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Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Zack T - 10-02-2019

Debut episode tonight! Pretty packed show.

* Jon Moxley appears live

* Cody vs. Sammy Guevara

* Adam Page vs. PAC

* MJF vs. Brandon Cutler

* Nyla Rose vs. Riho to crown the first-ever AEW Women's Champion

* The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega vs. AEW World Champion Chris Jericho, Santana and Ortiz (I guess they're not mystery partners anymore)

Meanwhile, WWE is attempting to subvert this first show by LIMITED COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTION on NXT, as well as putting Cole/Riddle's NXT title match up FIRST.

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Peezy - 10-02-2019

So who's watching what live?

I think I'm gonna mostly watch AEW live tonight, since it's such a historic big show. And then flip back to NXT during commercials or lulls.

I'm about to re-familiarize myself with the Last button on my remote again for the first time since 2001!

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Zack T - 10-02-2019

AEW for sure

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Dakotizza - 10-02-2019

I mean if you’re a wrestling fan you HAVE to tune into AEW.

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - tehgiftofgab - 10-02-2019

DVR so watch AEW on a 30 min delay so I can ffwd commercials and then NXT ! I’m pretty excited for tonight

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Hitchcock - 10-02-2019

I'll be driving for the first hour of both. LOL west coast.

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Obsidian - 10-02-2019

Watching AEW tonight and then gonna watch NXT tomorrow as I will be catching up with other shows too. Ugh so much stuff on my DVR right now!

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Opitiplex - 10-02-2019

I LOVE that they have the records on their name plate during their entrance. Imagine Vince doing this? Cesero would be 34-98

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Chris - 10-02-2019

Most of the roster would be “50-50”

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Peezy - 10-02-2019

Solid show so far

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Obsidian - 10-02-2019

It's decent. This is only my 3rd time watching AEW. It's not bad but it will have to grow on me just a little more. Nice change of pace either way.

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Obsidian - 10-02-2019

My biggest complaint: the commentary. I dunno..JR just seems bland now. Schiavone on the other hand does not sound like he has lost it one bit. Excalibur just seems like he's there and that's it. I don't like 3-team commentaries myself so I would enjoy it more if it were Schiavone and a color commentator.

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Hitchcock - 10-02-2019

How dare you not adore Excalibur! That man is a fucking Saint!

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Opitiplex - 10-02-2019

The way they go to break and come back from them is so late 90’s Nitro...... and that isn’t a bad thing

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Hitchcock - 10-02-2019

I can't tell if these heart attack medication commercials have completely missed who the demo is that watches wrestling, or nailed it perfectly.

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Obsidian - 10-02-2019


RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Opitiplex - 10-02-2019

That was awesome. I basically loved everything I saw.

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Obsidian - 10-02-2019

Solid debut. Wish the matches had some better finishes but overall nice change of pace.

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Zack T - 10-02-2019

Jack Swagger Embarrassed That gut wrench powerbomb to Dustin was brutal.

Good first episode. Fuck me for once again making a huge error on my first round draft pick. Shoulda picked Riho apparently.

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Peezy - 10-02-2019

Loved it

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - sanderz1 - 10-03-2019

I'm glad Riho beat that dude. Awesome match. Britt sucked on commentary

As far as the finishes, I liked them. They seemed like more realistic finishes instead of cookie cutter hit em with your flashy finisher finishes.

The whole main event was pretty bonkers. Loved the Omega/Mox brawl and that suplex through the glass coffee table looked great. Post match shenanigans were great and Swagger looks like a monster

I love heel Jericho

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Sal Undy - 10-03-2019

boring and lame. no blood, no high flying holy shit moves. no big debuts/returns.

the hipster fags aren't gonna keep this afloat for too long.

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Ceallach - 10-03-2019

Fun show live. I couldn’t really place where the commercials were which is way better than WWE. If you ever go to a live Raw, they like drop the lights during commercials and show video packages and shit.

Jurassic Express are over AS FUCK. So were the Elite guys and Lucha Bros. People also were way More into Jack Swagger than I would have expected. Someone near me tried to start a Build The Wall chant during the main event.

