Punk trial
Today's notes. Punk being cross examined by Amman's lawyer and AJ testifying:

Cross Examination of Phil Brooks (CM Punk)

Punk confirms discussing The Lump before podcast.
Punk has no clear memory of showing The Lump to Cabana.
Punk is reminded of his deposed answers, in which he said he showed The Lump to Cabana.
Punk confirms no one saw The Lump during the podcast recording
Punk confirms no photos of The Lump.
Punk confirms earliest The Lump may have appeared was fall 2013. Counsel: “Could it have been November?” Punk: “It could’ve been September.”
Punk confirms his deposed testimony
Punk confirms never measuring The Lump
Punk confirms being on WWE 2013 European Tour, and being treated by Dr. Sampson.
Amman’s attorney gets argumentative with Punk, when trying to narrow down the date of Punk first seeing The Lump.
Punk confirms complaints of rib pain, headaches, phlegm, etc. on European Tour.
Punk confirms never bringing up The Lump in November 2013.
Punk confirms not showing The Lump to Dr. Sampson in November 2013.
Punk confirms showing The Lump to Dr. Amman.
Punk confirms The Lump changed colors in December 2013.
Punk confirms The Lump was nickel-shaped in fall of 2013.
Punk refuses to confirm size of The Lump during visit with Amman.
Amman’s attorney starts using portions of Punk’s deposition but there is a fight over how much of the deposition counsel should use.
Punk confirms a baseball is bigger than a quarter.
In trying to get Punk to confirm his uses of the term “Doc” in the podcast, Amman’s attorney gets confused and has to reorient himself to his own evidence and line of questioning. It’s a slow and confusing moment. Amman’s attorney gets argumentative again.

Punk confirms Patrick Duffy is not a doctor.
Punk says that Duffy said definitely “Staph infection” during visit. When pressed on his “full blown staph” comment, Punk says “I don’t know the difference between a little bit of staph and a lot of staph.”
Punk cannot recall “Full Blown Staph” comment.
Punk cannot confirm measurement of The Lump. Counsel: “It’s a yes or no question.” Punk: “It’s not though.”
Punk cannot recall prescription of antibiotics from Amman.
Counsel debates the completeness of the podcasts quotes being used in questioning.
Punk confirms calling Patrick Duffy by the name “Patrick Bateman.”
Punk confirms declining getting a culture on The Lump.
Punk confirms that no doctor called The Lump “MRSA.”
Punk confirms believing MRSA and Staph are the same thing. “It’s all the same to me.”
Punk cannot confirm Duffy ever telling him The Lump would require hospitalization.
Punk confirms lying facedown for drainage procedure, and feeling discharge and fluid on neck and back.
Punk confirms Z-Pack texts to Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, etc. from Exhibit 21.
Punk confirms text in which he talks about Jericho asking about staph, “I feel like I’m playing chess with a pigeon.”
Punk confirms “Like a zit that was golfball size” text.
Punk confirms a golfball is smaller than a baseball.
Punk confirms he quit WWE before his second visit with Duffy.
Punk confirms asking for an excuse note from Duffy because “I know how petty they [WWE] are.”
Excuse form is shown, and reads “possible staph”
Punk confirms not questioning excuse note.
Punk confirms texting his sister Chez about The Lump.
Text from Punk to Mark Carrano: “Take me off all shows, I’m sick and have bruised ribs and concussion symptoms.”
Punk confirms never showing Vince McMahon or Mark Carrano The Lump.
Punk confirms “This Fucking Lump Hurts” conversation with AJ.
Punk says The Lump looked infected.
Punk confirms texting during Duffy visit.
Punk confirms cyst diagnosis.
Punk confirms clutching table in pain during Duffy drainage.
Texts between Amman and Punk are shown.
Punk confirms that Amman brought up bloodwork over Punk’s ill health.
10-15 minute break

