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Sounds like Kenny is going to AEW after all and NJPW are going to bend to keep Kenny.

This shit is wild, changing on a daily basis.
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That is what my guy always told me would happen but Kenny is such a wild card that I wouldn’t put it past him to go to WWE nor would I be shocked if he retired from wrestling. AEW with the option to do NJPW seems like a good choice. Makes me wonder about ROH though.
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Press conference starting soon. Here is a teaser of the PC:

Notes I dug up:
AEW Is only following 33 accounts on twitter. Only a few of them of them are people:
-BJ Whitmer (ran gorilla in ROH, former wrestler)
-Jeff Jones (camera guy, producer, stage tech?, worked with them at All in and has traveled with the Elite guys)
-Brian Wittenstein (lives in hollywood, probably a connected Jew)
-Tony Khan (Uncle Money Bags)
-Mrs. Matt (Matt Jackson's wifeski)
-Fatass Masa (Japanese sponsor and maybe translaitor?)
-Bucks, Cody, Brandi, etc.

The rest are mostly arenas in the following cities:
-New Orleans
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Aaaaaand the stream crashed. I saw it with over 28k beforehand. It was working fine a moment prior. I’ll update periodically.

-Stream keeps having issues.
-Billy Gunn is an agent.
-Audio issues, bad lighting.
-Person with Elite flag kept blocking the introduction from Conrad.
-SCU out first. Scorpio Sky is not the way to start this out.
-Pyro has made things hard to see. Camera is not stable and keeps shaking.
-Crowd has no mic so you hear nothing from them.
-Jaguar Cheerleaders are out there...because?

-Cody out next.
-Cody says AEW will change the wrestling economy. Wrestlers will be paid more than ever.
-Wins and losses will matter
-Fans won’t be coached into how to cheer

-Young Bucks out next.
-Chant of “All. Elite. ALL-ALL-Elite” is started.
-27.5k+ watching
-Khan family approached Bucks and Cody asking if they were serious about changing the world.
-AEW doors are open to all people.
-Bucks have sold out to China. They made an agreement with OWE and “The Good Hart’s.” Describes as cirque du soleil meets pro wrestling.
-May 25th at the MGM Grand. Double or Nothing event will take place.

-Conrad and Tony back out
-CBO Brandi is out, very black music.
-She is now flashing her tits and fingering a midget
-States there will be a women’s division
-Rambling. Typical woman.
-Music cue fucked up the announcement of Britt Baker.

-Britt Baker comes out with the enthusiasm of an old grape. Public speaking is not for everyone.
-Talks about being a dentist.
-Will be at Double or Nothing

-Conrad is back but is interrupted by a voice that sounded like Eric Bischoff at first.
-Turns our to be Colt Cabana’s son,MJF.
-MJF calls Conrad “Turkey Tits” and sticks his gum to him.
-MJF tells crowd that it “sucks to suck.”
-Man in a mascot costume comes out. Lots of pyro.
-MJF is distracted. Gets blindsided by a recouping Bad Boy Joey Janela w/Penolope Ford.

-Shirts are thrown into the crowd. Conrad introduces Adam Page.
-Adam Page has some epic fucking music!
-Shitty suit
-Adam kisses everyone’s ass.
-Claims he will be first AEW champ
-PAC aka Neville shows up.
-Shows off his dragon gate belt.
-PAC storms off awkward and naked.

-Conrad and Tony introduce Cody and the Bucks
-Cody shoots on the mic.
-Jacksonville show announced
-Portion of proceeds will go towards victims of gun violence. No date given on show.

-Conrad closes the show, plugs a meet and greet and all their merch and social media shit.
-Chris Jericho shows up
-More Pyro
-Changed his look to more clean cut
-Jericho is obnoxious on the mic
-Puts himself over
-Says they will change the Universe
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The Brandi/midget segment was wild.

Oh shit @ Jericho.

Vince probably not loving this.

