Goldberg Returning to WWE

At Jeddah event.
Lesnar and Taker too.

Lesnar has reportedly retired from MMA.
More like GoldTURD, right guys?
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I'm really surprised, I read that earlier today. Undertaker isn't surprising.

But Brock suddenly retiring? The fuck? He's been gearing up for a fight for like a year and a half, what the hell?

And Goldberg had a pretty great send-off, I hate for them to move on from that. I especially hate it if they decide to do Brock vs Goldberg 3. I mean if that's what the Saudi's ask for then they're gonna get it cause money talks. But it's not what's best for business. I'd rather see both of them fight someone else. Brock vs Drew would be good. Goldberg vs someone who won't get hurt by taking a quick squash loss, like Cesaro.
Brock vs Roman vs Goldberg vs Taker. Fatal 4 way.

Big Dog overcomes all the odds.
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Goldberg taking the deal isn’t a huge shocker. Jew jokes aside, he probably thought about all the good he could do with that money as opposed to the political ramifications that he has little to no power over. It’s also no big coincidence that Goldberg was in talks with AEW and this new WWE deal came along.

Brock retiring is still just leveraging in my opinion. I will believe he is retired when he is dead. Until then, Japan and Bellator will offer him fights even when he is 200 years old.

Roman...I have nothing to say about him.
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Brock wanted more money than the UFC was offering. Simple as that. If he's going to get punched in the face for real, he wants a shitload of money.
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I also read that Lesnar has been tested a bunch of times this year by USADA, including just a couple of weeks ago. And then suddenly he retires. Makes me wonder if one of those recent tests went poorly and he decided to just throw in the towel rather than face another suspension.

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That's a very plausible possibility
Billy Gunn got fired on his day off testing positive before a BODY BUILDING event.
It's not. USADA results are publcly available and it is announced when a fighter tests positive.
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