Punk confirms blood work conversation.
Punk doesn’t recall getting a chest x-ray.
12/2/2013- Punk gets chest x-ray.
Punk cannot recall taking augmentin.
Punk confirms getting antibiotics from Amman.
Punk confirms symptoms: coughing, lack of sleep, rib pain
Punk confirms not texting about The Lump.
Punk confirms telling Larry Heck, in a text message, that he was “physically fine,” despite The Lump and concussion.
At this point, Counsel uses Punk’s statements about wanting to be in the main event of Wrestlemania to suggest that Punk was determined to blow WWE executives away with his Rumble performance. Counsel: “You still wanted to blow WWE away [so you could headline Wrestlemania]” Punk: “I don’t know.

Punk confirms saying he’d finish the match during Royal Rumble
Punk confirms the “I almost feel bad” and “but fuck him” texts.
Punk confirms he was never diagnosed with Staph by a doctor.
Punk confirms tweeting about “shitting” himself on an episode of Smackdown, as it was a side effect of antibiotics.
Punk admits saying The Lump was “on [his] back,” because it sounded better than “on [his] butt”
Punk confirms never measuring The Lump with coins, sporting equipment or eggs.
Punk confirms varying description of The Lump’s size from a “person,” to a “planet.”
Punk confirms never signing a HIPPA release.
Testimony of April Mendez Brooks (AJ Lee)

AJ confirms having no knowledge of testimony or any aspects of the trial.
AJ confirms being married to CM Punk.
AJ confirms former WWE employment. Currently an author and mental health advocate.
AJ confirms that AJ Lee has nothing to do with the YouTube account AJUniverse.
AJ confirms beginning relationship with Punk in August 2013.
AJ confirms being present on European Tour and witnessing the symptoms that Punk listed earlier.
AJ confirms seeing The Lump multiple times. AJ said it was on the “left butt.”
AJ confirms seeing The Lump for the first time in August of 2013. She says it started “zit-sized.”
AJ noticed The Lump growing and changing shape.
AJ can’t remember date of 2014 Royal Rumble, but remembers The Lump being at its biggest at the Rumble.
AJ confirms taking no notes or pics of The Lump.
AJ confirms herself, Punk & bus driver on Punk’s bus before Rumble.
AJ confirms Punk dressing on bus.
AJ confirms that Punk never got a heat pack applied inside his shorts.
AJ saw Punk talking with Amman in trainer’s room. She pushed Punk to have the conversation. Amman said to wait until after the Rumble match.
AJ confirms the “this fucking lump hurts” text messages.
AJ confirms that Punk never stabbed or poked The Lump like he said in text messages.
AJ cannot confirm Punk’s feelings about doctors.
AJ confirms believing Patrick Duffy was a doctor.
AJ confirms making Duffy appt.
AJ didn’t know Punk would have the procedure.
AJ surprised that Amman didn’t see The Lump as a problem sooner.

Lunch break

Continued Testimony of April Mendez Brooks (AJ Lee)

Defense turns over witness to the plaintiff.

AJ says trainer’s room meeting at 2014 Royal Rumble too place in early afternoon.
AJ can’t recall if Punk had received his heat pack treatment yet.
AJ confirms that, in August of 2013, The Lump looked like a pimple, “knuckle-sized.” Amman’s lawyer tries to get her to specify who’s knuckle, but is unsuccessful.
AJ confirms that Punk said The Lump was painless in August of 2018.
AJ originally felt The Lump, before seeing it.
AJ cannot recall some of her testimony, when pressed she responds “If it’s in there, I believe you.”
AJ describes The Lump at Royal Rumble as being like a “small fruit.”
Amman’s lawyer seem to be cherry picking their deposition quotes, leading to Punk’s team to call for the complete statements to be presented. AJ confirms that she didn’t know the size of The Lump.
AJ cannot specify when The Lump started to change colors. It occurred gradually.
AJ is presented with a text exchange that neither her, nor the defense recognizes as introduced. Counsel asked AJ if she recognized the exchange, to which she replied “This says Zack Ryder.” It is quickly understood that the wrong text messages have been presented. Amman’s lawyer corrects the error and presents the correct text exchange.

