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Jae: Hellooonooo
Jae: Fuck i'm drunk
Peezy: Hahah I'm driving home
Jae: Daniep stop testing and driving@
Jae: Lol daniel
Jae: Know what
Jae: Wai neveriod
Peezy: Sorry, was driving, sup?
Jae: Lol you always sayin yo sorry cut that shit out! Brownies are good. I drunk texting sorry! I stop
Jae: I'll stop lol
Peezy: Hahaha WTF
Jae: How an i gonna stop if your replying! Buddy is funny shit
Peezy: ....
Jae: Buff y not buddy
Jae: Stop it!

[at this point, she sends me a picture of a sign that says "DRINKING ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES PRIOR TO CONCEPTION OR DURING PREGNANCY CAN CAUSE BIRTH DEFECTS" and follows it up with this enlightening text:]

Jae: joknknkntll't!!
Jae: Oh wait don read thu
Peezy: ....
Jae: Fuck sorry
Peezy: You need sleep haha
Jae: No
Jae: Cat rape lol
Jae: I keep drinking but bottle wont empty its magic

I'll keep updating this as it continues.
[Image: ryabFb2.jpg]
[Image: 1275611918660.jpg]
My friends drink too much. Nothing they send me is this good
[Image: vlcsnap-2012-05-29-08h48m26s216.jpg]
Jae: Omi sarag is two bathrooms
Peezy: Yeah totally
Jae: Has not is Fuck sorry il realio stop now.
Peezy: No, no, you make perfect sense
Jae: I fell bad. I'm botherin you
Peezy: I'm good. I'm chillin' in my office now. You're entertaining me. And many others.
Jae: What does that mean?@
Peezy: You'll know when you're sober
Jae: Oh god no wh are you doin daniel
Peezy: Teehee
[Image: ryabFb2.jpg]

(06-05-2010, 11:58 PM)Jeff Gyllenhaal Wrote: TWO


(03-17-2016, 02:01 PM)Wiggz Wrote: Jimmy King had a broken back and was paralyzed but he hopped out of his wheelchair and whooped Kanyon in Memphis. Then Sting broke six bones in his neck with a bat and in two weeks he came back and ruled ass.

Jimmy King > Sting

I hope to see more of these texts
[Image: vlcsnap-2012-05-29-08h48m26s216.jpg]
Jae: I have you so Ouch
Peezy: Ouch!
Jae: Much
Jae: Shut up daniel danger prices!
Peezy: iPhone needs a rolling lol emoticon
Jae: Sarah is trying to poke me
Peezy: Poke her back
Jae: I don't wanna poke her.
Peezy: You must be sobering up. This is probably boring our readers.
Jae: I have to pee afraid to get up
Peezy: Pee there.
Jae: Thats probably tue i this was someon elser hoise i would. I hate you
Peezy: No, I mean pee right where you're sitting.
Jae: Sarah man wont sleep so we can get o cam
Jae: Thats what I menu!
Jae: Wherew are you posting tip stuff
Jae: Whats the Fuck are you talking about
Peezy: Exactly.
[Image: ryabFb2.jpg]
I came in expecting nudes, I left with a a smile on my face.
[Image: F47Mb2J.jpg]
[Image: 1275641616398.jpg]
Jae and Sarah need to get their drunk asses in tinychat.

There are requests.

Me and Mac are in there tippin a few back.
[Image: POSSig_zps0664a3f1.jpg]

I like how she texted Peezy of all people. Probably safer than texting me, that's for sure.
(02-09-2016, 08:11 PM)Reggie Wrote: I'm in love with Jodie sweetin's tits

Jae: I dont understan
Peezy: It's better that way
Jae: I want 86 undertan
Peezy: I want 69 Megan Fox

[At this point, she sends me a video that is completely dark and there is nothing to see. The camera is moving around and I think I make out the shadow of a person. But past that, it's just 20 seconds of her trying to talk and giggling. Will try to post.]

Jae: Omg my clevige is awesome
Peezy: Yeah I've seen Kee's sig.
Jae: Lol kees sig rock
Jae: I'm cold i wan a cover
Peezy: Wrap yourself in the loving warmth of internet embarrassament.
Jae: I will hurt you
Peezy: SFBlue is loving this
Jae: Oh you fakin ass hold
Peezy: When I hold asses, I never fake it.
Jae: I want another browne
Peezy: I had one today. Shit was nom
Jae: You aren stupomsf to eat that stuff
Peezy: And this has officially gotten too boring for KBC.
[Image: ryabFb2.jpg]
I laughed hardest at the last one.
(02-09-2016, 08:11 PM)Reggie Wrote: I'm in love with Jodie sweetin's tits

Fuckin miracles.
[Image: omp5tczw98ky.gif]
I stand corrected! It got interesting again!

Jae: Well scus me!
Peezy: Ain't no scus for ya!
Jae: Shut up daniel. Lol i've had 3 an i half things and i'm ready to sex but no one to sex i am sad
Peezy: Sex Sarah?
Jae: Lol no rex sarah she don't have i PENIS
Peezy: Yeah but you can scissor.
Peezy: Also, I like how "no penis" was your reason. The cousin thing is irrelevant.
Jae: Dna don't matter with sam sex.
[Image: ryabFb2.jpg]
Dna don't matter with sam sex.
[Image: omp5tczw98ky.gif]
Peezy talking Jae into Lesbian relations with her cousin? This man is my hero.
(02-09-2016, 08:11 PM)Reggie Wrote: I'm in love with Jodie sweetin's tits

I got this yo.
[Image: ryabFb2.jpg]
Does KBC have a lockbox yet? This should make it's way there.
[Image: vlcsnap-2012-05-29-08h48m26s216.jpg]
When the thread concludes with jae and/or sarah posting in it, it will be sent to 'why won't you die' which is our lockbox.
(02-09-2016, 08:11 PM)Reggie Wrote: I'm in love with Jodie sweetin's tits

(06-06-2010, 12:36 AM)Jeff Gyllenhaal Wrote: Dna don't matter with sam sex.

ROFL Classic!!
I thought that was our fuckin idiots forum
[Image: vlcsnap-2012-05-29-08h48m26s216.jpg]
I think Peezy talked them into scissoring. Only time will tell.
(02-09-2016, 08:11 PM)Reggie Wrote: I'm in love with Jodie sweetin's tits

Jae: There is a shark man on tv. Daniel, i think i dran to much. You know what?
Peezy: What?
Jae: There is a shark man on tv. Daniel, i think i dran to much. You know what?
Peezy: Uh, you already said that.
Jae: Lol Fuck. Need o
Jae: More booze.
Jae: Not gonna like this in the mornin
Peezy: You're gonna hate KBC in the morning
Jae: O well whatedes!
Jae: I'm gonna hate you!
[Image: ryabFb2.jpg]
tell her there's like 6 dudes on cam in the chat. If she wants penis, might as well go to a sausagefest.
(02-09-2016, 08:11 PM)Reggie Wrote: I'm in love with Jodie sweetin's tits

I'm glad I don't talk to you assholes when I'm drunk. I'm usually too drunk to even light my cigarette at the right end let alone sign on to FB or something.
Jae: Sarah lost her mouse lol
Peezy: Set a mouse trap.
Jae: Comp mouse
Jae: Gettin on tiny chat
Peezy: You're gonna be popular there.
[Image: ryabFb2.jpg]
Girls have this mysterious ability to text while smashed. I've been studying it, but I can't make heads or tails of it.
(02-09-2016, 08:11 PM)Reggie Wrote: I'm in love with Jodie sweetin's tits

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