Wrestle Kingdom 13 Official Thread
NJPW's version of Wrestlemania is in about 2 weeks and it's looking to be an awesome card from top to bottom. There isn't quite as much excitement this year as far as storylines going into the show or anything. Last year had Naito finally getting his Tokyo Dome main event and Omega/Jericho. This year isn't as exciting on that front, but on paper, there's not a bad match on the show and several of them have potential to be all-time classics.

If you're new to NJPW, this would be a good point to jump in. This dude on Reddit made THIS awesome thread, basically answering any question you might have about who people are, what the storylines are for each match, who the factions are, etc.

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Trios Gauntlet Match
This is on the pre-show. Basically a bunch of 3-vs-3 matches and the overall winner gets to challenge for the 6-man tag titles the next day at New Year's Dash. This will probably have a bunch of old legends, surprise entrants, shit like that. It's taking the place of the battle royal, which used to be the pre-show tradition. There's actually a lot of big names in this who somehow didn't have a match on the main show. Minoru Suzuki, Hangman Page, Marty Scurll, Hiroki Goto, Jeff Cobb, Toru Yano, Michael Elgin, etc.

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Kota Ibushi vs. Will Ospreay - NEVER Openweight Title
At least one of these men are going to die. Also, I have no idea but for some reason, this match is apparently opening the show. God help whoever has to follow these two mad men. Ibushi and Ospreay are basically known for not particularly giving a shit if they end up paralyzed, so expect somebody to do a triple moonsault from the top of the Tokyo Dome or something.

[Image: JrTag_3way.jpg]
Suzuki-gun (Yoshinobu Kanemaru and El Desperado) © vs. Roppongi 3K (Sho and Yoh) vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon(Bushi and Shingo Takagi)
Should be fun and fast paced but nothing special. I mean, most of these guys are really awesome, but being 2nd match on the card, I can't imagine this is going to be anything more than a spotfest. Plus, they have to follow Ibushi/Ospreay.

[Image: WK13_BritishHeavy.jpg]
Tomohiro Ishii© vs. Zack Sabre Jr. - RevPro British Heavyweight Title
This is my sleeper pick for surprise match of the night. These 2 are awesome together and I'm so stoked that Ishii is getting a deserved one-on-one match at the Tokyo Dome.

[Image: WK13_tag3way.jpg]
Guerrillas of Destiny vs. EVIL & SANADA vs. The Young Bucks - IWGP Tag Team Titles
Should be good. Young Bucks aren't coming to the Tokyo Dome to half-ass it. EVIL & SANADA are great. GoD are.....fine, I guess.

[Image: WK13_US.jpg]
Cody vs. Juice Robinson - IWGP U.S. Title
Juice is pretty much guaranteed to win this one. He's slowly becoming a bigger and bigger star in NJPW and plus, Cody has to go get knee surgery after this match and then start his own promotion. Match will probably be fine. Typical Cody heel stuff I'm sure. Brandi will be there looking sexy as hell, so that's good.

[Image: Jr_kushida_ishimori.jpg]
KUSHIDA© vs. Taiji Ishimori - IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title
I miss Hiromu Frown Anyway, this will be great. Both these guys are awesome. I predict Ishimori wins the title because rumor is KUSHIDA is headed to WWE next year. But this will be an awesome match.

[Image: okada_jay.jpg]
Kazuchika Okada vs. Jay White
First time in a few years that Okada isn't main eventing the Tokyo Dome. This match will be awesome because Okada is incapable of having a bad singles match. And Jay White is really good in the ring, even if he bores me to tears as a character. But NJPW seems to really like the dude. But yeah, this match will be fine. I'm more likely to win Powerball than Okada having a bad match in the Tokyo Dome.

[Image: IC.jpg]
Chris Jericho vs. Tetsuya Naito - IWGP Intercontinental Title
It'll be as good as it can be with 48 year old Chris Jericho. He's still good but he's no spring chicken. His gimmick in Japan is that he's basically a violent, out of control lunatic. So the match will probably be violent. Probably be blood. Lots of brawling and outside the ring shit. And Naito will win.

[Image: WK13_main.jpg]
Kenny Omega vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi - IWGP Heavyweight Title
The main event. Omega is the IWGP champion, after ending Okada's 2-year reign earlier this year. Tanahashi is the John Cena of NJPW. He carried the company for the last decade plus, but he's getting older and this match is probably the last time he'll main event Wrestle Kingdom or win the IWGP title. The whole story of Tanahashi is that he started this year old and broken down from injuries and he's had a resurgence the last few months. He's the old lion trying to get back to the mountaintop one last time. Tanahashi is probably one of the best ever but like I said, he's older. But in a big match, he still brings it. And Omega is the best big match wrestler in the world. So yeah, this one's gonna be good.

