Coliseum Home Video: Coming to WWE Network
We’ve waited and waited to see what the classic content will be for February ever since the Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling drop took place earlier this month. Now, WWE Network News can exclusively reveal both what classic content will be hitting the WWE Network, but also the date in which it will become available. And it is something that has been long awaited by many fans.

WWE Coliseum Home Video releases will be making their way to the WWE Network! This was mentioned as a potential content drop by PWInsider, although they gave 50/50 odds on it being superseded by WCW Thunder instead. Now we have clarification.

For those unaware, before WWE Home Video or even WWF Home Video, there were Coliseum Home Video releases. Some of these highlighted a certain show, some highlighted specific talent, while others, such as Fan Favorites or Most Embarrassing Moments, followed a unique theme. These videos also often times featured either rarely seen or exclusive matches. Some went as far back as to feature matches from the 1960’s, while some had hidden gems with the likes of Bret Hart taped and shown exclusively on that select video.

And now WWE Network News can exclusively reveal that a substantial selection (with an exact number still pending) of these early home video releases will be made available on the WWE Network from Monday, February 5th! To be clear, everything currently points to this being a one-day drop in the same vein as last month.
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I remember one with Yokozuna destroying Hacksaw Jim Duggan
That is awesome
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Holy shit bro's, this takes me back!! Here's a list of Coliseum vids, I rented so many of these as a kid!!
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I remember going to Hollywood Video, Blockbuster or some smaller local video rental stores and the first thing I always did was ditch my parents to see if there were any new WWF/Coliseum videos that I hadn't seen. I'm pretty damn sure that I've seen close to every video on that list at least once. This may sway me to sign back up for a Network subscription for a bit.

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I'll have to use my stolen WWE Network login to check these out. Does anyone know if WWE network is geolocked or restricted? I will be out of the country.
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i have a bunch of coliseums in a bin somewhere in my garage. i would always buy them up when they went to the dollar bins at the video stores. also always rented them every week like Rob. good times
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(01-25-2018, 01:58 PM)Rob Wrote: I remember going to Hollywood Video, Blockbuster or some smaller local video rental stores and the first thing I always did was ditch my parents to see if there were any new WWF/Coliseum videos that I hadn't seen. I'm pretty damn sure that I've seen close to every video on that list at least once. This may sway me to sign back up for a Network subscription for a bit.

Man...exact same thing. Fuck, Hollywood Video takes me back.
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It was always a sad day when they had a new video but it was already rented out. These videos are the reason that my brother and I finally got our own VCR in our room. My brother was my wrestling partner in recreating in matches.

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Same here with the video stores. I always went to the wrestling section first. My local rental store didn't get videos in very often. I remember renting the 1990 Rumble, Best of Demolition, and a few others. The only official tapes I owned were random compilations and Wrestlemania VIII which was on clearance at a grocery store.
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We didn't go this one very often, but there was this little local video rental place out in Rockwood that had it own little wall dedicated to wrestling tapes. There at least 40 different tapes at any given time. I knew that I had a tough choice every time we went there because my dad would only let us get one tape at a time and my brother and I had to agree on the tape.

We always went for the WWF tapes, but they had a decent selection of videos from other promotions as well. I'm fairly certain that there were NJPW, WCW and one of the Mexican promotions as well.

Fuck I miss going there.