AJ, on saying Punk could give himself staph by poking The Lump, “I’m not a doctor. I don’t know what staph looks like. I was worried.”
Amman’s attorney again presents AJ with the wrong text exchanges.

AJ confirms the “don’t poke The Lump” texts.
Amman’s attorney yet again presents AJ with the wrong text exchanges.

AJ confirms the “I have a growth on my butt” text.
AJ confirms the “I’m gonna stab The Lump” texts, and refuses to say she thought The Lump was infected.
Amman’s attorney presents the wrong evidence again, and after correcting, AJ confirms the texts about Patrick Duffy.

AJ confirms the “doc” in texts is Amman.
AJ confirms texts about The Lump being a cyst or a lipoma.
AJ recalls the word “staph” being used, but can’t confirm the context.
AJ cannot recall conversations after the Duffy appt.
AJ cannot confirm the exact size of The Lump, and cannot give an exact measurement.
Plaintiff has no more questions

AJ confirms she doesn’t know the difference between Staph & MRSA.
AJ never measured The Lump with a ruler, fruit or sporting goods.
AJ confirms that her “small fruit” comparison was a “guesstimate”
Testimony of SpaSoak Massage Therapist (Corrine)

Corrine knows Punk as a client, has serviced him around 20 times.
Corrine learned about Punk’s profession through the receptionist before their first appointment.
Corrine defines Massage Therapy.
Corrine confirms Punk would be tastefully nude during massage (a towel is provided)
Corrine confirms being informed of a “suspicious spot” on buttock. She describes it as a “large, round lump,” “3” in diameter, 1″ raised,” and indicates it would’ve been on the left buttock.
Corrine confirms working on Punk in 2014. Confirmed by records that it was 1/30/2014.
“Still didn’t know what it was,” in regards to The Lump.
Corrine confirms discoloration of The Lump during 1/30/2014 visit.
Corrine indicates with her hands how big The Lump was, [roughly golfball or tennis ball sized]
Corrine confirms that at 4/24/2014 appointment The Lump was gone. Punk supposedly said it “turned out to be staph infection…lucky to be alive.” Corrine said he sounded relieved.
Defense ends questioning.
Corrine confirms there was initially no Lump when she started treating Punk, and that Punk was the one to bring The Lump to her.
Corrine confirms The Lump was sensitive.
Corrine can’t recall if she saw Punk in the “colder months.” Plaintiff tries to submit temperatures from the airport, but SpaSoak isn’t close enough to the airport for it to be relevant and a Sidebar is called.

Corrine doesn’t recall the weather in 2013.
Corrine is handed airport weather reports but it doesn’t refresh her memory.
No further questions from plaintiff.
No further questions from defense.
Judge briefly forgets about the other defense, but they also have no questions.
End of evidence.

The judge was in high spirits as she explained to the jury that they will hear closing arguments tomorrow and begin deliberation.
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Amman's lawyers are really hung up on the size of this lump. Again, if the best they can come up with is "Punk claimed it was like a baseball but it was really like a golf ball!" I don't think that is much of a case. He also said it was like a planet or a person. He was having a convo with a friend that he never expected to get sued over. He was being casual, I just don't see any of that makes a difference or how that in anyway undermines the essential truth of his story.

It sounds to me like Amman's lawyers realize that and that they don't have a case otherwise, so the best they can hope for is to try to pin Punk down on the size thing and say "look he lied!" because otherwise, the rest of his story is the truth.

Not a lawyer of course, but this feels like Amman's side grasping at straws.
[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

Amman never had a case. It was retarded.
[Image: Chaos.png]


Some of the stills you can see a lump, some you can’t.
God, I still can't believe they did that. Just a 3 minute video of close-ups of Punk's ass. What a weird thing to do.
[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

Bahaha. Dude doesn't deserve $4 let alone 4mil!
[Image: tumblr_pljv1rJI9t1rwax6fo1_400.png]
Absolutely bonkers.

