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There are plenty of one-offs that come and go and aren’t really worth their own thread or go unmentioned. Can’t really recall if we used to have one of these or not but if we did, it hasn’t been touched.

To kick it off, last night WWE Network aired “HOLY GRAIL: The Search for WWE’s Most Infamous Match.” For something that was kind of thrown together, this ended up being insanely well done. Props to the producers and editors on this one.

Harry Smith has the best ever Bret Hart impression. It is so spot on that he could ruin the man’s life.

As for the match? I could see how they would be excited for Tom Magee. It was way too early to have spoken so highly of him, but sometimes you just say shit, ya know? And no one knew what the business would become so it was realistic to be on the lookout for the next Hulk Hogan. The smoke had not even begun to settle from the territory wars. Other than that, it is nothing of note. Not a five star classic. Dave deserves a degree of blame for making it sound better than it was but it took on a life of its own even without him in the picture.

One thing is for sure: as time moves forward, I appreciate Bret Hart more and more as a wrestler. As a kid I was not his biggest fan but he is one of the few who you can go back and watch and have the matches still hold up. I wish he had some kind of performance center of his own to teach a future generation of non-WWE wrestlers.
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Yeah I guess I need to watch this match. I don't really have that much interest and there's no way it could have ever lived up to the hype. But the legend of it is so big, I kinda have to watch it for historical purposes. Will check this out later today.

It’s such a good doc for 30 minutes. The match is the worst part of the show and even then it isn’t anything bad.

Should note that modern day Tom looks like a homosexual alien.
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Documentary part was good.

Match was decent enough, especially by 1986 standards. Best part was Heenan/Monsoon on commentary.

Well okay then. At least I can now say I've seen it.

Doesn't help modern day Tom that he got wrecked in a fight over a parking space a couple years back and had his face rearranged.
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Shit yeah he did

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Sweet Jesus. I heard it mentioned but just read the story. Six people beat him down, stomped his face in, and only stopped when neighbors confronted them. One neighbor claimed it would have been a murder if others hadn’t gotten involved and from the looks of it, she was right.
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