Do any of you even play sports?
I’ve been playing in an adult-learning ice hockey league since February and we won the Kinslow Cup earlier this month (see pic). Made captain and all that. Next week I will begin playing in two leagues for the fall; one plays on Thursday nights, the other on Saturday evenings. It’s really dope to play ice hockey, I love skating. It’s definitely more fun than watching it. Anyone play in a hockey or basketball or softball or anything league?

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Thsts awesome. What position do you play?

I used to play dek hockey but my team fell apart after two seasons. Thats an insane workout cause you cant glide - you have to run everywhere. I should get back into it. I wont though, but I should.
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I’ve been a forward thus far. First a winger then, then center. I’m hoping to play defense in one of the leagues coming up because my backwards skating game is starting to catch fire. Dek hockey looks fun! What position were you?
I play pocket pool
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Are you any good?
Mostly D, but i'd fill in at wing when guys needed a break or couldn't be bothered to show up to the game, which happened frequently the second year.

Odd question, but are your rinks nhl sized or olympic sized?
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17-time fantasy football champ AKA Gratest Professional Athlete ever fam.
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Still play softball. I love it. Changed my stance this year and turned into Sosa In 98
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The ice I skate on is NHL sized. There are only two rinks here and one closes during the summer. Where I skate is also where the University of Louisville plays their games. Those are fun to watch and the closest to a professional team there is here. It’s also fun to watch some of the higher leagues play because I know some of the Folks who play.

@opiti Do you play in a slow or fast pitch league? What is your position and in what order do you bat? Is it a beer league? So many people drink beer and play hockey here. There are always beer cans around the benches and in the locker rooms. I don’t see how people skate drunk. Lol. Cold beer is awesome right after coming off the ice, however.
SLO pitch. It’s a beer league. I play in a couple competitive tournaments a year but my teams been together for almost ten years now. We got beers on the bench.

I play either SS or CF. Bat usually 3 or 4. It’s a co Ed league too so you have to have a girl batting at least every 3rd batter.

I love it. I grew up playing the highest baseball I could. Mentioned it before on here but had scouts from a few MLB team looking at me. Then I tore my rotator cuff and it was all over. I actually never got it fixed. It still acts up from time to time as it just naturally healed itself, wasn’t a full tear.

My gf plays softball and fastball. She hurt her knee about a month ago and after tests, she completely tore her ACL, most of her meniscus, partially tore MCL and has a fracture in her knee. Her ball playing days are done. It sucks

I’m going to play ball hockey this winter and I’m pretty sure I’m not ready for it
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i get drunk/stoned and shoot half court shots for money.
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I used to play basketball a lot, then Dave fucked around and died. Now not so much.

I'm planning to move into a new house sometime in the semi-near future and I'm going to make sure it's got a driveway or something big enough to put a basketball goal in.
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(08-30-2018, 09:53 PM)genérico Wrote: Are you any good?

Still working on my bank shot but I'd say I run the table pretty well on most days
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Played in a softball league for years but all my teammates moved or had kids and all that, so the team dismantled like 3 years ago.

We never won it all but reached the finals once
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