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Zack T - 10-03-2019

Yea Britt didn't do much on commentary. But that dirty deeds or whatever Moxley calls it now into the glass table was absolutely sick, I yelled out :o I hope they didn't get cut much Frown

Pac is now 2-0 and has made both Kenny and Adam Page pass out. I'd say he's en route to challenging for the AEW World title at this rate.

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Rob - 10-03-2019

He'll be the next challenger after Cody fails to win.

Then we can see Jericho and Nevi.... I mean Pac recreate their match that never was.

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Zack T - 10-03-2019

And then he can break his ankle again in a freak accident /noScottSteiner

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - User Name - 10-03-2019

the glass table was weak. mox took it all on his ass and probably candy glass too.

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Zack T - 10-04-2019

It looked sick as hell to me

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - Zack T - 10-04-2019

I watched AEW live, I was absolutely not going to miss this historic first. I downloaded NXT and watched the first hour of that last night, will watch the 2nd hour on my lunch break today.

Cody/Sammy - Hella good. Real nice to see that the live crowd was very hyped and loud, that's so important for the atmosphere of the show. Cody was on point, so was Sammy. They had some crazy spots, and I really liked the story telling. If you watched the "On the road to TNT" mini-episodes that AEW posts on YouTube, you may have seen a segment they did to focus on Sammy and he told us a bit about him. He came off very real and like he was just fighting for his dream, pretty much like a good guy. But we all know he's a prick, and he showed it on TV. I LOVED the spot where he pulled Brandi in front of Cody's suicide dive, I saw it coming but I didn't expect him to do it cause of the WWE's taboo on men hitting women, even accidentally. I don't mean to imply that I want men on women violence in wrestling, but I have 0 problems with spots like this because, come on, that's just such a lowlife move and it was glorious. I also appreciated that while Cody won, he didn't attempt the Cross Rhodes. He rolled up Sammy after that shooting star press counter, and that was that. So while Sammy lost, it was only just barely and he never let Cody hit his finish. Also, the reluctant handshake by Sammy afterwards was very cool because of what happened later. But in the context of the moment right here and now, it was a begrudging sign of respect but not turning over a new leaf because Jericho attacks Cody and Sammy just puts up his hands like "Ah, well, I guess I'll just see myself out, you can handle that". Also, good attack by Jericho.

MJF and Brandon Cutler was not bad at all. Not as good as Cody and Sammy but it certainly was worth the time it had. MJF is golden on the mic and I love how good he is - We all appreciate and respect his talent, you could hear the audience cheer as his music hit and he came out. But as soon as he started talking, he got everyone to boo him and that's rad. Anyway, I think we all expected MJF to win this one, Brandon Cutler strikes me as a plucky underdog midcard guy for the time being. Also, kind of interesting how MJF proclaims to be Cody's best friend but he didn't help him out when Jericho attacked him a couple minutes before this, and also at the end of the night. Hmmmm eek! Also, should be noted that's 2 matches in a row with a little bit of referee trickery. Not too bad, but we need to get that under control.

I totally loved the Kevin Smith/Jason Mewes appearance, it was unexpected and I love those guys. I thought that was a good way to give us all a breather, add some celebrity to the mix, and while it got a bit messy when Jack Evans and Angelico came out, it was still alright. I was just glad it didn't lead to an impromptu tag team match Tongue Also, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes modeled the new AEW Tag Team Championships and you can see pictures of those online. They're good looking belts! I'd say them + the NXT tag titles are my favorite tag title designs.

Pac vs Adam Page was good. I can't help but feel like these 2 didn't have as much chemistry as they wanted though, something just felt off the whole match to me. It wasn't off by much, it's not like they were messing up hardly, but I mean more like PAC in particular seemed at a loss at times for what to do next and kept resorting to his spinning kick to the gut. Anyway, loved the finish. I love when PAC comes down with the Black/Red/Green Arrow and then locks in the Brutalizer. I mean come on, how emphatic is that? I thought Adam Page passed out but they kept saying he tapped out, so I dunno, maybe I just didn't quite catch it that way. I'm happy with it either way though. PAC is now 2-0 and has won via submission over both Kenny Omega and Adam Page, both of whom were the only other 2 guys involved in the AEW World title picture from the start besides Chris Jericho, so you gotta think PAC is being lined up to go after the AEW World title if this keeps up. I love the wins/losses matter mentality. Adds a good layer of believability and realism to it. Unfortunately, this match did have a 3rd referee mistake spot in it, so that's 3 matches in a row now. Come on guys, tighten it up just a little more!

