Punk trial
Punk is on the stand today, testifying in the trial for the WWE doctor that sued him from the podcast.

Best part: he just had to confirm, under oath, that CM does indeed stand for Chick Magnet.

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anybody that sues another nigga for talking shit is a fag
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(09-02-2011, 05:38 AM)RawrBabyRawr Wrote:
it's funny because sal really does have muscles and those pictures he posted up really are of him. seriously.

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Notes from Punk and Cabana testimony today and yesterday. AJ Lee is expected to testify eventually too.

Day 3

Quote:I have been at the Cook County Courthouse, covering Day 3 of the trial between CM Punk, Colt Cabana & Dr. Chris Amman for WrestleZone.

Here are all of the notes from before the trial broke for lunch.

Amman arrives just before 9:05am CDT, Cabana arrives shortly after.
Punk arrives around 9:10
Punk and Cabana are very friendly before the trial.
Video testimony of Timothy Gaeng (recorded 4/26/2018) is played.

Gaeng was the Audio Tech (A2) for the 2014 Royal Rumble
Gaeng was responsible for setting up “pertinent equipment,” which would’ve been ringside during the 2014 event
Works “televised events,” “RAW shows, SmackDown shows,” and then PPVs as well.
Gaeng says “I was responsible for setting up the announce headsets and ringside headsets” for the 2014 Royal Rumble
Gaeng establishes that Gorilla Position is approx. 30-40 yards from the ring.
“I was in the ring announcers corner.”
Gaeng says he was “20 feet at most” from the ring during 2014 Royal Rumble
Gaeng was able to hear any communications from the production truck.
“I was able to hear anyone talking on [ring channel]”
Gaeng was able to speak with any A2s or his A1 [supervisor] over his audio system.
Gaeng confirmed Punk’s participation in 2014 Rumble and was aware of an incident, though he did not see the injury occur
Gaeng heard ring channel communications ask referee if Punk was ok.
When asked, “Who was the doc?” Gaeng responded “That would be Dr. Chris Amman”
Gaeng heard, “All I heard over the headset ‘is he hurt? Get him out of there,'” and said this likely came from Gorilla Position. Gaeng recognized the voice as Paul Levesque (HHH), “that’s the voice I remember distinctly.”
Gaeng says he heard HHH say “If he’s hurt- Check on him if he’s hurt, get him out of there.”
Gaeng says he heard the above more than once, but not more than 5 times.
Gaeng can’t recall any communications about Punk after that.
Gaeng states that Audio Techs wear a different audio device than referees.
Medical Staff and Referees wear same communication device.
Gaeng saw a ref, or possibly multiple refs, checking on Punk
Gaeng says HHH or possible Vince McMahon said “If he’s hurt, check on him.”
“It kept going on for minutes,” Gaeng said. When pressed, he estimated it lasted “several minutes.”
Gaeng didn’t see Punk get treated by Amman, didn’t hear any conversations
It is possible that Amman or other medical staff checked on Punk but Gaeng says his primary concern was his audio duties.
Video testimony of Larry E. Heck (recorded 5/22/2018)

Heck is the SmackDown Athletic Trainer, and has been with WWE for 17 years.
Heck is in charge of setting up the mobile training center at all SmackDown events (Sat.-Tues.)
Heck describes the difference between RAW and SmackDown.
Heck knew Punk as a WWE Employee, “I believe he was on SmackDown.”
From 10/2013-1/2014 Heck helped Punk “as needed, per show”
“At times, I would tape his ankles, tape his knees, stretch him.”
“It would be nightly, per request.”
Always done in arena, prior to event, in training room.
From 10/2013-1/2014 Heck provided Punk with Hot Packs.
Heck kept a direct treatment log, that he’d fill out day of treatment an electronically sign. These logs would then be added to Punk’s medical report.
System gives Heck access to previous records.
Heck describes his services to punk (ankle taping, knee taping, lumbar stretching)
Heck says stretching was focused on lower back and lower extremities, hips, etc.
Heck primarily applied 12″x12″ hot packs to Punk’s bare lower back, below the beltline. Punk would go through multiple hot packs a night, often not removing them until he was “seconds” from going through the curtain.
Heck is shown CM Punk’s entrance from the 2014 Royal Rumble and points out where the hot pack would be applied.
From 10/2013-1/2014 Heck noticed no infection, lump, or irregularity on Punk’s lower back.
Heck never saw Punk bring up a lump or infection to Amman, nor did he see Punk ask any other medical staff to cut out a lump or infection.
Heck was radioed directly by Amman about Punk’s concussion during the 2014 Royal Rumble
Heck said Amman told him Punk was “concussed.”
Heck went to Gorilla Position, where he was five feet from HHH and Vince McMahon.
Heck told HHH that Amman said Punk was concussed.
Heck doesn’t remember any other conversations, other than telling Punk to “stay with the doctor.”
Billy Kidman was on the radio chatter.
Kidman was the one telling Punk to “stay down.”
Heck helped Punk backstage and witnessed him cuss people out and leave.
Heck said he and Amman tried to get punk to stay.
Punk was angered that they stopped him from what he was supposed to do in the match.
Heck confirms that anger, confusion and nausea are signs of concussion.
Heck did not hear or witness any further communication.
Cabana recognized a fan in the Royal Rumble video that is now a wrestler.