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i used to play basketball at a YMCA and then after on tuesday there was a video store next door that had 2 for 99 cent video rentals. they had tons of wwf and wcw tapes there. added bonus: the warrior's gym was also in that shopping center to add to the experience
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Is thunder coming?!
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Thunder is coming this year from what I heard as is some of WCW Saturday Night. Here is a list of the CHVs being uploaded in 2 days:

Bloopers, Bleeps, and Bodyslams
(Dated: 04/12/1985 – Duration: 01:18:29)

Unusual Matches*
(Dated: 05/16/1985 – Duration: 01:27:00)

Big, Small, Strange, Strong*
(Dated: 12/11/1985 – Duration: 01:20:18)

Grudge Match ’86*
(Dated: 03/27/1986 – Duration: 01:25:14)

Villains of the Squared Circle*
(Dated: 06/06/1986 – Duration: 01:10:40)

Inside the Steel Cage*
(Dated: 12/11/1986 – Duration: 01:24:25)

Grand Slams*
(Dated: 12/11/1986 – Duration: 01:14:30)

Most Embarrassing Moments*
(Dated: 12/15/1987 – Duration: 01:24:12)

Brains Behind the Brawn
(Dated: 02/27/1989 – Duration: 01:25:56)

(Dated: 03/21/1990 – Duration: 01:56:30)

Wrestling Superheroes
(Dated: 03/21/1990 – Duration: 00:54:37)

WrestleFest ’90
(Dated: 06/27/1990 – Duration: 01:56:30)

Wrestling Tough Guys
(Dated: 09/27/1990 – Duration: 00:56:27)

World Tour ’90*
(Dated: 05/23/1990 – Duration: 01:50:40)

SuperTape II
(Dated: 07/25/1990 – Duration: 02:09:59)

Hottest Matches
(Dated: 10/25/1990 – Duration: 02:06:06)

SuperTape III
(Dated: 01/24/1991 – Duration: 02:00:21)

Funniest Moments
(Dated: 02/27/1991 – Duration: 00:57:50)

Mega Matches*
(Dated: 03/28/1991 – Duration: 02:00:52)

Greatest Hits
(Dated: 04/25/1991 – Duration: 01:00:20)

SuperTape IV*
(Dated: 05/23/1991 – Duration: 01:57:41)

WrestleFest ’91
(Dated: 07/25/1991 – Duration: 01:51:01)

Wrestling’s Greatest Champions
(Dated: 07/30/1991 – Duration: 00:57:17)

World Tour ’91
(Dated: 08/22/1991 – Duration: 01:46:40)

Battle at The Royal Albert Hall*
(Dated: 10/03/1991 – Duration: 02:40:32)

Rampage ’91
(Dated: 10/24/1991 – Duration: 01:56:14)

SuperTape ’92
(Dated: 02/27/1992 – Duration: 02:18:08)

Invasion ’92
(Dated: 03/26/1992 – Duration: 01:46:18)

Euro Rampage ’92*
(Dated: 04/19/1992 – Duration: 02:19:01)

Crunch Classic
(Dated: 05/28/1992 – Duration: 01:40:54)

WrestleFest ’92
(Dated: 07/23/1992 – Duration: 01:51:29)

World Tour ’92
(Dated: 08/27/1992 – Duration: 01:44:50)

Rampage ’92*
(Dated: 10/22/1992 – Duration: 01:49:40)

WrestleFest ’93
(Dated: 01/30/1993 – Duration: 02:19:58)

Smack’Em Whack’Em
(Dated: 03/31/1993 – Duration: 01:57:16)

UK Rampage ’93
(Dated: 04/11/1993 – Duration: 01:34:38)

Bashed in the USA
(Dated: 06/23/1993 – Duration: 01:57:03)

Invasion of the Bodyslammers
(Dated: 06/24/1993 – Duration: 01:57:06)
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Oh man, some of those titles such a rush of nostalgia.
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I just may have to start watching the Network again regularly
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Yup. Definitely signing back up for the Network. Fuckers managed to drag be back in.

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You can get a free trial!
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I may just do the free trial. I'm able to rip videos from WWE Network and have a spare 4TB HD laying around as well.

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What technique do you use?
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I would love to know how to rip these videos
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Program called Atresdownloader or adownloader for short. It's not in English but it's legit and can also rip a bunch of other sites and NJPWWORLD as well.

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I used to rip WWE PPVs for BTN, but other people were able to do it quicker so I backed off on doing them.

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