie( cums in your ass):

Anal Felching(You eat cum from your ass after anal):

Anal Felching from other woman’s ass

DP(two penises at one time, anal and vaginal same time):

Double Vaginal(two penises at one time in vagina):

Ass to pussy(penis going back and forth directly from your ass to pussy directly):

Other girls ass to your pussy (penis going back and forth from other woman’s ass to your pussy directly):

Anal fingering(receiving):

Double Anal:

Dirty Anal(you receiving anal when ass is full/shitty-no enema):

Dirty A2M(doing ass to mouth when penis is shitty/dirty):

Dirty A2OGM(doing ass to mouth from other woman's ass when shitty/dirty):

Ball licking when cock is dirty(you dont do ass to mouth but you lick/suck the guys balls when the cock is shitty/dirty from anal(your shit or other girls):

Dirty Ass to pussy(penis going back and forth from ass to pussy when shitty/dirty):

Other girls Ass to your Pussy when shitty:

Shitting(shitting on or in guy/woman's mouth)

Shitting Receiving(having woman shit on you or in your mouth):

Oral while Shitting( having your pussy eaten while you shit):

Gangbang(4-25 men-please list how many mean you are ok with)

Penis Size Preference for vaginal Sex(pick preferred penis size from 6 inches to 12 inches in length and 5 inches-9inches in girth or bigger the better:

Penis Size Preference for Anal Sex(pick preferred penis size from 6 inches to 12 inches in length and 5 inches-9inches in girth or bigger the better:

What age range of male performer do you prefer to work with?16-17(European filmings), 18-21, 22-30, 30-40, 40+.....

Would you be interested in a fluffer position as well?(giving the male performers oral before the scenes to get them hard before filming)

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