Video testimony of Referee John Cone (recorded 5/3/2018)

Cone describes himself as “Essentially, an actor in the play we put on.”
Cone was one of four referees involved in 2014 Royal Rumble
Cone can only hear Michael Hayes and Billy Kidman over his earpiece during Royal Rumble.
Cone can only communicate through hand signals, “Yes” is a closed fist, “No” is a shake of the head, “X” is an injury.
Cone describes selling, said Punk was selling to the corner.
First communication about Punk came after Amman had already talked with Punk at ringside.
Cone: “Are you ok?” Punk: “I’ve got a fucking concussion.” Cone: “Stay down.”
Cone is told “Tell Punk to stay down, we’re gonna send Kane to take him out early.”
Cone relayed the message to Punk. Punk responds “If you make me leave this fucking match, I’ll fucking quit now.”
Cone repeated the direction, but Punk pie-faced him.
Cone describes a pie-face.
Royal Rumble footage is shown and Cone identifies himself in the footage.
Cone confirms that he refereed matches for CM Punk between 10/2013-1/2014
Cone confirms that Punk wrestles shirtless.
Cone was never made aware of, and never saw, a lump, infection or anything unusual on Punk’s lower back.
Cone had no way to hear Amman talking with Punk or any communications afterwards.
Video testimony of Glenn Jacobs (recorded 5/2/2018) is played

Kane identifies himself as an in-ring performer.
Kane discusses how wrestlers will plan out a match, or in this case, a Royal Rumble elimination.
Kane says Punk never made him aware of any lump or infection
Kane says he cannot recall wrestling Punk between 10/2013-1/2014.
Kane confirms he eliminated Punk “illegally” from the Royal Rumble, eliciting a chuckle from Punk in the courtroom.
Kane says the elimination occurred as planned, though possibly earlier.
Kane was not privy to Amman and Punk’s conversations.
Break For Lunch

Day 4

Quote:After pre-trial discussion between counsel about suits, “Do you remember when suspenders were in?” “No,” the plaintiff’s side rested. This led to defense motioning for a Direct To Verdict, on the grounds that the Plaintiff has yet to prove any defaming statements. Judge denies the motion. The trial resumed at 9:45am.

Testimony of Scott Colton (Colt Cabana)

Defense tries to get Cabana to talk about his childhood and early days of wrestling but a series of objections derails this line of questioning.
Colt talks about wrestling being a “different, niche world.”
Colt says he wrestles, “[does] YouTube,” produce podcasts, sew costumes, “comedian, kind of.”
Colt says he met Punk at Steel City Domain Wrestling School in 1999 and they became fast friends.
“Two of the ones who really loved wrestling the most.”
Colt confirms that their friendship continued after wrestling school.
Punk gives a history of the ways he and Punk have stayed in contact, (text, email, applications, etc.)
“How often did you see each other?” “All the time.”
Colt describes Punk as “passionate,” before counsel objects to the line of questioning.
Colt confirmed that he was introduced to WWE through Dr. Tom Pritchard, and would try and get booked as an extra any time they were within 8-10 hours driving.
Colt signed his contract in 2007, while plaintiff’s lawyers start to object to the relevance of the statements.
SIDEBAR, Colt is left on the stand, Punk goes into a side room. Leading to a tense moment as Amann and Colt tried not to make eye-contact.

