Progress and ICW Finally Coming to WWE Network?
From the latest Observer

While this has been said before, including at a WWE Investors call, and Vince McMahon changed his mind on it, right now the idea of ICW and Progress from the U.K. going to the WWE Network is back on, at least this week. But this is close enough that we’ve been told the announcement, if it happens, would be coming right around the time or at the Royal Albert Hall shows

We’ve been through this before, but it seems to have more momentum this time with all the talk recently of the tiered Network
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I was readong about it earlier. I'd be down for that.
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I've only ever seen clips from either of those companies. Look forward to checking it out.

I was the same way as you Peezy (minus the Progress show I went to WM weekend). That show ended up being a lot of fun. Their crowd and ICW's crowds are a lot like PWG but slightly more classy.
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