Official WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Thread
(01-29-2019, 10:46 AM)Zack T Wrote: I didn't watch the preshow. Kinda sorry I missed the 4 way but it is what it is.

Watched the entire rest of the PPV though, the actual Rumble show.

Asuka/Becky was great. Would've been better if we'd have been in a regular arena instead of a stadium. Crowd reaction is very muted in a stadium, or delayed. All you really get is the most generic reactions when everyone goes "OHHH" or whatever. But still, great match. I personally don't think they should've had Becky tap out to Asuka...she's about to go on to challenge Ronda. Having her tap to anyone just weakens her position going in to Ronda. I would've rather Asuka get a just-barely pin or even a draw finish.

Shane/Miz vs Bar was ok. I figured Shane/Miz would win in this odd pairing.

Sasha/Ronda was a really good match, and we got vicious heel Sasha in that too. She was busting out stuff she did against Bayley in NXT and I was all about that. Fantastic finish too, Ronda couldn't make Sasha tap out so she had to try to pin her. Very excellent.

Women's Rumble was alright, did get better towards the end. The Alicia Fox/Maria bit was just silly but I enjoyed it because I love Alicia Fox's antics.

AJ/Bryan was ok, but again the crowd was deader due to previous stuff and it's a stadium so they're harder to hear in great detail anyway. It was a good match though, I think.

Finn/Brock was great, I loved that Finn got the early advantage instead of Brock and how competitive it was. Finn didn't get tossed around like a rag doll for 10 minutes like most everyone else does, he just took the fight to Brock and Brock couldn't even nail him with a single F5. That Khimura Lock out of no where is the first time Finn's tapped and I'm fine with it. The post-match beatdown was explained as Brock being angry that Finn nearly beat him. I can understand that, but I think it ultimately just served to push Finn back down the card.

Men's Rumble match was better than the women's. That Elias/Jarrett stuff went on slightly too long and Jarrett looked...well, Rob nailed it. Why are they just pretending Jarrett's gimmick didn't change towards the end of his WWE run? Why are we fixated on mid 90's Jarrett instead of late 90's Jarrett?

Anyway, I popped seeing Garganno and Pete Dunn and Black. I love Black eliminating Ambrose, Pete Dunn fucking up Drew McIntyre, Garganno running around everywhere. What bums me out is all those top tier NXT talent just getting randomly eliminated like mid-card nobodies. I would've put Aleister Black all the way to the final 4, not just randomly thrown out by Baron fucking Corbin.

Seth Rollins Benoit'd Braun Strowman over the top rope and curb stomping him down was pretty good. Wonder where this leaves Braun though.

You should consider watching the cruiserweight match from the preshow.
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
I could but I probably won't. Knowing who wins takes a lot of the oomph from a match out of it for me.

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