WWF Wrestling Superstar Virgil Appreciation Thread
Edit: The REAL Virgil is alive and well! Everyone post their favorite Virgil moments!

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Trying to get confirmation on this but I've seen it in a few places now. My connection is shit. Is he trying to work us or is he with Jesus?
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Different Virgil. This one's some indie wrestler named Virgil Flynn
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Yeah, I just got that confirmation. I tried googling stories but nothing was coming up. The first person I heard it from was a friend of mine who was an indie wrestler and I saw on his wikipedia page that he died on July 18th and was a professional wrestler. Nothing else would load. For the life of me I couldn't remember Virgil's real name. Unless I'm on wifi, the internet is usually shit. KBC is usually fine thanks to the cache images and mostly text based shit.

Oh well, long live The Meat Sauce Man!
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Solid thread idea fam. My fav has gotta be when he set up shop on an autograph booth in the middle of a NYC Subway Station.
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Win the Day!

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