Colt confirms employment with WWE from Apr. 2007-Feb. 2009.
Colt confirms that Art of Wrestling started in 2010.
Colt describes Art of Wrestling as having an intro, a middle, and a conclusion.
Colt says he “gives [his] friends an outlet in the world of wrestling that fans don’t hear.”
Colt describes learning to podcast as a “trial and error” process.
When asked how he books his podcast he says, “I ask them if they’d like to be on my podcast.”
“I bring my recorder, plug it in, give my friend a microphone, hit record…hit stop when it’s done.”
Colt confirms that Punk was the one to bring up the idea of Punk being on AoW.
Cabana says he was “well aware” of Punk’s situation.
“The wrestling community wanted to hear what he had to say.”
“At the time we were living 4 blocks from each other.”
Colt describes riding his bike to Punk’s, entering through the back entrance, and recording the podcast on Punk’s couch.
AJ Mendez-Brooks might’ve been present but Colt cannot confirm.
“Phil and I talked everyday.”
“I was living the situation as he was living it.”
Colt believes he met Dr. Amann prior to podcast.
Colt doesn’t remember Dr. Amann’s name coming up during recording, and didn’t call Dr. Amann afterwards.
Colt says Punk showed him the lump, “Hey wanna see this thing?” This is met with an objection.
Colt confirms he heard about the lump, and saw it before the 2014 Royal Rumble.
At this point, an entire class of 8th graders enter the courtroom.

Colt says he saw Punk shirtless in his house in 2013. Punk was shirtless and “wearing the camo shorts he always wears.”
Defense produces Punk’s camo shorts from seemingly under the desk, as Exhibit 117.
Colt identifies the shorts as Punk’s.
Colt, on the lump: “It was disgusting.”
Colt says the lump was on the left side of Punk’s waistline, and that it was raised, discolored, gross.
Colt talked to Punk “every day that I was home.”
Colt saw the lump “at least more than once.”
“It was my understanding that he was constantly asking WWE-” [cut off by an objection]
Colt confirms he didn’t see the Royal Rumble until after the podcast, had no way of knowing Amann was ringside.
Colt does not believe Punk brought up Amann.
The only part where Colt thinks Punk brought up Amann had to do with an unrelated story about Punk’s elbow.
Colt believes that the “they” in “They Z-Packed me to death” was general WWE Medical Staff.
Colt says the same for every comment in podcast.
Counsel is stopped from asking about getting emails from listeners.
“I knew it was gonna be a big episode.”
Colt confirms he never received an email from Amann.

Colt recalls receiving the Cease & Desist but objections aplenty derails the line of questioning.
Colt restates that his pre-podcast knowledge of Amann was limited, if at all.
Plaintiff’s counsel takes over.
Colt was aware that Amann “had beefs” (plaintiff’s counsel’s words) regardless of not getting email.
Colt did not know that the “doc” from the podcast quotes were Amann, or even if they were talking about an actual doctor.
Colt confirms seeing lump because Punk had his shirt off.
Colt recalls seeing the lump a second time, but couldn’t recall in original deposition.”
Cabana: “I think there’s a long answer.” Counsel: “You answered in about six words.”
Colt can’t recall how many times he saw the lump.
Colt can’t recall seeing the lump change size.
Colt confirms being in Japan in fall of 2013, but gets confused on dates.
Colt confirms Punk in Europe until 11/17/2013
Colt can’t confirm if Punk told him he was on anti-biotics.
“I don’t want to say anything wrong.”
When pressed, Colt can’t remember any of Punk’s comments about anti-biotics.
Colt confirms he has never been treated by Amann.
Counsel plays podcast clip, in which Cabana says he wants the story to be heard by “as many ears as possible.”
“I thought it was a wild story.”
Counsel tries to get Cabana to define what he meant by as many ears as possible, but Cabana keeps the definition at “whoever was listening.”
Colt expected people to talk about the story. “I just wanted people to listen.”
Colt’s lawyer takes over.
Colt confirms that he saw the lump a “variety” of times.
Colt confirms he didn’t believe Amann was the doctor.

Before court resumes, the attorneys get in a fight over how much footage from the 2014 Royal Rumble can be shown. Amann is on screen, but his lawyers do not want footage of Kane chokeslamming Punk through the announce table shown to the jury.

Judge: “I don’t know who Kane is.” Counsel: “The big man without a shirt.”

Judge calls counsel into the hallway, where indistinct shouting is heard.

Court resumes.

