Official WWE Wrestlemania 34 Betting Thread
Zack T - 38
Peezy - 27 (41 before incorrect cash in bet)
Opitiplex - 27 (41 before)
DangPlex - 29 (43 before)
Obsidian - 46 (60 before cash in - You have to place the cash in bet on top of all others, not at the bottom)
L - 18 (32 before - again, cash in bets have to be placed above all else as the most valued bet)
tehgiftofgab - 27 (41 before)
Rob - 39

Winner of Wrestlemania even with a failed cash in bet - Obsidian! :o :o :o Heart :D

So I watched WrestleMania itself last night, watched the preshow this morning.

Andre Battle Royal - I just fuckin KNEW Matt Hardy was winning. I felt it was between him and Ziggler, and when Ziggler went out, I was like "That's it, Matt's winning". I didn't call Bray helping him though, that was neat. Also, I dunno what was with delayed winning music for both battle royals, but it was especially poignant on this one. Made us go "wait is Bray in the BR? Is he not? Is he? ...Oh he's not, ok". Kinda deflated the moment.

Cruiserweight Match - Mustafa looked cool. Decent match, they didn't have as much time but they did fine. I'm tired of these "We're best friends!" storylines when they make 2 faces fight each other. Most of the time when they do that, it's with 2 dudes who, before the feud, barely had any interaction and it really kills the story for me.

Women's Battle Royal - This was pretty good. I was mad at Peezy in the middle of it for making me doubt myself and change my bet to Becky Lynch because I thought Sasha or Bayley would win it. But then we both ended up being wrong and Naomi gets a weird out of no where win that really made no sense and kinda stomped all over Bayley's moment. Should've been Sasha IMO.

Intercontinental Title Match - I knew Finn wasn't winning as soon as he came out NOT as the Demon. Kinda stupid. It's the biggest stage of them all, but let's NOT have Finn do the cool ass thing that's helped him get over. ... Kinda glad they didn't though, just because I don't want the demon to lose. Seth winning was fine, I did want Finn to win, but oh well. Seth's grand slam champ now, and that means all 3 members of the Shield are now grand slam champs so that's cool. Pretty alright match.

Charlotte/Asuka - Good match, surprised it was so early in the card but it was real solid. Absolutely shocked that Asuka lost, and via submission no less. I was expecting her to fight out of the Figure 8 somehow, I mean no one has yet but I figured if anyone could find a way it'd have been Asuka. Or hell, at least endured in it for a bit longer. After all the punishment she took in NXT, you'd think she'd have lasted longer in it. But it is what it is, and honestly Charlotte beating Asuka doesn't bother me. Charlotte's probably the most legitimate opponent she's ever had in WWE so I'm alright with it, at least we didn't get Carmella cashing in on Asuka and winning. That'd have been super stupid. Also, LOL @ Cena running up the ramp in the middle of Charlotte's victory walk. Charlotte sees him run by and says "That was John Cena" and Asuka looks on like wat lol

US title Match - Honestly I thought this was fun. You take most of these guys 1 on 1 and the match will probably be a bit boring, but the 4 of them together meant enough action to keep it going. Rusev looked great and he was over as fuck, Jinder looked like a darker Tony Nese for most of it. Jinder winning was just...surprising. Also ironic that Jinder has taken both the WWE and US titles away from Randy Orton. Oh damnit, this means we'll get Randy vs Jinder again 1 on 1 for Randy's rematch here soon. Sonofabitch.

Rousey/Angle vs HHH/Steph - This went on long, but it was actually really surprisingly good. Stephanie and Rousey especially both impressed me. Stephanie is clearly in great shape and did her physical parts well but what really impressed me was her psychology. It makes sense, she should be very on point, but it's just like...come on. When Stephanie, who has wrestled only a handful of matches in her life, has better psychology than a lot of both men and women on the roster, maybe the rest of them should step the fuck up. Anyway, Rousey was quite impressive too in her execution and her intensity. I also LOVED that they finally were like "FUCK IT" with the male/female violence and actually had Triple H get a little handsey with Ronda AND Kurt DELIBERATELY getting physical with Stephanie. Triple H backing the ref into the corner and telling him to just let it go so he could fight Ronda was awesome and it made perfect sense. Ronda was in a great position here to be carried by 3 people with high psychology and it paid off.

Undertaker/Cena - I loved Elias coming out when he did, what a jerk move. I also loved how Cena reacted to everything Taker did. I loved that he finally started to try and get going, get that 5 knuckle shuffle and just fell down in fear/surprise the way he did, that was grade A awesome. That chokeslam he got was insanely wicked, and 1 Tombstone later it was over. I think the point of this match was to give Taker a win to go out on, instead of a loss to Roman. You can thank Cena for wanting to make sure Taker didn't go out that way. This wasn't meant to be the epic match we'd all like to see and honestly I don't know that we'll ever get THAT match, given Taker's age now. It's not like the loss is gonna hurt John at all anyway.

Smackdown Tag Titles - New Day's stuff was hilarious. Sadly I expected a short match, but I'm glad they at least got one. Bludgeon Brothers winning felt blah though but here we are.