Riho and Nyla Rose was my personal favorite match of the night. It had some sloppy moments but those moments mostly happened in such a way that it just made it look more real than anything else, and I love that. It was such a physical grueling battle and Nyla Rose looked like an absolute monster. Catching Riho out of mid air multiple times, beating her down mercilessly, and Riho looked like a fighter who refused to die and did some impressive stuff (The northern lights off the top rope for example, I dunno how she even lifted Nyla Rose but woooow). I had personally picked Nyla Rose to win this one, but I'm happy either way, Nyla will be champion someday. Britt Baker was on commentary, not the you'd know because she barely said anything. But oh well, sometimes guest commentary goes that way. Interesting post match shenanigans here with Michael Nakazawa getting attacked by Nyla, Nyla attacking Riho again, and Kenny saving Riho. I thought for a second we'd see Nyla and Kenny go at it and I kind of do want to see that eek!

SCU's pre-taped video promo was quite good, and I also enjoyed the Lucha Bros/SCU confrontation on the stage. Great work.

It was also nice to see the backstage feed of Kenny/Bucks talking, followed by Jericho/LAX talking. Jim Ross said "we're gonna just eavesdrop on Jericho here" and while he didn't say much of anything important (he was telling them this is a super important night for him and for them), it was just a little different from how WWE normally presents those types of segments, and that made it feel good for me.

Kenny/Bucks vs Jericho/LAX was quite good. My one complaint is when Jon Moxley interfered. AS AWESOME AS THAT WAS, it doesn't really make much sense that he slid in the ring and attacked Kenny Omega RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REFEREE and the ref is just like "Ah, well, you guys go work that out then" and didn't call for a DQ. I understand that AEW has made a point of saying the referee's have discretion about the calls they make, but this was very clearly a time for a disqualification. It did lead to Moxley Death Rider DDT'ing Omega through a glass table, that was absolutely brutal and made me literally yell out in horror as I saw it happen. I hope they didn't suffer bad cuts, jesus christ. Anyway, the match became 2 on 3 and the Bucks rallied great, but in the end Jericho showed why he's AEW champ and caught Nick I think as he springboarded for the Meltzer Driver with a Codebreaker, then hit Matt with a Judas Effect soon after and that was it.

What followed after was a great ending to a great show - Cody ran down to get some retribution on Jericho and help out his buddies, but Sammy comes out and kicks him in the junk Embarrassed then Dustin Rhodes comes out (which is fantastic, I'm glad he's gonna be somewhat wrestling active), followed by the debut of Jack Hager eek! I had seen the rumors that he might be there, but you never know for sure. But he looked great, and he delivered an absolutely brutal gutwrench powerbomb on Dustin Rhodes onto this little table stand thing, and the damn thing didn't break which just made it that much more impactful honestly. I've always thought Jack could be better than he was in WWE, but WWE screwed up his World title push royally and he never recovered. Let's see what he can do!

I dunno for sure if Jericho/LAX/Sammy/Jack are an official stable or if they just came together because of wanting to make an impact tonight, but it could be a Jericho stable vs The Elite being set up. I'm interested to see how this plays out.

Overall, great show. From what I've read, AEW beat NXT in the ratings, debuting at a 1.4 rating (NXT's first 1 hour debut a couple weeks ago debuted at 1.1, the week after that was 0.9, and I believe this week was around 0.8)

RE: Official AEW Dynamite Thread - DangPlex - 10-05-2019

Cody Rhodes announced "AEW Dark" will begin this Tuesday, featuring dark matches that didn't air on AEW Dynamite.