Sexy Star
I don’t see this posted anywhere but I just found this out and need to talk about it. So sorry if this is already talked about.
Sexy Star, I instantly grown to love her after I started watched Lucha Underground. She’s insanely talented and equally beautiful.
Apparently(old news) she went nuts and tried to break this chick Rosemary’s arm during a match. She is now disgraced and pretty much blacklisted.

From what Ive been reading, Sexy Star and Lady ?Shani? Had some pre existing bad blood. I tried to analyze the match best I can, it seems like Lady Shani refuses to sell some hits so Star punches her legit. From there you can tell they stop selling each other’s hits and are legit fighting. I think this pushes Star over the edge and she just goes over the top on Rosemary, who had nothing to do with anything.
Sexy Star issued some terrible statements to save face, but she pretty much just blames Rosemary for not having the same style as her.....I really want to defend Sexy Star because I’m going to marry her.....but goddamnit!

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Fuck! Thanks.
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