I'm not on the twitter so it won't let me see which Detroit arena they're following. Anyone wanna let me know? I'm just curious, not gonna have The Teamsters break any legs......yet.

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Little Caesars
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Damn. Go big or go home I guess. Thanks bro!
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They'd be better off running in the parking lot of A Little Ceasar's, maybe get a sponsorship deal and have Joey Ryan come out with dick shaped crazy bread. Also pretty ironic with Road Dogg being a WWE agent that they went and signed his tag partner to be their agent. I guess the plan to be an "alternative to WWE" is to copy their model of making mid-carders in charge of telling people how to get over...yea that'll work.
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Or maybe they need some people with experience doing it??? Maybe???
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Gunn surprises me. Maybe they want a WWE contact, someone who knows a lot of their secrets, or maybe he is really good behind the scenes. Gunn’s story is uni is as he didn’t have that deep love for wrestling and just fell into it. He had moderate success and was capable of more. Not sure if he was held back by people like the Rock, Austin, and Vince or if he was his own worst enemy. Maybe he will just be the AEW steroid supplier. Whatever the case, they see something in him and would know better than anyone else.
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He was also in the All In battle royal so it's not a totally random thing. They're familiar with each other.

So here's a highlight clip of that OWE company in China that they're working with. It's....weird. Like wrestling meets So You Think You Can Dance.

He was also in NJPW with them and probably random indies too. I would have to check the dates but it’s possible their time in TNA overlapped.

As far as the Chinese wrestling thing...I will have to see a full show or at least a better sampling. The highlight video told me almost nothing other than they have good production values and some of them can do some flips (didn’t see the landings).
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Full OWE show:


Billy Gunn was on tonight’s episode of the E & C show. That’s bad timing for the E
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Apparently WWE took down Jericho’s profile on
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I think Billy was a case of not being quite a charismatic as other main eventers of his prime time, as well as a couple badly timed injuries preventing him from getting higher than he did. I always was a huge fan of Billy Gunn though.

Geez, this is getting wild.
You’re an Ass man?
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(01-08-2019, 07:51 PM)Peezy Wrote: Full OWE show:

Thanks for the link. This shit is a fever dream thus far.

-Long montage of guys training while younger women sing amazing grace.
-Big opening dance number with all the guys.
-Everyone stands for Chinese national anthem.
-Song number by what I assume is a Chinese girls pop group.
-Tag match is about to take place with a team from Japan vs a team from Mexico (Bandito and Flamita was a nice surprise).
-T-Hawk of DGUSA fame cuts a heel promo in Japanese that is then translated into Chinese.

That is all in the first 15 minutes!
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(01-09-2019, 10:17 AM)Zack T Wrote: I think Billy was a case of not being quite a charismatic as other main eventers of his prime time, as well as a couple badly timed injuries preventing him from getting higher than he did. I always was a huge fan of Billy Gunn though.

Geez, this is getting wild.

Plus he had asthma problems. He just didn't have the wind to carry singles matches. He was best in tags where he could get in and get out without being exposed
This has zero to do with wrestling, but I swear to god these dudes are inconsistent when creating decent branding/logos. "All In" was terrible as far as branding and I hate the AEW logo as well.

Although, I will give them credit for "Double or Nothing". Looks dope.
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Inconsistent? Yes. But I feel the opposite. I like the AEW logo (don’t love it) but feel the Doible or Nothing logo looks cheap and uninspired.
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Yeah I'm with Chris. Dug the All In branding, don't hate the AEW logo (although it could be better).

Not a fan of the Double Or Nothing logo, but it's Vegas style so I get it. But yeah.

Listening to an interview with Tony Khan on Xpac's podcast. He is dancing around the Goldberg question. Basically talks about his experience with Bill, sucks his dick a little, cups his balls, but says they have not made any kind of deal. This one was hard to judge because his tone really changed, he was talking faster, and it took him a while to get to the point that he is not signed.

Tony said they are not at all looking to absorb any companies (TNA) and want to start something new.

Talked a little about healthcare but nothing new.
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