Former TNA Star to be Inducted into WWE H-A-Double-L of Fame
Probably because if they keep wanting to make such a big deal out of it and use the arena for a HOF ceremony, it's not as financially viable to occupy it for just 1 or 2 hours. So gotta pack in like 10 names so it can be stretched out to about 4 hours and get their money's worth out of it
It's not sustainable. Besides, as much as I like him, how many more seats did Mark Henry sell this year as opposed to saving him and announcing him earlier for Next year?
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Yeah the WWE Hall of Fame has kinda lost any exclusivity that made it special. We'll be getting Mantaur and Godfather Ho #6 eventually.
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Godfather Ho #6 was a former hardcore champion, and that's more than some people already in accomplished, so it could happen.
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They need to expand it to make it a little more legit. You could honestly say the modern WWE includes damn near every major US organization from the last 60 years. So start putting in NWA legends, AWA legends, classic promoter and more. You're running out of interesting WWE guys.

If they hadn't done the Legacy category there could have been epic ceremonies for like Rikidozan and Lou Thesz
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The Mil Mascaras induction was boring as fuck.
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Legacy inductions for this year announced

* Former WWWF champion Stan Stasiak
* Lord Alfred Hayes
* Dara Singh
* Cora Combs
* El Santo
* Jim Londos
* Rufus J. Jones
* Sputnik Monroe
* Boris “The Great” Malenko
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Great Milenko is a really good joker's card, glad to see they're showing it some respect
Fuck yeah, Sputnik Monroe represent. Memphis legend. Literally helped end segregation in this city.
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Yea cause I’m sure there’s no segregation in Memphis
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