Here's the notes from today. Jury is now deliberating.

Closing Arguments of Dr. Amman’s attorney

Plaintiff’s counsel defines a “Defamation Per Se” case, in which plaintiff doesn’t need to prove monetary damages, simply emotional distress and damages.
Plaintiff’s counsel states Punk made false statements. These statements were then published by Cabana.
Plaintiff’s counsel states that Punk knew the statements were false.
Plaintiff’s counsel states that Punk made the false statements, published by Colt, and that Colt believed the the statements were false.
Plaintiff’s counsel says Ep. 226 of Art of Wrestling contained false statements about The Lump. They say Colt published these statements, knowing they were false.
The testimony of Patrick Duffy is brought up, citing that Duffy is not a doctor, nor is he named Patrick Batemen (both of which are said in the podcast)
According to counsel, Duffy never said the cyst was “baseball-sized,” or remarkable in any way.
Counsel mentions that Duffy said “possible staph infection,” despite Punk’s statement.
“Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but it was never diagnosed.” -Counsel, about The Lump being staph infection.
Duffy never diagnosed The Lump as staph, and coded it in his treatment notes as a cyst.
Counsel mentions that both Duffy’s name or title are incorrect in Podcast statements.
Plaintiff’s counsel say that the podcast was presented as truth.
The Lump was described as a baseball in podcast, but in later texts is referred to as a golfball.
Counsel displays a golfball, a baseball, and a quarter, as to show size disparity.
“golfball” statement is five days after the podcast.
Counsel asks the jury if they’d have behaved the same as Punk.
Counsel brings up that Punk believed that the S in MRSA stood for staph.
Counsel suggests that the “baseball” sized lump never existed.
Counsel calls it a “false reality,” like the ones Punk writes for comic books.
Counsel brings up the testimony of John Cone and Larry Heck is brought up.
Glenn Jacobs’s testimony, says Punk never brought up The Lump.
Counsel says that Punk didn’t talk to other wrestlers about The Lump because “there was no lump.”
Counsel notes that texts about The Lump do not appear until after the 2014 Royal Rumble.
Counsel proposes that Punk was angered at Amman altering the finish to the 2014 Royal Rumble.
Photos of Punk at the Royal Rumble are shown.
Counsel brings up the testimony of April Mendez Brooks and Massage Therapist Corrine.
Corrine’s statements of seeing Punk in “cold weather” months is disputed, Counsel sites riding his bike around dates listed.
The size and color of lump is disputed.
Counsel describes the 2014 Royal Rumble. They state that Punk was concussed, but Amman’s “What do you want me to do” statement from Podcast has “no connection to the truth.” Amman told ring attendant Mark Yeaton that Punk had a concussion, and to relay that to production staff. Everyone one testified to Gorilla Position being concerned for Punk but Punk said “Fuck you, I’m staying in.” Counsel describes Punk as “defiant and belligerent.”
Counsel says Punk wanted to “dazzle” higher-ups at WWE, in an attempt to be involved in the main event of Wrestlemania.
If Punk’s claim of Amman asking “What do you want me to do about it” is true, then why would Dr. Amman tell Yeaton about concussion, other than to relay info to Gorilla Position.
Counsel claims that CM Punk is using the story to “get back” at Dr. Amman.
“I’m going to bury [Dr. Amman]” text is referenced.
“In the real world, Mr. Brooks’s statements do not make sense.”
Counsel brings up Drs. Sampson & Amman treating Punk for various ailments, including chest congestion, which is what Z-Packs are known to treat.
Counsel says that the defense used the Z-Pack stories to inject “a cloud of wrongfulness” into the case.
No evidence that Dr. Amman prescribes antibiotics for sleeplessness.
To be defamatory, the statements must be relayed to a third party.
Counsel says the nearly 4million listens as said third party.
Counsel cites tweets and fan chants as people throwing the podcast back at Dr. Amman.
Counsel says that Punk’s statements make it difficult for Dr. Amman to do his job.
“Doc” in the podcast referred to the ringside physician for the 2014 Royal Rumble. Dr. Amman was the sole ringside physician at said event.
“hostility and hate” directed towards Dr. Amman, post-podcast.
“Truth is a defense in all defamation cases,” but only if the truth is substantiated, which counsel says it was not.
Counsel refers to The Lump as “The Nodule.”
Counsel calls Punk’s testimony “self-serving.”
Statements were published by Cabana, and then republished and distributed by the media.
The original publisher (Colt) is liable for the republication.
In Defamation Per Se cases, reputation only has to be damaged to “the public at large.”
Counsel brings up the “I’m almost sorry I was mean” text, and says “The truth is not mean.”
Dr. Amman cannot even post an instagram picture of his father without receiving Z-Pack comments.
Tweets shown to jury:

“Dr. Amman should be fired ASAP.”
“#FireDrAmman” from Mike Litoris
“Nice malpractice, you fag.”
“Shame on you for almost killing [CM Punk]”
“Whenever I see Dr. Chris Amman, it reminds me of [staph misdiagnosis]”
Counsel cites the above tweets as “palpable proof” of injury to Dr. Amman’s reputation.
Counsel describes a False Light Defamation case

focuses on Plaintiff’s depiction
statements don’t need to be published
has to prove actual malice.
Despite bring up the half-an-egg measurement, Plaintiff’s counsel did not bring a half an egg to court.

Counsel says that Colt knew that what he saw didn’t match up to what he was told.
Colt did not corroborate statements.
“He purposefully avoided the truth.”
Defamation Per Se case presumes damages.
Counsel says that as Dr. Amman is “not as flamboyant, he doesn’t try to steal the show.”
“Words hurt far more than sticks and stones.”
Words “strike at the heart, they strike at the mind, they strike at the soul.”
“It’s a hurt that doesn’t go away.”
Counsel says that if there truly was a staph infection that Punk would’ve done more than “go on a podcast and promote himself.”
Counsel seeks $1 per stream of the podcast ($3.989million)
Counsel ends their closing arguments.
Closing arguments of CM Punk’s attorney