Testimony of Phil Brooks (CM Punk)

Punk identifies himself as a UFC Fighter and freelance comic writer for Marvel Comics.
Punk says he didn’t listen to the podcast until just before the trial.
“I sure do swear a lot.”
Punk says he’s a different person.
“I sure was bitter.”
Punk almost starts crying, saying hearing who he was back then “brings up memories” of things he doesn’t care about anymore.
Punk confirms that he started wrestling at age 15, as The Punk.
Punk talks about hitting a wrestling with a roll of quarters and says, “Alls I’m saying is I’ve got a lot cents.” [possibly stating this is his first promo]
Punk confirms that being a member of a tag team The Chick Magnets is where his CM comes from, thus entering into public record that CM stands for “Chick Magnet”
Punk discusses growing up in Lockport, IL and his early friendship with Cabana.
Punk confirms signing with WWE in 2005.
He describes his character as “punk rock kid, what you see is what you get, straight edge.”
Punk describes the straight edge lifestyle.
Punk confirms he is still straight edge.
Punk describes tactics in playing a straight edge face vs. playing a straight edge heel.
“I like punk rock.”
Punk describes DIY [the movement, not the tag team]
“Everyone has guilty songs on their iPod, enjoy it.”
“Genesis of podcast was I’d left WWE. Up until that point I’d been silent, the other side…not so much.”
“I just wanted to set the record straight for my fans.”
Punk explains what a Shoot Interview, as well as the overall concept of “shooting” in pro-wrestling.
Punk says goal of podcast was to “paint a picture.”
“It’s my story. I’m just telling my story.”
Punk confirms Cabana’s testimony.
Punk cannot confirm AJ’s presence during podcast recording.
Punk says there was no formality, no difference between normal conversation.
Punk hated holding the microphone.
Punk had not seen his WWE Medical Report, was not copied on it.
Punk confirms feeling symptoms listed in Medical Report.
“I felt sick overall.” Headaches, lack of sleep, no appetite, vomiting after exaggeration. Narrowed vision, dizziness, neck couldn’t support head.
Punk defines taking bumps and running the ropes.
Punk confirms vomiting after every match.
“My head was a fishbowl.”
Punk discusses having crying spells.
“I’d be in catering, one sec fine, next welling up.”
I’m sure I wasn’t fun to be around.
Coughing started in September of 2014, subsided, and then came back in November.
Punk describes rib pain but can’t describe the initial injury.
Defense reads podcasts statements about concussion before Europe 2013.
Punk talks about “getting [his] bell rung” by Luke Harper.
Punk confirms no one but Dr. Samson treated him on European tour.
Punk confirms no one but Dr. Samson talked to Punk about concussion.
Punk confirms symptoms worsening in Europe.
Punk confirms Dr. Samson gave him a Z-Pack.
Break For Lunch

Dave has this conspiracy theory on WOR that this trial is Vince trying to get Punk to spend as much money as possible so that he has to come back to the WWE.
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I could see Vince wanting to bleed Punk either way.

Also, the notes from day 1 and 2 have some interesting info but I'm too lazy to type them out right now or copy and paste them.
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"Punk says he’s a different person.
“I sure was bitter.”
Punk almost starts crying, saying hearing who he was back then “brings up memories” of things he doesn’t care about anymore."

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(09-02-2011, 05:38 AM)RawrBabyRawr Wrote:
it's funny because sal really does have muscles and those pictures he posted up really are of him. seriously.

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Here is the day 2 stuff if anyone is interested. Basically, Amann admits he has not suffered at all as a result of the podcast, gives out prescriptions illegally or at least doesn't follow protocol, violated doctor/patient confidentiality, and was shown making a joke out of the entire thing with other wrestlers. This lawsuit should have been thrown out after his testimony.

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New notes:

Punk cannot confirm the definition of Z-Pack. “It’s antibiotics.”
Punk recalls only officially being prescribed antibiotics once.
Punk says the rest of his antibiotics were received in a small envelope. He’d text Drs. Amman or Samson, or he’d ask them in person for antibiotics.
Punk notes he could ask for them anywhere in the building. “Whenever I wanted them.”
Punk confirms getting Z-Packs from Dr. Samson
Antibiotic line of questioning is derailed by objection after objection from Amman’s attorney. Judge sustains as Punk’s attorney is not doing a great job of laying foundation for her line of questioning.
Punk confirms getting a little envelope of antibiotics on 2013 European Tour.
Punk confirms he was never given paperwork, electronic or otherwise, for antibiotics
Punk confirms symptoms would get worse as he wrestled, and would subside when he rested.
Punk’s attorney tries to ask about the Z-Pack stories from the podcast, but can’t ask without leading and is stopped by Amman’s attorney repeatedly, until line of questioning is abandoned.
Punk confirms being at 2014 Royal Rumble.
Punk describes the Royal Rumble match rules.
Punk describes the pre-match meeting that wrestlers attend for Royal Rumble.
While the eighth graders from the morning session did not return, a few wandered in for Punk’s testimony.
Punk, about the Royal Rumble being scripted: “Writers don’t have a lot of say in what happens in the ring.”
“Writers write storylines. Wrestlers put their matches together.”
Punk describes the process of wrestlers deciding eliminations. Wrestlers are given a list of entry numbers and eliminations and are supposed to build from there.
Punk can’t recall how many wrestlers he interacted with that day.
Punk was supposed to be one of the last 4 in the ring.
Punk describes a clothesline, both the move and the laundry equipment.
“Is there contact or is there simulated contact?” “Oh no. There’s contact.”
Punk describes what makes up a wrestling ring.
Footage of Kofi Kingston clotheslining Punk from the 2014 Royal Rumble is shown.
Punk confirms clothesline was planned.
Punk praises Kofi’s athleticism.
Punk confirms the clothesline gave him a concussion.
Punk can’t confirm how long he’d been in the Rumble.
Punk explains a flat back bump.
Punk says there’s no ill will or blame on Kofi for the concussion. “We probably crowded each other.”
Punk describes the feeling of being concussed.
Punk confirms he had no notes for Cabana’s podcast.
Punk told a camera guy, whom Punk only knows as “Johnny Photo,” to get Dr. Amman.
Punk stands by his version of the conversation he relayed in podcast.
Punk confirms feeling “helpless” when Amman responded to his concussion with “What do you want me to do?”
Punk confirms asking to compose himself mid-match during the 2014 Royal Rumble.
Punk has started crying.
Punk describes his judgement in 2014 as “poor.”

10-15 minute break is called, Judge tells Punk to compose himself.
Punk agrees that he disagreed with instructions during Royal Rumble.
Punk says he only had one conversation with Amman during Rumble.
Punk confirms viewing the entire Royal Rumble PPV(at a later date)
Punk cannot recall his conversation with Amman happening on screen.
Video footage of Amman is shown from later in the match, counsel states it is the only time Amman’s face is visible on tv.
Punk confirms not seeing Amman’s face on TV in his Rumble viewing.
Punk recalls The Lump first appearing in fall 2013.
Punk confirms traveling by bus from city to city while working for WWE.
Punk confirms providing his own bus.”It cut down on wear and tear.”
Punk confirms changing and showering on bus.
Punk confirms himself, AJ, Kofi Kingston and the bus driver as the main group that traveled on the bus, but there would be a “rotating crew of people.”
Punk describes the process of dropping off wrestlers at the arena. After which, Punk would stay on the bus until it was time for him to be at the arena.
Punk confirms changing on bus.
Punk confirms changing alone.
Punk is handed a target bag by his attorney.

Punk defines wrestling gear
Punk confirms that all of his gear came from a WWE seamstress, Julie.
Punk is asked to describe his gear: Speedo, trunks, kickpads, etc.
Punk takes exhibit 119, his speedo, out of the target bag.
Punk positively identifies the speedo as his speedo.
Punk mentions that it is the only speedo he ever wore in WWE, and calls the fact a “little piece of WWE Trivia.”
Punk takes exhibit 120, a pair of black and white wrestling trunks, out of the bag and positively identifies them as his trunks from the 2014 Royal Rumble.
Punk confirms that he’d wash his speedo in the sink.
Punk pulls out a pair of shorts that he would wear backstage, so as not to appear bottomless, and positively identifies them.
Punk says wearing a Gracie hoodie in his entrance was “not typical,” but it was what he had in the bus at the time.
Punk describes the fit of his gear. Trunks are tighter than speedo.
Punk shows on his person where The Lump was, points to his beltline.
Punk claims to still have a scar where The Lump was.
Punk doesn’t know why he said “back,” and not “butt.”
Punk points out on his RR trunks that The Lump would’ve been “above or around the star,” on the left side of his waist.
Punk defines a hydroculator (used to warm hot packs)
“If no one was in the trainer’s room, I’d do it myself.”
“I had a bad everything,” Punk, on his injuries.
Punk points out the area on his lowerback where he would use hot packs.
Punk said no one ever applied a heat pack near The Lump.
Punk says he never received a heat pack inside his shorts.
Punk says Larry Heck never would’ve seen The Lump.
Heck was never on bus or in shower.
Punk says he was never undressed around Mark Carrano, John Cone, Tim Gaeng or Larry Heck.
Punk described the color of The Lump as “purple, reddish, blue.”
Punk confirms taking no notes about The Lump.
Punk confirms taking no photos of his butt.
Punk unsure when The Lump started getting “tough.”
Punk describes The Lump as “super, super sore,” even when getting dressed.
Punk said The Lump felt like it was radiating heat.
“A lot of things hurt, I’m still throwing myself on the ground.”
Punk confirms Cabana’s account of seeing The Lump.
“If anyone’s gonna see my butt, that isn’t my wife, it’s Scott.”
Punk describes the camo shorts entered into evidence as “standard issue…straight edge kid pants.”
Punk, on wearing shorts in winter: “Shorts and a hoodie, that’s what I wear.”
Punk says massage therapist from Spa Soak on Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago would’ve seen The Lump.
“It was hard to miss if I was naked.”
Massage therapist was told, and asked about The Lump twice.
Punk confirms AJ was employed by WWE.
Text messages between AJ & Punk, regarding The Lump

