Official WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Thread
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Kofi Kingston vs Jeff Hardy vs Daniel Bryan © vs AJ Styles vs Randy Orton vs Samoa Joe - WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

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Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Sonya DeVille & Mandy Rose vs Naomi & Carmella vs Nia Jax & Tamina vs Riott Squad vs IIconics - WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match

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Bobby Lashley © & Lio Rush vs Finn Balor - Intercontinental Championship Handicap Match

[Image: 20190208_EC_RondaRuby--02a9d338c1f47c7e7...afe8be.jpg]

Ronda Rousey © vs Ruby Riott - Raw Women's Championship

[Image: 20190208_EC_Tag--4b2b732f4640d69675d08af4dff1561d.jpg]

Shane McMahon & The Miz © vs Usos - Smackdown Tag Team Championships

[Image: 20190207_EC_MurphyAkira--18637f212b5ec71...9838e7.jpg]

Buddy Murphy © vs Akira Tozawa - Cruiserweight Championship

[Image: 20190211_EC_BraunCorbin--2d690fbf6aa071b...31aea9.jpg]

Braun Strowman vs Baron Corbin
Stroman 7
Tozawa 6
Mizz&McMahon 5
Rousey 4
Balor 3
Jax & Tamina 2
Kofi 1
Strowman - 7
Ronda Rousey - 6
Buddy Murphy - 5
Daniel Bryan - 4
Sasha & Bayley - 3
Bobby Lashley & Rush - 2
Usos - 1

Shane and Miz might get through this title defense, but they're gonna lose the belts soon. If not at EC, then by Fastlane.

I think Balor will end up winning the IC title eventually, but not sure if he'll get it at EC. I'd prefer they keep booking him strong but hold off til Mania for a nice moment for him.

Sasha and Bayley seem clear-cut to me to be the first Women's Tag Champs.
I was really hoping it wouldn’t be Banks and Bayley. There doesn’t seem to be too much of a story to build off of. Guess they will do Nia and Tamina for WM? Or some multi team clusterfuck. That was a pretty bad chamber match that lasted forever. I’m happy the crowd was into it....but fuck, they need to book this shit better. My biggest hope for AEW and ROH creating competition is to make everyone step up their game. I blame the match agents and not the wrestlers in this case.
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*Maryse comes out*
Me: She looks fat.
*Maryse announces she is pregnant*
Me: Ha! Knew it! *Eats another cookie*

USOs vs McMiz was sloppy. Every single one of them was off. The story of the match but got better but that was pretty rough in some spots.
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UFC starts in a little bit, will be switching over once the main card starts.
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Who FC?
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Finn winning the IC title was fine. Felt like it was a Raw match. Again, not sure what the plan is for him heading into WM.

Waaaaaayyyy too early for the Lashley/Lio breakup.
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Ronda makes one hot looking Sonya Blade.
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More pandering?
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Rectum, Octagon, Negro, Dildo, Asshole.

WWE is not ADA Accessible. Sorry, Bayley.
Becky looks all dressed up for WWE Fastlane.
Charlotte’s beatdown was satisfying but the attack on Ronda wasn’t the best. I get what they are trying to do but I would rather have seen Ronda attack Charlotte first.
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Ronda took that crutch to the head like a champ.
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Worlds most boring No DQ match. The Braun Show has lost so much momentum. I smell a big multiman IC title match at Mania.
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I love the shirts Rowan wears. I never took him as the kinda guy who was into metal; much less Pagan Metal.
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...I thought Kofi was to be the last one to be released from the pod. Guess I was confused as to why there was a gauntlet match.
I thought it was for the final entrant to the match itself.

The crowd is popping hard for him too.
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What a match. Glad Kofi got his moment.
[Image: Fa12_AT_Ohio_State_Glove_15669-675x380.jpg]
That was a very good Chamber match.
(02-17-2019, 09:44 PM)DangPlex Wrote: ...I thought Kofi was to be the last one to be released from the pod. Guess I was confused as to why there was a gauntlet match.

AJ eliminated Kofi. Orton eliminated AJ.
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Great event overall.
Women's match was solid despite a couple spots. The obvious people won but I'm OK with that.

Tag match was filled with flaws but ok overall, really surprised who won after the DET incident.

I fast forwarded thru the IC match bucause we started late and anything Lashley is eye aids.