Burden of proof is on the plaintiffs, burden of “gist” is on defense.
Counsel says that Colt and Punk aren’t court reporters, they summarize.
Counsel says that telling stories is how people share with each other, and that storytelling methods vary from person to person.
“People tell stories of their life differently.”
Counsel says Punk had a plethora of medical problems in 2013.
Counsel shows evidence of Punk complaining of ailments multiple times
Defense corroborates Punk’s symptoms with concussion symptoms.
Defense mentions Punk meeting with Dr. Sampson.
Defense shows that WWE Medical Records are not a reliable source, as they never listed any of Punk’s antibiotic prescriptions
Texts to Dr. Amman prove that antibiotic distribution was done without restriction. Punk could get antibiotics whenever he wants.
Dr. Amman gave Punk antibiotics without records.
“There are extensive records.” -Dr. Amman in text. “Are you kidding me?” -Punk’s counsel
Text is shown where Dr. Amman says that Punk fabricated “pretty much everything.”
Counsel moves on to the concussion.
“It was a real contact. It caused a real injury, a brain injury.” -on the concussion cause by Kofi Kingston.
Royal Rumble response is disputed.
Defense says that there were no witnesses or recordings of Punk’s ringside conversation with Amman.
Defense finds the idea that there was no lump to be ridiculous.
Defense states that the Plaintiff’s case is unclear about The Lump.
Corrine’s testimony is brought up. She is not a wrestling fan and has no reason to lie for Punk.
AJ and Punk being co-workers, and in contact everyday, gives context to why texts about The Lump do not appear until after the Royal Rumble.
Counsel does not dispute the incision and drainage, done by Duffy.
Counsel says Duffy prescribed antibiotics that treat staph and MRSA.
Defense shows how tight Punk’s wrestling gear is, referring to them as “super spanx,” and that they could compress The Lump.
Defense confirms that Punk changed and showered on his bus, as reason that no one saw The Lump.
Defense says that Punk and Cabana are trained storytellers, and would’ve been better liars if they were “mythmaking” as the Plaintiff states.
Defense calls the idea that there was no lump before Royal Rumble a “farce.”
Defense asks the jury who they believe, the very busy Dr. Amman or CM Punk?
Defense believes the patient will have a better memory than the doctor.
Defense believes that AJ would’ve been more concerned about The Lump than Punk was.
“[Amman] had a lot on his plate, [Punk] had a lump on his butt.”
Defense states the misrepresentation of Duffy in podcast was an “honest mistake.”
Defense compares Duffy’s testimony to Punk’s. They describe Duffy as scattered and general.
Defense says a cyst can be infected.
“Did Phil believe he was lying? No.”
Defense says that Amman came from an idyllic home of privilege and that often causes one to lose perspective and believe that “any bump in the road to be a $7 million case.”
Defense describes Dr. Amman’s vanity searching as “picking the scab.”
Twitter is an “open window in the kitchen”
Defense states that Dr. Amman has no problems with co-workers, friends or patients. Dr. Amman has not sought therapy and sleeps 8 hours a night.
Defense says that Punk and Cabana are not to blame for the ills of Social Media.
“Why do we care about the trolls of the world?”
Describes wrestling events as a “unique place.”
“What is your reputation worth to the Mike Litorises of the world?”
Colt Caban’s attorney “cuts to the chase” and delivers a list

Episode 226 was about Punk, not Dr. Amman. Dr. Amman isn’t brought up until the end.
Colt never said anything defamatory about Dr. Amman.
Dr. Amman is only named twice in Ep. 226.
Cabana didn’t doubt the truth of the statements
Cabana didn’t believe anything Punk said about The Lump to be false.
Colt had no idea that Punk was talking about Dr. Amman.
“Doc” is a colloquialism used for the entire WWE Medical Staff.
Dr. Amman never emailed Cabana.
This is struck from the record as it has to do with monetary damages, which are not factored in a Defamation Per Se case.
Not one person testified that they believed the Podcast. No proof that Mike Litoris’s opinion changed of Dr. Amman, just that Mr. Litoris made his opinion known on twitter.
Colt’s Counsel says there’s no reason for Dr. Amman to bring claims against Punk & Cabana.

Rebuttal from Plaintiff’s Counsel

Dr. Amman’s license has always been “in good standing.”
Statements were repeated by more than just “media trolls.” Counsel cites the Washington Post.
HIPA is not a case.
“It was me who wrote the complaint,” counsel stating that Dr. Amman never violated HIPA as he didn’t write the Cease & Desist.
Dr. Amman had no reason to go on The Art of Wrestling and help “sell Colt t-shirts and merch.”
Counsel says that Dr. Amman wasn’t “picking scabs,” when googling himself on Thanksgiving. Counsel describes it as a “fresh wound.”
Counsel describes Dr. Amman’s thanksgiving being a “nightmare.”
“Easy to call things a joke when its not targeted at you.”
Closing arguments end, Jury is instructed, Jury begins deliberation.
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So basically, Amman's side is arguing that there was never even a lump, which is ridiculous since multiple people testified to seeing it and he has medical records proving it was drained.

And they also seem really hung up on Punk calling the doctor "Patrick Bateman" as evidence that he's a liar, even though he was clearly (and even said on the podcast) that it's not his real name and he just thought he looked like the guy from American Psycho.

Man, if Punk somehow loses this, I'm gonna be reeeeaaaal disappointed with the jury.

Also: “What is your reputation worth to the Mike Litorises of the world?”

