ProWrestling Crate
Never did a crate subscription, decided I’d do it last month for the Best of the Indies 3 Theme.

This is the haul;

There’s a BTE poster and a Candice Lerae autograph 8x10
I like PWT and try to support them as much as I can, but for some reason can never bring myself to spend money on the crates.

Looks dope though. I like the exclusive tees they do.
[Image: 330skup.jpg]

The $29 for 2 shirts is justifiable. The other stuff eh. This month’s theme is TagTeams, none of them looked interesting to me.
I've done it for the last 8 months via the Cheap Heat package. I'm not a fan of the random shirt idea. The $10 for a random Auto and DVD and more has always been a steal. Plus for the last 7 months they threw in a pin... but this month... no pin... just the gay ass coaster. Pretty disappointed in this month's package as the auto/dvd/coaster/poster kinda blew. It seems to pretty much rock every other month. It's also kind of easy to predict the auto's based on the store's upcoming events and I know Haku/Barbarian were just at the PWtees store so I'm assuming that'll be the auto (which is dope!) as Jake The Snake was there and then his auto came, Jim Ross was there and then his auto came.
I've owned enough random wrestling stuff in my life and continue to collect things I like. But I'm just not into getting random stuff each month that will probably end up in the trash or at Goodwill.
[Image: Chase-Field-2-1024x732.jpg]

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