Shawn Michaels to wrestle at Super Show?
I keep reading that there seems to be really strong odds that Shawn is gonna wrestle at the Super Show, possibly even at Survivor Series. Either way it'd be against Undertaker in some fashion, the question is if there'll be a tag match featuring Shawn at super show or at survivor series or what all he'll be doing.

Regardless of what path it takes, I'm really really torn on this. I used to say I wish Shawn would come back and have one more match, but that was a few years ago. At this point, he's been firmly retired for over 8 years now. He's in his 50's, and I know it's Shawn fucking Michaels and he could likely come back and have a stellar match or 2, but at this point, I'm not sure I want him to.

It added to his credibility and legendary status that he has actually STAYED RETIRED. If he comes back and fights Undertaker again, what happens? I mean I'm sure it'd be a cool feud and I bet they'd still have a psychologically awesome match, but we've been there done that. If Shawn wins, so what? If Shawn loses, why'd he bother coming out of retirement?

I just feel like it's a pointless endeavor and I really hope Shawn decides not to do it :\
I don't see even the almighty HBK getting a good match out of Taker. I cannot for the fucking life of me imagine why anyone wants anymore Taker matches. The dude clearly cannot go anymore.

Add Angle to that list.
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I tried to make my peace with Undertaker retiring. Four times. He doesn't have it anymore and even if he pulled off something good, it will lower his quality of life.

HBK had the perfect retirement. Who are we to care if he cashes in for a million or two to do something he used to love?
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I'm with Zack. Shawn Michaels is my all-time favorite and it pains me to see that he might be coming out of retirement. And against Undertaker no less.

Those guys ended with 2 back-to-back classic matches and Shawn had the perfect retirement. For him to come out of retirement sucks bad enough. But for it to likely be against Undertaker is even worse. Shawn is 53 and, while he's still Shawn Michaels and I never underestimate his ability to pull of miracles, I can't imagine he's still going to be able to go the way he did 8-9 years ago. And Undertaker is OBVIOUSLY not capable of it. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker in 2018 is almost guaranteed to be a massive disappointment and I hate the idea of Shawn coming out of retirement for it. There's no chance they'll be able to live up to the expectations set by WM25 and 26.

If he was coming out of retirement for a match against AJ or DBry or something, then I might be a little more okay with it. But cashing a big check and coming out of retirement just so he can circle-jerk around with Triple H and Undertaker again does absolutely nothing for me other than make me sad.

But hey, everybody's gotta make a living I guess.

Dave said he is getting over a mill for one match, so yeah hard to turn that down. I just dont think there is any reason for him to be in this match.
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Yeah I mean, I can't fault anybody for getting paid. For a million dollar pay off, fuck my legacy, I'll retire more times than Terry Funk if you want. I get it. It just sucks as a fan.

Yea. On one hand, I doubt Shawn actually needs the money, he's got residuals for life from WWE as well as a legends contract, as well as the outdoors show he'd been doing for a few years and now working in the performance center. But I get it, a million is still a million.

Still, I hope he doesn't do it. If he wants to guest ref again, I'm cool with that. But leave the memories alone!
If anything it shows how desperate and how poorly managed WWE creative is that you have to throw a mil at HBK coming out of retirement to wrestle a guy who SHOULD be retired just to create waves on an overseas show that at its peak is no Wrestlemania.
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I think it has more to do with Saudi Arabia being behind the times or unaware of the current product. Maybe they could get Stone Cold or CM Punk while they are throwing fuck money around.
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Exactly. It's 2018 and we're still relying on Attitude Era throwbacks to draw at every Wrestlemania or major event. Kurt Angle, Triple H and The Undertaker just worked Wrestlemania in 2 of the most heavily hyped matches on the show. Fuckin' Goldberg was Universal champion and headlined Survivor Series within the last couple of years. Now Shawn's probably coming out of retirement. They just trotted out Mick Foley last night to try and make people care about Roman/Braun. It's nuts.