1/28/2014- “This fucking lump hurts.”
Punk describes this text as “telling [AJ] how my day went,” which got a chuckle from the court.
“I’m going to stab it.” -Punk, joking in a text about The Lump.
Later text message: “I’m going to poke this growth on my butt. it’s time.”
AJ: “Let me bring you to a doctor.”
Punk: “Noooo, baby” “I don’t like ’em.”
Later text: “This thing on my butt/back fucking hurts. I hate doc Amman for not helping me.”
When AJ texts Punk, saying she’s on her way to orlando, Punk responds: “I have a giant growth on my upper left butt.”
Punk, in a text: “This thing is starting to really hurt. I think it’s a person.”
Punk on 2/13/2014 (date of visit with Physician’s Assistant Patrick Duffy): “Your dreamy doc says its a staph infection.” -Punk believed Duffy was a doctor because AJ believed Duffy was a doctor.
End of text messages

Punk confirms never texting Amman about The Lump.
Punk dates showing Amman The Lump in fall of 2013.
Amman asked how long it’d been there, Punk wasn’t sure, and said it didn’t hurt.
Punk made no notes, no one was there.
Punk says this conversation happened in the trainer’s room.
Punk describes showing Amman The Lump a second time, as Punk was hoping to get it cut out.
When asked about wrestlers routinely have everything from zits to lumps cut out, Punk says “Wrestlers are a strange breed.”
Punk says he showed Amman The Lump at the Royal Rumble.
When asked about comparing The Lump to a baseball, Punk says, “It’s what I said and it’s what it looked like.”
“It looked raised.”
Punk on The Lump: “It felt like a giant mass, and it felt like it was on my butt.”
AJ is present at the Rumble meeting.
Punk says AJ cared more about Punk’s health than Punk did.
Punk confirms hundreds backstage at Royal Rumble.
Punk stands by conversation described in podcast, but “not accurately.”
Punk described constant pain caused by The Lump.
Punk stands by his podcast statements, or at least the “gist” of it.
Punk says golfball and baseball comparisons felt right.
Punk says The Lump looked like a bruise at the Royal Rumble.
Punk says Amman said he’d take care of The Lump.
After the Royal Rumble, Punk felt “hurt,” “furious,” and “confused.”
Punk recalls asking “cut this fucking thing out of me,” but cannot recall Amman’s response.
Punk believed Duffy was a doctor, and supposedly told him to take antibiotics for two weeks and then return for removal.
Punk confirms that Patrick Bateman is “an eccentric serial killer,” played by Christian Bale, and felt that Patrick Duffy looked like Patrick Bateman with white hair.
Punk stands by description of visit to Duffy, but cannot speak to the intent of the words.
Punk recalls Duffy calling The Lump staph infection.
Punk confirms not knowing the difference between Staph and MRSA.
Text Message from Punk to AJ: “gotta be out on antibiotics for two weeks before he can remove it.”
Text Message from Punk to AJ: “I’m going to fucking email Vince and bury Dr. Amman.”
About the idea to email Vince, “I had a eureka moment as to why I’d felt so bad for so long.”
Text from AJ to Punk: “I can’t believe Dr. Amman didn’t catch that.”
Text from Punk to AJ: “I showed this to doc twice.”
AJ and Punk continue to discuss treatment.
Text from Punk to AJ: “He’s going to cut it open and drain it.”
Text from Punk to AJ: “This is dumb. Staph can kill you.”
Punk felt discharge on his neck during procedure, hence podcast comment about fluid hitting the ceiling.
Texts From Punk to AJ, rapid succession it seems:

“Says its all infected.”
“They’re squeezing me to death.”
“I died.”
“Saying it was a cyst.”
End of text messages.