-I’m sad there is not a New Japan Rumble
-Kota and Ospreay should be incredible
-Don’t care about the Jr. tag match
-Sadly, Ishii and ZSJ don’t have the chemistry you might expect. I’ve seen them 2 or 3 times and it was some of their least impressive matches.
-Pulling for LIJ in the heavyweight tag match
- Juice be. Cody is a rematch from WK11. Think about how far they have come in two years! Remarkable.
-Ishimori and Koshida doesn’t matter much to me as I have watched none of the build.
-I hope Jericho dies at the hands of Naito
-Okada and Jay White should be a star making performance
-I still can’t stand Tanahashi so I hope Omega keeps the gold.
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I think Omega wins and drops it at New Year’s Dash to Naito
That isn’t NJPW’s style but I completely agree.
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
That would be an interesting possibility but yeah, that's definitely not NJPW's style. I could see a lot of fan backlash to that.

This is on next Friday at like 3am right? Like late Thursday?
Yup. I'm probably going to be sitting at work all day Friday watching it in between, yanno, actually working.

Although I might try to avoid spoilers all day and wait until I get home and watch it Friday night.

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That would be the way to do it if you can’t enjoy it live!

Has anyone read Chris Charlton’s new book about the history of wrestling at the Tokyo Dome? If not, PM me and I’ll send you a link to the PDF.
[Image: 61CouIELZ1L._SX260_.jpg]

I just started it so I don’t have an opinion yet. I have been sitting on this one since the summer but was one of the first backers for the project. Glad to see he is having so much success as of late. Also, Dave Meltzer is or has released something of a 100,000 word retrospective/review of old shows.
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I haven't read the book yet but I intend to. I loved Lion's Pride by that same dude.

Is this gonna be on Axs or just on the fightv app?
AXS will do a highlight show within 24 hours. NJPW World will be broadcasting live with the pre show included. FITE will be live but no pre show.

Here is an easy to follow guide for all you need to know:
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
Omega just posted this on the BTE channel. It's....something.

Not sure what to make of that and it sounds as though everyone else is in the same boat. Almost seems as though Kenny is accusing Tana of politicking...but that isn’t quite his style.

In related news, Ibushi vs. Ospreay will be the first match on the main card. Hell of a way to open the show and a mistake in my opinion as it will be hard to keep the crowd hot or build them back up afterwards.
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
Its a love letter to Toby Fox and Undertale, really.
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Jericho vs. Naito has been turned into a No DQ match at the contract signing last night, then Jericho powerbombed Naito through a table.

Opener was fine. The team I wanted to win the least won...bring back the New Japan Rumble.

Crowd looks good. Stage needs to be updated.

Holy shit - first night of the G1 is in Dallas? Might have to go pay Wiggz a visitski!

This is gonna be a long Show because only Omega and Tana can top that five star classic that Ospreay and Ibuhsi just put on! I wonder if Ibushi is taking a break or going elsewhere? *cough*AEW*cough*

Triple threat tag was fine but nothing exceptional. Live it would be fine, but given what it had to follow...it was there. Papa Shingo interests me but not as a tag wrestler.

Hey Peezy! February 2nd they are doing a NJPW show in Nashville!

ZSJ and Ishii was pretty close to the other matches they had last year including the submission finish. Ishii needs an IC title run and a world title push...maybe even a run. This is the match that should have opened the show. Not bad by any stretch (pun somewhat intended) but not 5 stars.

Heavyweight tag was good. Better than the juniors surprisingly. The right team won.

Was distracted during Juice vs Cody. Didn’t know Cody was injured. I liked something about that match but I can’t place my finger on it...kinda reminded me of an early 90’s IC title match.

What in the creepy fuck with Kushida’s entrance? I get the BTTF stuff but that mask was insanely realistic. Didn’t care for this match. Odd pacing and they didn’t quite click. Yet ANOTHER title change. Jesus H. Dozan.
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
Old Okada is back bitches! I think I saw Peezy a few seconds after Gedo was thrown over the rail. Excellent reversal sequence near the end. One of Jay White’s better matches but a lackluster ending. The story of a beat up Okada makes sense but at least let him kick out of two finishers or something.

Man, they really need to step up their special entrances for WK. Naito’s was nothing and the we got Chode Warrior Jericho with his Legion of Douche jacket. Nice looking pile driver on the stage!