Ronda coming out in NOT that atrociously cheezevall Roddy outfit made her 400x better. She keeps doing that and gets rid of that TEEEEEEERRRRRRIBLE entrance music (and stops the taking-us-out-of-the-moment smiling when she comes out) and I may actually be down with her.

Jen made the comment that it almost seemed like they cut this match short due to time, but it's the network and they'll go longer than a Wrestle kingdom these days without batting an eye, plus the shit ended at like 10:30 or some shit anyways. Either way, Ruby deserved better. Total squash that did nothing but harm her.

WTF was that Lacy Evans shit supposed to be?
It looked like a mistake and they just... No sold it and went to a commercial and then didn't speak about it.

Men's chamber was great though I need to re-watch it because I ate a GIANT dinner after the gym and I known I slightly dozed off during little parts (not due to the match due to the giant amount of carbs I SMASHED. LoL)
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- Women's chamber match was what it was. Not too bad, but still pretty sloppy and dragged on way too long.  They took so long to eliminate anyone that I thought they were gonna wait until Nia/Tamina were in and have them eliminate 4 teams before Sasha/Bayley over come, but then Nia ran her fat ass thru a pod after Bayley barely turned her shoulder to get out of the way and they were out.  I thought they might do a swerve and have Mandy/Sonya win so the faces can get their moment at WM, but I guess it makes sense having them be first in the record book.  My guess is there will be a big clusterfuck tag match to replace the Not Moolah Memorial Rumble and Sasha will still probably bitch on instagram about not being featured enough.

- SD Tag was kind of a surprise with Usos winning.  I'm glad McMiz dropped the belts because the whole match structure of Miz taking heat so Shane can be the conquering hero over the legitimate wrestlers was pretty infuriating to watch.  I thought they were gonna do the break up here since it's pretty obvious they're fighting each other at WM but I guess they're stretching it out.

- IC Match was meh.  Made sense how they did it but I don't care about anyone in the match so I didn't care about the match period.  It was too soon to break up Lio/Bobby but I guess he's moving on to the new SHIELD rip off with Drew and Corbin.

- Poor, poor Ruby.  Got jobbed out in 30 seconds so we could get 10 minutes of Becky limping into the arena on crutches, then getting let into the ringside area even though she's supposed to be suspended, then beat the shit out of 2 people with her crutches until referees and local jobbers run in to NOT stop her at all (if anything the refs were more worried about holding down Rhonda to make her sell the beating) before she limps out again.  I'm surprised commentary only talked about her for the next match and not the rest of the night, especially after seeing everyone that cut a promo earlier had to talk about Becky too.  I'm so sick of Poochie Lynch and can't wait for them to stop forcing this idea of her being a bad ass because she's terrible.  This segment must have taken too long too because it was pretty awkward how they cut Rhonda's "selling" the beating short and had Corbin's music hit while she was still out there.

- The No DQ match was a thing...I guess at Fastlane we're gonna get the return of the SHIELD (with either Kurt or Braun taking the Roman spot) versus the new Drew/Bobbo/Baron version of the SHIELD.

- The Lacey thing was...weird.  At first I thought it was a mistake and they sent her out too soon and cut to a commercial, but then they just cut to the announcers to set up more commercials and never mentioned it again.  I guess walking out then immediately turning around and leaving is her gimmick?