I dunno man, sooner or later, they're going to run out of 50-year-old stars from twenty years ago to depend on. God help them then.

Can you imagine this shit happening DURING the Attitude Era? Depending on 80s stars to carry the company during the 90s and 00s?

Oh yeah....that was WCW.

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I dont think its comparable to WCW, they utilize old stars for these weird events and at Mania, but there is no doubt the focus of the company is on younger wrestlers. With the exception of Goldberg which was an anomaly really, the attitude era stars aren't what the show is built around and they aren't main eventing.

It's just the Saudis wanted old stars. They wanted Bret Hart and Yokozuna and Undertake and HBK and shit. They wanted Wrestlemania X or some shit.

The problem again is fucking creative, the roster they have now is the best of all time, but creative are killing the talent.
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What pre WM 20 can they recreate with old stars that are still living?
WM 19
WM 18
Some of WM 17
Ceallach got what I meant. As far as old stars from prior Wrestlemanias, let's take s look:

Tito Santa
Greg The Hammer Valentine
Hulk Frogan
Cindy Lauper
King Kong Bundy
JYD's ashes
Sgt Slaughter
The Headbangers
Ax and Smash
Hardcore Holly
Mo from Men on a Mission
Papa Shango
X Pac
Superstar Billy Graham
Steiner Brothers
Bret Hart

Need I go on?
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heartbald kid rite
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(09-02-2011, 05:38 AM)RawrBabyRawr Wrote:
it's funny because sal really does have muscles and those pictures he posted up really are of him. seriously.

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So according to Meltzer, the plan is for Shawn/Triple H vs. Undertaker/Kane in Saudi Arabia.

What a cluster fuck
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Something still makes me smile about Mayor Jacobs taking a sick week to go to Saudi Arabia to wrestle as the demon Kane.

Win the Day!

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Yikes. Out of retirement for an old guy tag match.

Again, money...I get it, but damn.
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I'm guessing HBK costs Taker the match in Australia

My expectations are incredibly low for the tag match. Anything above abysmal will be a pleasant surprise.
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The more I think about it, I'm more bummed out about the fact that it's happening in Saudi Arabia than anything. That crowd last time could not have given a shit less about anything. Hell, the whole time on screen, you could see Saudi princes just getting up and leaving, talking to each other, backs to the camera, totally ignoring the show. If it was anywhere else in the world, Kevin Dunn would have radio'd security to get everybody to sit in their seats and stop being distracting or had them thrown out. But what can they say to literal kings and princes?

Shawn Michaels coming out of retirement should be an incredible, emotional moment. When he tags into the match for the first time and stands across the ring from Undertaker again, that should be one of those moments where flashbulbs are going off and the crowd is losing their shit. But the Saudi crowd isn't going to even remotely care.

Plane tickets are around $1,000 each. Anyone want to go? WWE still owes me 4 event tickets.
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I would like to but <insert lesbian joke here>

Fro would be assumed Sultan and would be drowning in Arabic vageen.

Can't take Bru, the damn stadium would catch on fire if you snuck Maga Gang Based and Red Pilled (available on iTunes, Spotify, Googleplay, Tidal) on to the entrance tracks.

Can't take Sal, they hate fags in Saudi Arabia.

Most of this is the same for Australia.
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Yea. I wish they could do this at Australia instead, at least that crowd will probably be hyped.

Or just not fuckin do it at all. Damn it
Australia is getting the bone. The show wont be complete shit but they are not filling that fucker.
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Maybe they can just send over Adam Cole to take HBK's place and hope they don't notice.
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They would need to ship him in a cargo container.
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This is fucked. Not even a Mania? So fucking dumbo he isn’t coming back for one match... right?
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This is just leading up to HBK taking over as RAW GM, then eventually he'll replace one of the Shield members for a 6 man tag so we can get a bunch of new memes of him in the outfit with a goofy smile and his wonky eye.
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