So how is the Fire Pro game with the new Japan guys on ps4?
I've got some points on a rewards site through my company that has all sorts of electronics on it. I dont quite have enough points to get a ps4 (what we've decided will be our son's big Christmas present) on the site so we've decided to get the ps4 Spider-Man bundle at Walmart on Black Friday. So I've got enough points to get 7 or 8 games and the Fire Pro game is one of the options. Anybody play it?

Also, how was the newest Marvel vs Capcom?

They have tons of games on there, so anyone have any suggestions for an 8 year old? There's a couple Star Wars and marvel Lego games on there that I know he will love, as well as Star Wars Battlefront 2 (he plays my old Xbox battlefront games all the time).
Marvel refused to put Capcom over and won
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Buy American & get WWE 2K19 fam.
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It's pretty good. If you've played any of them, it hasn't changed much.

MvCI is trash.
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Cant say I played Firepro but I think Cage has. My understanding is that it is much like the original games and timing-based. I had a similar game as a kid and hated it because it wasn't like the WWF style ones that I was used to and knew how to beat. So it got thrown to the side and hardly ever played. It is laughable now but as a kid, there more more fun options!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Ultimate is my favorite game of the series and should be available through the Playstation Store. Total arcade feel, bottom masher for the kid/combos and strategy for the adults. Cheap, many recognizable characters, very recommended.

Loved the Lego Star Wars saga. Played episodes I-VI and really enjoyed them (IV-VI being superior, obviously). The Batman and DC games are decent...the Marvel one I tried is just ok. Didn't really gel as well as the others so I put it down. Jurassic Park was ok too but there are better things to check out.
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Wiggz has the Fire Pro. Said it plays just like the old ones.
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