PS4 Homebrew Enabler, Backups Playable Now
So you need to be on 4.05, it runs similar to how you homebrew on the PS Vita

1.Run the PS4HEN Payload
2.Put your homebrew at the root of an external usb fat32 hard drive
3.Disable your internet connection (people mention a risk that the package installer would like to download and install the latest firmware)
4.Install the homebrew through Package installer
5.Run the homebrew like any regular app

PS4 hen -
Hen webpage -

Be aware any game that requires a fw over 4.05, you'll have to find a modified pkg.
[Image: Chaos.png]

A cool thing that was unlocked/discovered from this is the built in PS4 PS2 emulator.
[Image: Chaos.png]


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