NJPW Dominion
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This is basically their 2nd biggest show of the year (if it was WWE, this would be Summerslam). So fuck it, this gets its own thread. If you still haven't really checked out NJPW and you're curious, this would be a good show to start at.

It's this coming Friday night, will be airing probably 2-3am depending on your time zone. So needless to say, I figure most of us will probably be watching it Saturday.

Anyway, the lineup is fucking bonkers. There's only, like, 2 matches I don't really have any interest in. The rest are all going to be awesome and/or fun:

[Image: okada_en-352x528.png][Image: kenny_en-2-352x528.png]
Kazuchika Okada vs. Kenny Omega
IWGP Heavyweight Championship (No Time Limit/Two out of Three Falls)
The 2 guys who had arguably the three best matches of all time in 2017. Okada won the first one. They had a 1-hour draw in the second. And Omega won the third. So they're 1-1-1 right now and this will be the tie breaker. Okada is going on over 700 days as IWGP champion, the longest reign of all time. He's the best wrestler walking planet earth today. Omega is Omega and is incredible. This match has no time limit and it's 2 out of 3 falls, so they're going to tear the fucking house down.

[Image: naito_en-2-352x528.png][Image: jeericho_en-213x320.png]
Tetsuya Naito vs. Chris Jericho
IWGP Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho fiddle fucking around in NJPW continues. Should be an awesome match and I kinda suspect Jericho might even win. Depends on how long he's planning to stick around I guess. But anyway, you all know Jericho. If you're not familiar with Naito, come watch and see why he was so much fun until losing to Naito killed his momentum!

Will Ospreay vs. Hiromu Takahashi
IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship
The two best flippy shit Jr. heavyweights in the world right now. Takahashi just won the Best of the Super Juniors tournament which gives him a title shot against Ospreay at this show. I really don't know who will win but it's guaranteed to be fast paced as fuck.

Rey Mysterio Jr., Jushin Thunder Liger & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Bullet Club (Marty Scurll, Hangman Page & Cody)
It'll be cool to see Mysterio finally getting his first NJPW match. Him and Liger were supposed to face each other a few months ago but Rey got hurt and had to pull out. And Cody's the best heel in the biz right now. So this should be fun.

Los Ingobernables de Japon (SANADA & EVIL) vs. The Young Bucks
IWGP Tag Team Championship
Young Bucks recently left the Jr. Heavyweight division and are now going for the big boy titles. SANADA and EVIL are both dope, especially SANADA who is likely going to be a main eventer some day. Should be good.

Hirooki Goto vs. Michael Elgin vs. Taichi
NEVER Openweight Championship Three-Way
Don't give 2 shits about this match.

CHAOS (Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii) vs. Suzuki-gun (Zack Sabre Jr. & Minoru Suzuki)
This should be fun. Yano is funny. Ishii is dope. ZSJ is amazing. And Suzuki is the scariest man alive. And Suzuki and Yano have history. Expect some ringside young boys to die.

Taguchi Japan (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) vs. CHAOS (YOSHI-HASHI & Jay White)
Don't give a shit about this one either

Suzuki-gun (El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru) defend vs. Roppongi 3K (SHO & YOH)
IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
This should be fun. SHO really proved himself to be awesome in the BOSJ tournament and so did Desperado so it'll be a fun opener.

I'll go back and add more pics later.

TIL Naito lost to Naito and Jericho is a tiny, tiny man. I suspect Jericho v Naito is gonna be a garbage bloodbath with Jericho yelling Fuck a lot.
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I like Goto’s finisher.

Will probably watch at least half the show.
I've changed my mind, I don't feel like going back and adding the rest of the pics. And lol @ little Jericho, whoops

This is a 3 match card for me. Okada/Omega, Takahashi/Ospreay, and Jericho/Naito. It's the least excited I have been for an Omega and Okada encounter. The booking has come full circle in that Okada's reign has been so incredible that I don't want to see it end yet. At the same time, Omega has really cooled off in the last 6 months to a year. It is lose/lose here in this match. If Omega gets the title it will almost be like too little, too late. But if Okada wins then it feels as though he will have proven nothing and at the same time diminished Kenny's starpower.
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(06-05-2018, 11:27 AM)Chris Wrote: This is a 3 match card for me. Okada/Omega, Takahashi/Ospreay, and Jericho/Naito. It's the least excited I have been for an Omega and Okada encounter. The booking has come full circle in that Okada's reign has been so incredible that I don't want to see it end yet. At the same time, Omega has really cooled off in the last 6 months to a year. It is lose/lose here in this match. If Omega gets the title it will almost be like too little, too late. But if Okada wins then it feels as though he will have proven nothing and at the same time diminished Kenny's starpower.

Those 3 matches are the main ones I really care about, agreed. But I feel like most of the others will still be fun for various reasons. Mysterio in NJPW is a novelty, Cody and Scurll are always fun, Young Bucks matches are never boring, and I could watch Suzuki and ZSJ do anything and be entertained. The rest though, yeah, nothing special.

And Omega has definitely cooled off since WK and reuniting with Ibushi. He really doesn't seem to be a major focus for NJPW anymore. After he and Ibushi reunited, it just seemed to fizzle out from there. I dunno, we'll see.

I wouldn't be mad if Omega won the belt and then won the G1. Or if Omega won the belt and Kota won the G1. Hell, if Kenny won the belt then Okada won the G1 it could still be decent...but I'm fairly certain we have peaked for now. Okada doesn't have any new contenders that I am seeing, Omega seems directionless unless he is directly involved with BC or Ibushi, and Naito's momentum has been haulted.
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If Omega wins the belt and Kota wins the G1, holy shit...

I could see Okada vs. Kota in the G1 finals, Okada vs. Naito II at WK13 for the IC title as well...hmmm.
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Holy shit. On at least two of the matches I watched. I dozed in and out. Will watch again later.