Punk confirms memory of Duffy diagnosing The Lump as staph upon initial exam.
Counsel shows Punk Duffy’s medical report.
Punk, about antibiotics: “I felt better immediately.”
There is a series of objections to Punk’s attorney’s next bit of evidence, a page of texts between Punk and his “adopted sister” Chez, and it ends in a furious judge calling a 10-15 minute break, while they determine if the text exchange. Judge is also furious about unwillingness by both sides to set an actual schedule for Monday and Tuesday.

Judge allows just the first text to be admitted. It is Punk telling Chez about The Lump, the treatment by Duffy, and Amman. This is dated 2/14/2014 (one day after Duffy procedure)
Punk explains his relationship with Chez.
Punk stands by the text message.
Punk felt “relief” after the podcast. “I could move on with my life.”
Punk never listened to the podcast because “he lived it.”
Counsel: “Do you feel bad about anything you said in this podcast?” Punk: “No.”
Punk confirms the text exchange with Colt that ends in “but fuck him.” Him referring to Amman.
“Everything was the truth, and I think the truth can hurt.”
“He was threatening my friend with lawyers.”
Punk stands by the “essential truth” of his story on the podcast.
End of Day 4.
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"Punk has started crying."

fucking old bitch ass fag. i hope that ufc nigga kills him next weekend
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(09-02-2011, 05:38 AM)RawrBabyRawr Wrote:
it's funny because sal really does have muscles and those pictures he posted up really are of him. seriously.

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I vaguely remember seeing a lump at RR and saying it looked like a knot.
Man, this shit is so fucking fascinating to me. Punk seems hilarious in court. Confident too.

The texts between Punk and AJ are damning, I think. That proves that Punk, in a private conversation months before the podcast, was complaining about the doctor not helping him with the lump. It proves Punk didn't just make this shit up 10 months later for a podcast.

And Amann didn't come off well in his testimony either. Violating HIPAA laws by discussing Punk's health with other wrestlers. Handing out drugs in envelopes and apparently not fully cataloging them.

I'm no legal expert and I may end up totally wrong.....but I feel like Punk's gonna win this shit. He sounds like a guy who knows he has the truth on his side. Amman seems cagey and a little defensive.

The only thing Amann seems to have is that Punk exaggerated the size of the lump and he also seems to have said things that may not have been true (getting Zpacks vs. getting other antibiotics, staph vs. MRSA vs. cyst). The other concerning thing is Punk comes across as having a hatred for the doctor (in texts and on the podcast) and therefore it is conceivable that Amann's team could treat this like some kind of long standing grudge where Punk wanted to drag the doctors name through the mud just because be didn't like him.
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
Even with those things though, it doesn't come across like Punk was lying. Just that maybe he didn't necessarily know the difference between some of the medical specifics. That's pretty much normal for all of us. The gist of everything he's testified to still sounds like he was telling the entire truth.

Believing that you are/were telling the truth doesn't make liable or slander suits disappear. I'm with you in that Punk appears genuine through out this trial but that doesn't give him a free pass. That is what worries me.
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
I literally couldn’t care any less about this and I’m the biggest punk fan there was
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(06-01-2018, 10:51 PM)Chris Wrote: The only thing Amann seems to have is that Punk exaggerated the size of the lump and he also seems to have said things that may not have been true (getting Zacks vs. getting other antibiotics, staph vs. MRSA vs. cyst)

I wish he got mine

I find it interesting Punks demeanor. A couple different times he mentions being a different person in 2014, being bitter, etc. It sounds to me like he almost regrets the decisions he made around that time, to leave the way he did or handle things the way he did.
I dunno if it's necessarily just about how he left, but he was definitely bitter at the time. And it sucks man, the guy had so much passion for wrestling and WWE just killed it. I'm not surprised that he's getting emotional at times.

