Andre the Giant Documentary
Anyone else watch this yet?

Caught it last night. Pretty solid documentary overall. Of course, most of us marks already know a lot about Andre from his wrestling life, personal life, details;etc so that part of it won't come as any surprise but I really like that the documentary portrays a good balance of both the good and the bad. On one hand, it's his fault for his health deteriorating as quickly as it did given the amount of alcohol he consumed (he still holds the guiness world record for most beers consumed in a 12 hour period which is 106 IIRC) but on the other hand it was also unavoidable given the growth of his body and major organs. One thing that it covers is that there would have been no way out for him either way no matter what kind of surgeries, transplants or other medical procedures he would have undergone so if anything it would have just been delaying the inevitable. Overall, there are a lot of good interviews in it from Hogan, Flair, Tim White, Mean Gene, Vince/Shane, Meltz, his biological daughter, brothers;etc. Much like the Flair documentary that ESPN did, there are lots of entertaining stories but also some really sad ones that make you feel legit bad for the guy. Either way it's worth the watch.
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Planning to watch it tonight actually. Heard good things.
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You can give it a review if you'd like since lately we've been seeing more eye level on just about everything (other than height here).
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Tim White = so goddamn sad
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Pretty good watch
Good. Nothing groundbreaking. The last half hour drags and there is a lot of kayfabe and mythology. However, it is great to see footage that I've never seen and so many takes on what his life was like. Everything prior to WM3 was a joy to watch.
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Vince appeared like a genuine human for about 10 seconds towards the end.

The part about Andre hating Randy Savage had me cracking up.
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