Punk's lawyer is the best. Award HIM $4 million.
[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

Jury has reached a verdict after deliberating for 2 hours. Everyone's headed back to the court room now.
[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

Punk and Cabana win! Jury found in favor of them on all counts. Neither will have to pay anything.
[Image: jx9SHdi.png]


[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

[Image: tumblr_pljv1rJI9t1rwax6fo1_400.png]

Biggest bit of news is at the end:

Interviewer: are you All In?
Punk: I'm not.
[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

It's a swerve! He's no longer under oath.

Win the Day!

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He should've said he's going to be filming a movie in China
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Can't. She was cremated.

[Image: 337035F500000578-3554333-image-a-2_1461354470770.jpg]
Too soon?
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Punk talking about the trial in detail, along with other stuff like returning to wrestling and UFC this weekend.
[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

Punk confirms that he is done with pro wrestling. But is he trying to swerve us? Hmmmm....
[Image: tumblr_pljv1rJI9t1rwax6fo1_400.png]
I won't believe him until after All In. He's already scheduled for an autograph signing that weekend and there were rumors that he was backstage at the press conference a couple weeks ago. I still think there's a chance he makes an appearance. If he doesn't, then yeah, he's probably done. I think if he's ever going to make an appearance in wrestling again, it'll be at All In.

I think a lot of it also depends on it he loses on Saturday. During that interview I posted, Ariel asked Punk if he planned to fight again after Saturday. The last time he was asked that question before the first fight, he was "100% absolutely, yes I will fight again." But this time, he said he didn't know. I think if he loses on Saturday, he's done with MMA. But if he wins, I think he may stick with it. Dana White said today that if Punk wins, he'd be open to giving him a 3rd fight. And if that happens, I don't see him doing All In. He's gonna still be training every day.
[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

UGH i'm so over this overrated prima donna crying in court fag.

i hope my main man mike jackson leaves him brain dead
[Image: 34s2o15.jpg]
(09-02-2011, 05:38 AM)RawrBabyRawr Wrote:
it's funny because sal really does have muscles and those pictures he posted up really are of him. seriously.


So apparently it came out in court documents that Dr. Amann had a sexual relationship with former WWE diva Jillian Hall (as well as an unnamed female indie wrestler who he met at a WWE tryout). A pretty big ethics issue for a doctor and patient and I won't be the least bit surprised if WWE fires him over this.

Starting to think maybe Amann should have just shut the fuck up and ignored the meanies on Twitter.
[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

Uh oh spaghettios
Yeah, that's grounds for revocation of his medical license according to the AMA.
[Image: Chaos.png]

whores like fucking doctors. i know a few that do for prescription hookups. this isn't news.
[Image: 34s2o15.jpg]
(09-02-2011, 05:38 AM)RawrBabyRawr Wrote:
it's funny because sal really does have muscles and those pictures he posted up really are of him. seriously.

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This guy is clearly an idiot.

Last night I listened to Colt's podcast on the trial. Good episode and nice to hear a little more detailed info on what it was like.
[Image: tumblr_pljv1rJI9t1rwax6fo1_400.png]
The episode where Colt had given his thoughts on the trial during each day? Yeah I listened to that too. Interesting stuff and I felt really bad for Colt. Poor guy lost a lot of money over some shit he never should have been involved in to begin with.
[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

That's the one. He also did WOL the day after but it wasn't nearly as good.
[Image: tumblr_pljv1rJI9t1rwax6fo1_400.png]
So colt is now suing punk lolol

Said Punk promised he’d pay all his legal expenses over 500k #swerve
[Image: 4mWpL7U.png]
[Image: 34s2o15.jpg]
(09-02-2011, 05:38 AM)RawrBabyRawr Wrote:
it's funny because sal really does have muscles and those pictures he posted up really are of him. seriously.

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Never lie to a jew, especially when it's "I'll cover the bill".
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Don't be a cuck, be a sick fuck instead at http://thesfu.net/forums/
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