DBry/Shane vs KO/Sami - I legit had tears in my eyes for DBry's entrance and for him finally getting legally in the match and the reactions and him winning it for them, so happy for him and he's wonderful and back and all is right in the world. As for KO/Sami, my guess is this is gonna lead to them going to Raw.

Nia/Alexa - Didn't expect this to be super awesome, but it served it's purpose to give the crowd a chance to breathe while we prepare for WWE title match. Expected Nia to win, kind've would've preferred more of a squash, but whatever. I don't think the audience in general is really accepting Nia as this heroic female role model just yet though. She was portrayed as a monster bully for the entirety of her NXT and WWE career and all of a sudden she starts getting called fat and stupid by Alexa Bliss and her feelings get hurt and she cries and just takes it for a few weeks? I get what they were trying to accomplish but the method made no sense.

Shinsuke/AJ - While I did like the match, it didn't feel as epic to me either, like hedgehog said. And I think part of that falls on my TV for not being loud enough to really channel the crowd through as much in WrestleMania. But it was a good match, and AJ retaining was real surprising but not unwelcome. I did think it was gonna be Shinsuke's night, but I felt AJ deserved the win too. But having Shinsuke turn on him afterwards is beautiful, I think Shinsuke needed that. He just hasn't really done that great since debuting on the main roster and I think his persona and his in ring style will make him an excellent heel and that'll likely lead to him winning the belt.

Raw Tag Title Match - This was fucking silly and I loved it. I'm sure they picked the kid out beforehand, but who knows, maybe they didn't? I haven't looked it up to find out just yet. Either way, Braun just went full face and it's ridiculous, like most everything Braun does. But it works, and I had the same thought that Peezy and CAGE did - Braun just goes from town to town asking random kids in the audience to be his partner. His partner isn't truly Nicholas, it's the "WWE Universe".

Brock/Roman - Fuck this match. Just fuck it all over. Brock/Roman from WM 31 was way better than this. This, it started off good. I liked the intensity at the start, I liked the back and forth it had, but once we got to the "I'm gonna keep hitting F5's and Roman's gonna keep kicking out" part, it just lost me. It was fucking dumb, and I mean it did play to all of our expectations that Roman was gonna go full on superman and miraculously overcome Brock, but the swerve of Brock finally putting him down with the 6th or 7th F5 made me pop hard. However, it was still fuckin stupid because why the fuck are you gonna build up the F5 for a year to make it that everyone goes down with just 1, even Braun Strowman and even Roman Reigns at Summerslam, but now tonight Roman kicks out of 5 of them (1 of them even through the announcer's table)? It was just bad booking and lazy wrestling. I don't understand it. I don't know where we go from here though - Brock is going back to UFC with no doubts, that's been publicly announced. So maybe he's gonna do both? They've shown that no one in WWE can beat Brock Lesnar 1 on 1 right now, not even Braun or Roman. So either Brock's gonna keep the title, or they're gonna take it off him on a way that he doesn't have to lose, like a triple threat or fatal 4-way. Or hell, maybe he'll leave and say "Fuck it, I don't need this anymore, bye" and relinquish the belt.

Overall, I was very sports entertained.
Holy shit I NEVER win at these LOL
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I think Lesnar chews tobacco. Truly a Montana farm boy.
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Apparently Brock went off last night on Vince

Quote:According to Ryan Satin, several sources are claiming that Lesnar yelled directly at Vince McMahon and McMahon was not happy about it. Lesnar also allegedly threw the Universal Title belt and walked off. There is speculation that Lesnar might have gone off the script towards the end of the match.

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Just realized that I forgot all about DB/Shane vs KO/Zayn in my thoughts, which shows even more how god damn long this show was that I forgot all about one of the biggest moments by the end of it. But to be fair it was kinda forgettable. I almost thought they were gonna have Bryan be laid out for the whole match and KO and Sami were just gonna beat Shane to keep their jobs, but even 2 on 1 and Shane being half dead they were barely keeping him down. Then Bryan finally came in and pretty much squashed them both and that was that. Guess they're gonna show up tonight and join Raw, but I don't really see what they can do on that show that they weren't doing on Smackdown.
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(04-09-2018, 02:15 PM)Ceallach Wrote: Apparently Brock went off last night on Vince

Quote:According to Ryan Satin, several sources are claiming that Lesnar yelled directly at Vince McMahon and McMahon was not happy about it. Lesnar also allegedly threw the Universal Title belt and walked off. There is speculation that Lesnar might have gone off the script towards the end of the match.

There is no way that blood was ok’d by vince? Right? If not than Brock better get the Bautista fine.

I love Brock but his time is up. It’s time for him to go. Literally. Show up on Raw. Claim dominance, drop the belt and don’t show your face again until your Hall of Fame in 10 years
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Looked like Reigns bladed
I dunno, it happened in the same way that Randy got busted open by Brock - So it might've been an accident, or might've been an intentional hard-way.

I wonder if Brock really did go off on Vince and if so, why? I'd venture to guess he'd not be pleased about having Roman kick out of fuckin 5 F5's.

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