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Rumor has it that Steph is showing up to make the "historic" announcement of the women's tag division. Obviously they don't have enough women to make this work on each brand so the word is they would get to defend them across all brands including any NXT brand. Tell me again why is it that we can't have a singular world Championship and do away with the Universal title?

Other parts of the rumor include a women's ppv in October with a tournament for the belts. The belts themselves will have white straps with silver plates that look like more feminine versions of the men's tag belts.

Worst of all? Susan G Koman will be all up in this.
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Screw you for making me think steph nudes were comin
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I like the idea of a women's tag. It would give the women not in their particular brands title picture something to do instead of the recent usual of all the Raw/Smackdown women in a row BS during women segments . It would also be a great way to hide some of the less proficient women like Lana's flaws in ring with more proficient talent.
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it's funny because sal really does have muscles and those pictures he posted up really are of him. seriously.

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Quote:Tell me again why is it that we can't have a singular world Championship and do away with the Universal title?

This is what the world title should be imo. Have brand champs and then a world champ. The tag belts should be the same ideally, but tags are such an afterthought on the main roster
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Stephanie McMahon announcers the first ever women's insert something here and oh by the way, isn't Stephanie so great and progressive?!
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If this leads to more Susan G Komen shit then they should at least add some kind of pink design to the middle of the belts so they look like boobs. Then when this whole thing eventually fails they can tie it into a story line for breast cancer awareness when they get rid of one of the belts and redesign the other into a secondary women's title.
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Secondary titles have never made any sense to me.
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I agree that I wish we just had the WWE Championship float between both shows, keep IC/US on separate shows, have 1 Tag belt floating, 1 Women's belt floating, and then if you wanna do women's tag, have that float too.

I can see them putting together some teams now that they have a bigger women's roster than ever before, but still I don't know if it's that good of an idea. I dunno. We'll see.

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