Pool Panic?
Anyone else get this on Switch? It's by adult swim games and somehow flew under my radar just saw a random trailer last night and looked into it. This game is also on steam. Another steal at only 14.99 looking forward to trying it out when I get home. R minds me a lot of cuphead with the art style. Looks like an amazing game can't believe more people aren't talking about it

Game is incredible! Like a crazy rick and morty golf story on acid...multiplayer is amazing from vids I’ve seen
Never heard of it until this thread. Maybe I'll cop it on my Switch, PC reviews look shitty
[Image: 3DUOW0l.jpg]
It's one of those where you really get the feel and appreciation by playing. More I play He more I love it. Saw some really positive reviews for switch one even saying it was the most fun and original game they had played this year.

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