Or he is working to appear sympathetic or at least minimize the notion that he had a grudge with Amann. That may not be the case but it isn't beyond the realm of possibility. Punk has always felt more genuine than that but he has also done some shitty things over the years and with stakes this high it would be worth taking into consideration. For all we know, the judge is a corrupt piece of shit but if Punk can convince the jury, he will have won the battle.

I'm more interested to see what happens after this. Will there be future lawsuits? Will Amann keep his job? Will WWE continue to turn a blind eye to the shady unethical practices and documentation by their medical staff?
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(06-02-2018, 12:48 PM)Opitiplex Wrote: I literally couldn’t care any less about this and I’m the biggest punk fan there was

you're certainly the biggest something
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(09-02-2011, 05:38 AM)RawrBabyRawr Wrote:
it's funny because sal really does have muscles and those pictures he posted up really are of him. seriously.

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Reading and listening to a lot about this case and it's confusing. Like most people, I just automatically sided with Punk. But after reading about the MRSA and Patrick Duffy stuff especially, it sounds like both sides are kind of full of shit?
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That's my feelings on it. I side with Punk because this lawsuit is completely unnecessary but at the same time, he shouldn't have embellished so much. Punk's minimum punishment is that he is out of a lot of money and his own credibility has been damaged.
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Speaking of punk.. the timing is a little ironic.. anyone else remember or read(like I did) how lesnad is pretty much guaranteed to end punks record because the record ends sometime this week
[Image: 4mWpL7U.png]
That's a pretty meaningless milestone given the amount of appearances and defenses.
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
I don't see how Punk's embellishment really hurts his credibility. When he was talking on the podcast, he was clearly just shooting the shit with a friend. He wasn't carefully considering every word on the off chance he might be sued over it and have to testify 3 years later. So big deal if he said the lump was like the size of a baseball. Clearly exaggerating, but who among us hasn't said shit like that when we're telling a story to a friend? I never literally thought he meant it was the size of a baseball. That would be absurd and would have been visible on TV. It doesn't change the fact that he had a painful lump that he claims went untreated.

What is it about the Duffy stuff that makes Punk look bad?

Punk embellished but he did it with conviction. After going back and listening to different parts of the podcasts, this does not seem like the only thing that he claimed as fact (like Ryback breaking his ribs). Him talking about how he is a different person now but he doesn't regret anything he said is pretty two-faced. Things like that are going to damage your credibility. It isn't "just a conversation with a friend" and he knew that going into the podcast. He makes reference to how he waited to discuss all of this until he was legally free and clear from WWE (or so he thought). Just because Punk damaged his credibility in my eyes doesn't mean I don't like the guy but things like that can start to add up and I will keep that in the back of my mind with virtually every story he tells. Might as well call him Mr. 93,000.
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
Punk isn't stupid. He knew the audience he was going to have on that podcast. And in a case where you are claiming that a doctor did all these things, well, turns out none of those things were nearly as dramatic as said. Like he said the doctor never saw the lump because it was half the size of an egg and on his add and no one saw it other than AJ and Colt.
[Image: Chaos.png]

The other doctor and trainer never saw it. Punk still claims he showed it to Amman twice.

I really don't see how Punk even remotely lied so far and I don't see how his very slight embellishments in a conversation change anything in the overall truth of his story. Plus, Amman comes off as pretty unprofessional repeatedly in his own testimony and texts.

I'm not in court, obviously, but just from what I've read so far, if I'm a juror, I'm siding with Punk all the way so far.

I don't side with Amman either. I don't think anything was done to hurt him. But I also think Punk's claims were overblown. Basically, this whole case is ridiculous. And his embellishments weren't really slight, they were carny. They were 93,000 overblown. A softball sized lump vs one half the size of an egg, a lancing that shot onto the ceiling when there was little if any, screams in pain when there were none. If I'm a juror his credibility is shot when you say this happened, but with everything there is a caveat where you get a "well,not really like that per se but...". But he's a wrestler, this is how wrestlers tell stories.
[Image: Chaos.png]

If you guys are gonna use an arbitrary number to signify BS then you should use 78,000 insteas of 93,000 because those who claim the latter are more reliable. K thx fam.
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If Punk was a REAL worker(American) he'd just differentiate between CM Punk and Phil Brooks, like saying that CM Punk had a softball sized lump on his back vs Phil Brooks' egg sized one. Then the jury would understand and he'd have nothing to worry about.
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