Jimmy Uso is free on bond following an arrest for disorderly conduct and obstruction
According to TMZ Sports Uso, real name Jonathan Solofa Fatu, was arrested after being pulled over near downtown Detroit. Uso’s wife Trinity Fatu, aka Naomi, was allegedly driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street when they were pulled over. Police noted that their car smelled of alcohol.

As the police were talking to Naomi, Uso allegedly exited the car despite commands from police and took off his shirt and jacket, as if he were about to engage in a fight. The police officer was said to have taken out his taser in fear for his safety.

Uso was eventually calmed down and complied with police, then was arrested for disorderly conduct and obstruction. He was taken to jail, where he later posted bond and was released.

WWE has since released a statement saying "Jonathan Fatu is responsible for his own personal actions."

The Usos are scheduled to face The Miz and Shane McMahon in a SmackDown tag team title match this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber.
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Hey good times
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Isn't this the 2nd time something like this happened in the last couple years? I could have sworn there was a story about one of the Uso's getting arrested for drunk driving recently.
I wonder if they welcomed him to The DETROIT Penitentiary!
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Shoulda called me as I'm the Perry Mason of Union Stewards. He mite have gotten some $$$, and fro sho woulda got a letter of apology from the cop.
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I think the other Uso got arrested last year for DUI, yeah

Jimmy's probably luckier than we realize. We all see how trigger happy cops can be sometimes. By every day guy-on-the-street standards, Jimmy's a big dude and he's just dark enough that the wrong cop won't hesitate if he thought he posed a threat.


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