Jericho dominating the match was getting a bit boring. This match might have been better somewhere else on the card to break things up a bit. Glad Naito picked up the win...and yet ANOTHER title change.

Decent costume concept for Kenny. I like the one wing. This is easily a 5 star match. Not the Ospreay/Ibushi spotfest from earlier but an actual story. The first part of the match felt very 80’s with a faster pace. Then the next act felt like classic Omega. The knee spot in the corner and the frog splash/knee spot genuinely made me tense up. Kenny has to be limber as fuck because the average person would have torn or broken something with either of those moves. Very good storytelling through out the match. The frogsplash through the table looked brutal at first but the replays made it look a bit more tame. Tana had the weakest looking kickouts that made red shoes look bad. Not a fan of the ending but then again anytime when Grandpa Tanahashi walks away with a victory, I’m not a fan.
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Looks like HHH is offering a once in a lifetime contract/opportunity to Omega. Possibly the best with built in merch points, some sort of creative. May be the closest to a Cena/HHH contract.

Just warched Tanahashi vs Omega.

Tanahashi is so damn vanilla. His entrance does nothing at all for me. Kenny seemed to dominate 80% of the match and yeah, didn’t like the finish but whatever. The story for NJPW is a gaijin had never won the Main Event and when in doubt, let Tanahashi win.
Not reading any of this thread yet but I started the show at work.

First and foremost.....I'm reeeeaally tempted by that G1 show in Dallas later this year. Also, holy shit @ New Year's Dash next year also taking place at the Dome. That seems awfully ambitious.

Pre-show gauntlet match was fine I guess, but nothing special. I miss the rumble match though. At least you would sometimes get surprises in that.

Ospreay/Ibushi....my god. I'm still not sure if I'm being worked or not, but Ibushi looked fucking DEAD. Pretty much what I expected, those 2 practically killed each other. I also assume the feud continues for awhile since Ibushi went out on a stretcher.

Ibushi was legit hurt, suffered a concussion.

[Image: Chaos.png]

Three way Jr. Tag match was fine, but no chance they were following Ibushi/Ospreay. Mostly just felt like a bunch of guys speeding through spots.

Ishii vs. ZSJ was everything I hoped. I love both of those dudes so much. Two totally different but awesome styles. Totally didn't expect Ishii to submit though.

What the fuck are GoD wearing? Anyway, not a fan of GoD and Young Bucks just feel like lame ducks in this match because we know they're not winning. EVIL & SANADA are great but this match isn't doing much for me so far. SANADA is a star in the making though.

EDIT: okay, this turned out pretty fun. I hope SANADA doesn't fuck up his knees doing that moonsault like Muta did.

Cody/Juice felt so out of place. Cody being injured surely doesn't help but this 80s heel gimmick just doesn't fit in New Japan. It's so American. But props to Cody for putting Juice over strong as fuck.

Ishimori/Kushida was pretty great. Ishimori is a unique motherfucker, he always does some cool shit I've never seen before.

BRUH what?? Okada loses clean? Man, Gedo really loves himself some Jay White. Good match but felt almost too short.

Jericho/Naito might have been my favorite match so far. That shit was fun as hell. Jericho is making a serious case for GOAT status at this point. Constantly reinvents himself, still having high profile show stealing matches at nearly 50....he truly is amazing.

Fantastic main event. The last 2 matches delivered and then some

Fucked up my sleep schedule so I’m watching New Year Dash live.

The crowd popped for an announcement but it wasn’t very exciting to me: The return of Yoshihashi. Sounds like all tag matches again tonight with some main event with Jay White, Fale, Gedo, and ??? vs. Okada, Tanahashi and ???. Missed it all. Announcers seem completely frazzled.

Wonder what will become of Davey Boy Jr. as he has signed with MLW.

Just found this:

No Kenny, Bucks, Ibushi nor Cody for obvious reasons but also no Marty or Hangman.
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
First match was a complete throw away.

Tokyo Latina! Is anyone else bored with her yet? Didn’t think so! Chase Owens on the other hand...totally the odd man out. Japanese Tatanka does nothing for me either.

I watched the next couple of matches then crashed. Just read the results and NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENS! This ended up being a skipable show. The only angle is Jay White holding the IWGP Championship over a beaten down Tanahashi and Okada.
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NJPW President: “We just had our biggest show in 16 years and our largest viewing audience ever. Next year we need to sell out the Tokyo Dome two nights in a row!

Gedo: “Say no more fam-chan.”

Me: *click*
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Okada, Naito, and LIJ are the only ones I’m interested in and they are jobbing Okada.

BC is now a very watered down shell of itself.
Chaos is less White.

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