Pretty sure Meltzer is having a heart attack.

Man the 2/3 falls match was something to behold.
Not reading anything yet. Watched the first half of the show just now. Young Bucks vs. EVIL/SANADA was really good. And Don Callis is ALL IN!

Bullet Club/Rey & Liger & Tanahashi was fine.

Ospreay vs. Hiromu about to start. Holy shit this match is gonna be fire. lol @ the BOSJ trophy broken with a band-aid on it

Fantastic card. I don't expect Kenny to hold the belt too long. But it was an amazing match. Jericho match was great too. But Ospreay/Hiromu was my motn. Hiromu Takahashi might be my favorite wrestler in the world right now.

I just don't know where they go other than an Okada rematch unless they really want to go Cody v Kenny, but as great as Cody is, no fucking way should he be anywhere near the top of an njpw card.
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Hiromu vs. Ospreay was bonkers holy shit

I'm only midway through Jericho v Naito and I've really enjoyed the card up to this point. That fucking match with Hiromu and Ospereay was absolutely fantastic.

Win the Day!

[Image: vS1CaHG.png]

Just gonna type as I watch this one:

WTF is with Jericho's face paint and shit?

Wait, did Kevin Kelly just say the IC title isn't on the line? Wasn't that a whole part of the buildup here?

Crazy Jericho is pretty fuckin' awesome. I swear, the more I think about it, the more I really do think he might be the greatest of all time. Not necessarily the best in-ring wrestler (although really good) and not necessarily the best talker (although really good there too). But just the way he continues to reinvent himself and stay relevant. Now here he is at damn near 50 years old, having balls-to-the-wall crazy matches with some of the best in the world in Japan. And yet again, he's reinvented himself. He's pretty much a Bruiser Brody-style psychopath in NJPW and it's amazing.

Oh fuck Naito's eye....was that from Jericho throwing the camera tripod on him before the match? Shit that looks gnarly.

Oh man, that botched destino and the 30 seconds or so of confusion afterwards was ugly.

Now Naito's face is cut. He's taking a beating in this one.

And now it was a title match? Well right on. Jericho new IC champion. Guess he'll be coming back a few more times. Good shit. Match wasn't as good as the Omega match but it was still really good. And I love that Jericho's 2 NJPW matches so far feel so different than everything else in the company. Just wild, violent brawls.

Meanwhile, Naito's bad year continues. So I guess we're gonna get EVIL vs. Jericho at some point?

Naito's bad year will cap with him winning the title. I can feel that one. Of course that's what it felt like last year too.

Win the Day!

[Image: vS1CaHG.png]

Omega and Okada do it again. Unreal, these 2....and it's only the first fall


Okada: *escapes*

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That was incredible. Jesus what a fucking moment. Bucks coming in afterward. Just perfect. I've got a million thoughts on the match but man. This was unreal.

Props to Okada. That was the most amazing title reign of my lifetime. 700+ days of the most amazing matches of all time.

Omega and the Bucks leaving as champs is proof that NJPW is aiming for global expansion.

The Golden Elite
Great show. Beat of the year? Every title changed hands which means there is plenty of stories to be had over the next year.

Ospreay vs. Hiromu wasn't what I wanted it to be. Yes it was good but it lacked something. I'll have to watch it again with fresh eyes. It just felt like move after move after move to me. They didn't let things sink in and it also wasn't 100% balls to the wall either. The ending needed more build. Will needs to be in the heavyweight division or at least needs to go after the NEVER belt or the IC.

Speaking of the IC title, that match exceeded my expectations and was completely different than what I expected. Jericho was a bit too reckless at times though and it's something he would probably criticize others for. That guard rail shot to the head early on looked especially painful. My eyes started watering when I saw the blood in Naito's eye. And yes, the Destino botch at the end was ugly to watch. However, the rest of the match was really good. I imagine EVIL will face Jericho at the Cow Palace. After that I could see Jericho defending the belt in the fall or on one of the G1 cards.

Omega vs. Okada was killer. It delivered and was never boring. The talk of the towel really concerned me. As good as it was, I liked Dominion 2017 and WK11 better. I really hope Ibushi wins the G1 and gets to main event the Tokyo Dome with Omega.
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Dave gave the Okada/Omega match 7 Stars
The absolute madman.

I wouldn't argue it though. Greatest match of all time.

He said what happened was there was so much build to it that people should watch the build to it. He had reports of the crowd being moved to tears.

Okada beating AJ, Kenny winning the G1
Okada/Omega I WK
Okada/Omega II Dominion 2017
Okada/Omega G1 2017
Okada/Omega Dominion 2018

The whole 3 falls match was insane on what they saved for the final fall. And the way Okada collapsed attempting a Rainmaker. Even delivery great drop kicks an hour into the match. And the gah dang snap German Suplexes.
Oh for sure. The in-ring part of the match is fantastic, but it wouldn't have been the same without the 2 year build and the history between these guys. The story that was told with each preceding match. Or without Okada's historic title reign at stake. Or the simultaneous breakdown of the Bullet Club and how that has affected Omega and the Bucks. And on and on and on.

There's so many intertwined threads of different stories and they all came to a head with that incredible match. It was a perfect storm of events and I don't know how it can ever be repeated.

Just feel like Naito got shafted. His main event push the first time the “fans voted” for an IC match to headline WK.

Comes back. Creates LIJ. He gets IC from the Ace. Beats Kenny Omega in G1. Then loses to Okada. Gets IC again, loses to Jericho.

Maybe the long haul is a Naito over Kota Ibushi in the next two years for the IWGP title.

Omega is the first Canadian to win the IWGP title and the forst time the title changed hands in a match other than a one fall match apparently.

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