- Men's chamber was pretty good.  Only complaint was I guess none of them were watching the women's match to see the proper way to enter the pods since they all went into the ring then to their corner instead of going in from the left side walking around the ring, squeezing thru the ring posts and all the pods before walking to their own pod (seriously I was laughing so hard at Nia and Tamina going all the way around the ring instead of just going right to their pod.  I guess they wanted to show that they could squeeze thru the gap like everyone else did).  Fucking Tahiti Tim jobs out first again.  He might as well ask for his release now before he gets stuck with a dancing fat guy gimmick.  The rest of the match was pretty solid.  I liked the spot with Orton deliberately grabbing AJ on the ropes before hitting the RKO instead of doing it out of mid air or something.  I almost thought they teased Kofi winning a little too much, maybe could have cut one of those spots out, but the crowd stayed with it and I was starting to think Kofi might get a quick run to shake things up for the next 6 weeks before WM (and it being Black History Month didn't hurt either) but then whites win again and DB retains.  Not really sure where they go from here.  It could be kinda cool to see them keep this story going with Kofi, especially with how much support he's getting lately and you could kinda retell Bryan's WM 30 story when he was the one the people were behind, but now Bryan's the one trying to hold down the new hero and Kofi finally gets his WM moment and wins his first major championship.  In a perfect world he'd ditch New Day first and finally stop beating that dead horse, but I know that's never gonna happen so I won't hold my breath.  (Although I'll say one thing...why the fuck did Xavier and E run out in the end in their ring gear?  They didn't wrestle, and they were already in street clothes in their promo earlier, so they got changed just to run out and check on their friend after the match/show was over?  Just looked awkward and took me out of the moment and just another reason why this comedy act needed to end years ago.)
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I’m curious to see how long it takes Becky shave her head and start wrestling in black trunks. The shot of her being handcuffed led out of the building solidified my disdain to the Stone Cold 2.0 storyline. Literally the same scene.
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She wasn’t in handcuffs. She had her hands behind her back
(02-18-2019, 01:43 PM)DangPlex Wrote: She wasn’t in handcuffs. She had her hands behind her back

oh word, I let my judgments get the best of me
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Imagine if Becky put you in handcuffs haha what a weird thing to think about lol!!!
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Just got done watching EC

Women's Chamber was a bit sloppy but it got better as it went, and the end was pretty good. I like how they had Sasha sort of win it on her own after Bayley went down, some subtle continuity based on Bayley having to fight on her own for the last couple weeks while Sasha wasn't cleared.

Surprised the Usos won, but I figured Shane and Miz had to lose soon if they're gonna do Miz and Shane at Mania. My guess is we might do another Usos vs Miz/Shane match, either on Smackdown soon or Fastlane, and then we'll get a turn.

Finn winning the IC title made me happy. I was gonna be real ticked off if he went and pushed Brock to the limit and then loses to Bobby or Lio the next event. I didn't expect him to win, I expected the numbers game to screw him over. I was hoping though that it'd be a DQ or count out type of finish instead, but this is fine. I'm glad he won.

Ruby Riott deserves better than being jobbed out as an after thought, she can put on great matches. But the beatdown Becky put on both of them made me happy.

Braun and Baron was about what I expected. Got more extreme when Drew and Bobby interfered, I figured Drew would but I didn't expect Bobby. I dunno if we'll get Shield 3.0 against them at Fastlane but maybe? I don't see a reason for Seth or Dean to team up again, and why would they get involved in this? Dean's sort've feuding with EC3 and Seth has his eyes on Brock.

Men's Chamber was real good, and Kofi Kingston had me believing. Like holy shit, that was amazing. It reminded me a bit of Elimination Chamber in 2012 I think it was, where it came down to heel Daniel Bryan defending the World title and the last guy was Santino Marella and he hit the cobra and everyone exploded thinking he was gonna be World champion. However, this was infinitely better. Kofi legit looked like a fucking star, and he's only the 4th person to kick out of that running knee (Randy, Roman, Brock are the others). Major props to Daniel Bryan for putting Kofi over like a god damned superstar.

I personally hope this leads to Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. I dunno where else Daniel Bryan would be going for Mania at the moment. It appears we might be doing Randy vs AJ Styles, Mustafa still sort've has a thing going with Samoa Joe if they wanted to, and Jeff is who knows what. But I think the best opponent would be Kofi at this point - And let him win, I mean why the fuck not? Clearly it'd be huge.
I think they are going for Drew/Bobby/Corbin vs. Braun/Angle/Finn although you could sub one of those guys for Lio.
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Kofi's earned it man. Consistently awesome for 11 years. Had one shot at the top in the past and got over huge, but Orton cut his legs out from under him and killed his push. Reinvented himself with New Day. And has spent the past week absolutely stealing the show.

Kofi vs. Bryan at WM
New Day in Kofi's corner.
Rowan/Harper in Bryan's corner.
Kofi wins the title.

Book it.

He should do the Faces of Kofi. One with the Jamaican accent, one where he was feuding with Orton, and now.
Also there was a part during the intros of Usos/Miz and Shane where the ref held up the tag titles and the Usos were bouncing up and down off camera, so it made the referee bounce too and it looked like he was just bobbing to the Usos music. Hilarious to me.

From what I read, the Lacey Evans thing was to "Show fans that they should pay attention to and watch Lacey Evans in the future". Ok?

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